Looks Like the Democrats Have Settled on Their 2020 Candidate!

Looks Like the Democrats Have Settled on Their 2020 Candidate!

Democrats once praised the Soviet Union as a modern example of socialist success.

Bernie Sandals honeymooned there

Not to mention his praise for Venezuela policies.

Which is pretty alarming considering he still has a chance...

As a Jew, I am astonished that the Democratic Party has embraced the likes of Keith Ellison(Endorsed by self-hating Jew, Bernie Sanders) who says that Kim Jong Un is being more practical than President Trump. The man literally starves his citizens and puts people into Concentration Camps and the left wants to surrender to him.

I heard he is going to get sworn in any day now.

Huge upgrade over Hillary in the bodycount department too. Dems will love him.

Oh, Venezuela...

What made it so funny was not just that they praised it, it was the level of praise they gave it. It wasn't a passing "I like what they're doing." It was a full out "They're the only ones that makes sense! We're all stupid and need to immediately switch over to their system!"

Now they're seeing it crumble and fail and instead of just admitting that it's the concept of socialism that's wrong, they all jump ship and say "Well, Venezuela wasn't true socialism. If they were, then they'd be kicking all of our butts."

At this point, I can't tell if it's ignorance or arrogance.

If only he was transginger

Brainwashing is very powerful

His name is Kim

They are ignorantly arrogant.

Soon as we get rid of Drumpf. Did you hear Jared Kushner got hit with a massive fine?

Any day now....

Eh. It's a toss up

Never held a real job, was never in charge of a business and when his wife held financial control she went Turbo Commie and stole all the money.

When you're supporting the slave leader Fat boy Un while he actively threatens to nuke US citizens, you may be a Democrat.

When you wish you could have a totalitarian state like Fat boy Un, you may be a Democrat.

When you claim to support gay rights but want to accept sharia law, you may be a Democrat.

When you hate the military but want a military coup d'etat to overthrow Trump, you may be a Democrat.

When you would rather surrender to the false song of globalism than protect your own people, you may be a Democrat.

Actually you are a Democrat. Would you like to run for public office?

And he's almost there on the Hilary/Merkel pant-suit fashion sense, he's got that going for him.

Here are "protesters" in Germany yelling Adolf Hitler, with Police standing by doing nothing(Nazism is supposedly strictly prohibited in Germany...but not for Muslims). https://twitter.com/AmyMek/status/896376770731147265

Upvote for "Turbo Commie." 😂

A match made in socialist utopia

He is young, a minority, holds their values, and is mentally handicapped. My God he has a real chance.

was* oh wait too soon

Especially when the brains being washed were very feeble in the first place.

Boom. You may collect your winnings at the T_D cashiers cage.


The man literally starves his citizens and puts people into Concentration Camps and the left wants to surrender to him.

Surrender to him? Their goals coincide, they want to join with Kimberly and are envious of his power.

How perfect, the fascist face of the Left.

They're arrogantly ignorant.

that's the problem with stupid people. Not bad enough that they are fucking retarded but they insists on pretending they aren't.

You ever have that one dumb fat aunt who visits at Christmas and tells boring stories that go no where about her latest trip to the mall or an argument she had with her doctor over orthopedic shoes? That's basically your typical democrat congressman.

Well I've heard enough. Impeach Jared.

The entirety of /sub/the_donald has been banned from the pro-North Korean circlejerk subreddit named after North Korea's capital, and all the liberals who seem to support North Korea have been promoted to moderators of the pro-North Korean circlejerk subreddit named after North Korea's capital.

If you're wondering why I'm not naming that pro-North Korean subreddit, it's because AutoModerator will remove my comment because I link to a subreddit outside of the "Trumpire."

The fine is $200

You can't make this stuff up.

don't forget fat. the feminazis love fat

and his looks girly and his name is kim - he gets the gays and trannies

the fact that his people are starving shows he supports baby momma obamas "no hungry children" policy

most importantly, he hates Trump

the guy is the poster boy for democrats

They still do.

Even better, he would be an illegal alien. He really would be a dream candidate (again, only better if transgender but can't win 'em all). You know who would have made an excellent Vice President on this (or any) ticket? Seth Rich was his name.

It's funny how their praising of venezuela suddenly stopped when the country was failing and then suddenly denying they ever praised it for socialism in the first place.

He loses diversity points for being Asian. May as well be a white male.

My secret fantasy on this is we get fatty kim alive. Then we can enjoy his wait loss while he rots underneath the Hague.

They're cunts.

All he needs is blue hair and BOOYA, he/she/it's there.

Likes the Chicago Bulls

Can probably fill out March Madness brackets whilst killing children.

I'll match you and raise you %10$

I'll match that 10% raise and throw in 20 extra rubles and my spot in the bread line, comrade