Looks like Julian is leveling up...

Looks like Julian is leveling up...

33,000 emails to be released I hope

Key takeaway: the pawn, considered a weak and expendable piece, is an often overlooked strategic weapon. If the pawn is able to reach the far end of the board, it will be promoted to a queen - the most powerful piece in the game of chess.

Dont get me excited. It would be so great if thats what he is referring to

Capablanca v Marshall c.1918. Look it up.

spez: move 24

The last time Marshall played Capablanca he got stomped. So he invented a new opening and waited 9 years to spring it on him. This was a game where Capablanca was on the defensive almost the whole time, but he pulled through brilliantly and ended up winning. He's one of the best chess players ever.

"Chess is not a game for the timid. While tactics and strategy are of preeminent importance, there is room for psychological combat. Faced with a withering attack in an unfamiliar line of play, an exposed king on the run, and black's strongest pieces firmly in white territory, many players would panic and jettison any hope of their own attack to defend their beseiged king.

Capablanca, however, is just not any player; he's one of the greatest defensive geniuses of the game. Faced with one of the masters of the tactical assault, he remains calm and slowly, but systematically, exposes black's overreaching."

So you’re telling me there’s a chance

If a pawn makes it to the other side, it can be upgraded into any piece other than a king. 99+% of the time that upgrade will be a queen. The only other upgrade you'd want to take is a knight, if turning the pawn into a knight would put the opponent's king in immediate danger (the L-shape movement pattern is the one thing a queen can't do). The stars really have to align for that to be a potential outcome.

What if a pawn makes it to the other side and stays a pawn? I know I’m dumb for missing that but maybe this?

Trump won. There is ALWAYS a chance.

White pawn takes down the queen