Looks like Seth got robbed afterall. Only it wasn't the guy who shot him in the back twice.

Looks like Seth got robbed afterall. Only it wasn't the guy who shot him in the back twice.

This could be a great way to put his name back into the spotlight.

Well how else were those scumbags supposed to recoup some the funds they spent on the hit? I'm frankly shocked its only News now.

It's terrible but I can't help but just laugh at the incredulousness of it. Because of course they would do that.

He didn't die from shooting. He was expected to live in the hospital- they put a hit on him in the hospital (8chan etc).

You know they probably filled out his absentee ballots too...

At this point if evidence turned up that the DNC changed his paycheck before he actually died, liberals still wouldn't believe there was foul play.

So much misinformation out there. I followed this lead when it first came out. That old abandoned hospital was being used at the time as a homeless shelter, and Seth very likely volunteered there in the days/weeks before he died. Also, it was actively being used as a shelter when he died so unless you’re suggesting they killed him at a populated and active shelter, this is a pretty dead end.

I do believe his murder was politically motivated. Either by the HRC campaign, the DNC, the FBI, or Obummer. It gets a little too out there for me when we start implicating the paramedics and ER/hospital staff. I don’t think we have to get that crazy to find wrongdoing.

Seth Rich fucking died. It’s been strongly hinted he was the leaker. No video footage? No autopsy report? No casings or forensic analysis? No report on his laptop? Have they done anything? We and Seth deserve answers, not tinfoil.

The DNC is ridiculously broke right now. Something like 200,000 left in the war chest.

Wasn't it some abandoned hospital where all kinds of crazy and nasty things were found?

Cuz that would be shocking?

Also, the FBI stole his laptop

That's implied!

They were likely interviewing people to fill his position before he even died.

Well yeah. Most of their supporters are dead.

Without all details, like salary/hourly, it's safe to assume that ethically, you would enter vacation time or sick leave on days he was not there, unless that did not cover the days. But until there is a death cert or some form of management his estate, I don't think they can just dock pay of the current pay period, unless the attendance policy was strict with an actual time clock he was required to physically punch in and out of to earn pay by the hour. Still, in a death I believe the standard is to expend vacation or sick leave.


Really weird way to put it.

It's hard to pay someone if they aren't working. I'm just curious, should they have still given him a paycheck if he was dead? I don't get this post. They should have wrote him a check even though he died??? What?!?!

They probably were, he was expected to no longer be in that position, they even have an excuse... They were giving him a promotion...

i swear george webb covered this on youtube

Chubbell still had to pay the florist for her wedding.

By the time her mom offed Seth, dipping into the Haitian Children's Fund was looking a little suspicious.

Supposedly his phone pinged from that hospital.

upTrump for the accuracy of the plural "ballots".

I know it sounds cold hearted, but if you don't work (all be it because you're dead), why should you get paid an hourly rate to the end of the current pay cycle?

One of my friends has died few years ago, but his family was paid in full plus additional month. That's what any warm blooded employer will do.

Okay, still a weird answer.

Did they cut a paycheck for the exact hours he worked or did they REMOVE money from days he actually worked?

And most of the rest are government dependents.

He's the one making all the Seth Rich memes.

To be fair, where exactly do you get paid for being dead ?