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Lost in Spacey

The fact that The Orville is in memes warms my soul.

2001: A Spacey Odyssey

The commercials are liars. They’re trying to pitch it as this campy comedy/parody but it’s actually a straight Star Trek-style show. There are stakes and drama and it’s actually pretty okay. Not gonna say it’s amazing but I watch it and I enjoy it enough.

And social commentary. It really is great Trek. Certainly a weird alternate reality Trek, but Trek non the less.


So this show is good? Honestly from the commercials I thought it would be terrible and campy in a bad way, but maybe its worth a watch.

I'm a big fan. Don't go into it expecting Family Guy though, or you'll be severely disappointed. Think almost like a new Star Trek with some light MacFarlane humor sprinkled in tastefully. They actually take it pretty seriously for the most part. I wasn't expecting a lot out of it going in, but I was pretty pleasantly surprised. I'd suggest it if you have the time.

Super Spacey Odyssey

From the show "The Orville".

Office Spacey

The Orville is basically TNG with normal people. They get drunk, hook up, get into petty arguments. It's a good show.

Spacey jam


It’s definitely still campy and a parody, even though it is much more in the spirit of Star Trek than the commercials initially made it seem to be

It’s surprisingly good. The commercials make it seem like it’d be full of stupid humor, but it’s legitimately a good show.

Same here I love that show.

It's more like Star Trek than Discovery


This whole chain makes me think a subreddit like /sub/gifs should require that all comments be ONLY reaction gifs.

I'd be entertained for days just looking at each comment.

Not very funny or adult-oriented like Macfarlane’s movies or Family Guy.

But if you go in expecting a family friendly Star Trek revival, you’ll be entertained. If I had preteen kids, I’d watch this with them weekly as creepy as that sounds

As a fan of star trek, and not a fan of family guy, I love it. It scratches my itch for optimistic sci fi.

Is this show good? It looks like a mildly comedic Star Trek. Does the humor work? Is the show good with, like, some sort of plot arc, or is it just the lol of the week? I don't like Family Guy, so if it's that with spandex and lasers I won't like this. On the other hand, I really liked TNG and I loved DS9 when it was doing plot arc episodes and not "hey we're playing baseball again this week".

I had the exact same thought, to the exact same gif, pretty recently, so this gave me a sensible chuckle. Take a nice, big upvote.

Spacey balls, the sequel


It's Malarkey I tell ya!

Spacey Trek: Boyager

I started watching The Orville expecting it to just be Peter Griffin in Space, but I've been pleasantly surprised. I'm not a fan of Family Guy, especially more recently, but The Orville has been on point. It helps that Seth MacFarlane is a huge trekkie, and that a lot of the people working on the show are alums from Star Trek series. The Doctor from Voyager had a cameo in a recent episode too.

Spacey Balls

It's the perfect show to smoke yourself retarded before watching.

Due to the recent allegations against Kevin Spacey. Any gif where he smiles and looks deep into my soul is going to give me the jeebies, now.

The humor works sometimes. Other times it doesn’t. You’re never going to be sitting there laughing.

But that’s not the point. To answer your question, it is not a comedy show. It is not just the lol of the week. It is first and foremost, a Star Trek R.I.P. off. Right to the very core. The jokes are like a few sprinkles on a bowl of ice cream. Negligible.

I️ love the show because I️ love the formula, without the humor. And there is a lot of serious stuff. They just put jokes I️n every now and then or act a bit more raunchy than normal Star Trek. (Sex, innuendo, ) also officers don’t act as professional. They act more like standard co workers with eachother.

But over all it’s not at all a comedy show. It’s just an r rated Star Trek basically.

I️ absolutely love it. If you were a fan of classic serialized Trek like next gen and voyager, there’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy this. I’ll admit the writing isn’t as sharp as those, but it’s still the same brand of fun.

For example: one episode they encounter a giant ship with a living ecosystem inside and it has primitive peoples living I️n it and they think they’re on a regular world don’t even know they’re on a ship I️n space; but they’re heading right for a star and don’t know it ! ....

Premises like that, are just what I️ love about Trek. It’s just thoughtful and interesting to watch play out.

And yea a couple times an episode you get a poorly placed Seth McFarland joke. But I️ honestly don’t mind it. That’s not at all the core makeup of the show.

The important, serious themes are all there. It’s really a big rip off of the next generation honestly, but that’s exactly why I️ like it.

I️ just hope they develop the captains character more and make him smarter.

No, it's great. I recommend it to anyone that likes Star Trek TNG.

Biggest surprise of the year for me, thought it would be dog shit but is instead one of my favorite shows.

It does

That's because Seth MacFarlane is OBSESSED with Star Trek. Patrick Stewart tells a story about taking him out to dinner with the cast and he was basically silent and star struck the whole tkme, surprising Patrick Stewart because he's usually a super charismatic guy. The right person for a comedy Trek done right.

That's because it is. They're on a world similar to ours but with a kind of krama system. Hit -10,000 and you get lobotomized

Is the show any good?

Between a rock and a hard Spacey


Very. First couple episodes are ok, by the time you get to the "baby" episode, it's gold, and it keeps getting better.

Spacey meatballs

Super Spacey Galaxy

It's a much better Star Trek than Discovery, that's for sure. It's an amazing show, especially if you're a fan of older Trek like TNG. They've even had a lot of people who worked on TNG doing stuff.

My parents love it, so that makes me a little worried since their other two favorite shows are Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon.

Kinda looks like that badge has an upvote and downvote on it

It's less comedy and more classic Next Generation-era Star Trek. It's just a Trek that takes itself a little less seriously and makes periodic off-color jokes (which is an improvement, IMO). But it's still very much Trek.

As a fan who grew up with Next Generation, I enjoy it a lot more than Discovery, which feels like it's trying and failing to capture that dark/gritty/dramatic tone that other shows (e.g. the Expanse) do so much better.

If it's any comfort, I'm a fan of the Orville, but can't stand Big Bang Theory, and why they would choose to make a show centered around who in my opinion is one of the most annoying characters on TV is beyond me. I don't mind that other people like it, I just don't understand how they do. 30 seconds of any of those characters is about all I can take. Having said that, The Orville is one of the first shows Ive caught myself trying to catch new episodes of the day they air since I got rid of cable back in like 2011. So I guess my point is, I see where you're coming from for sure, but give the Orville the benefit of the doubt. You may be pleasantly surprised.

What movie is this from?

Hey hey hey. Don't overdo it.

It's surprisingly okay.

hello, kevin spacey has always been just a little creepy. like literally most of his acting roles, he really personified that creep factor

And they can order pot brownies from the replicators!

I'd say it's more Star Trek than the new Star Trek.

It's not a bad show.

Klayden, you must hear the tale of Rudolph!

It was -10,000,000. Loved that episode

This is what I tell my friends too. Definitely true

Deep Spacey 9

upvote for Orville

Uh, it's not that family friendly.

Half of the first episode will give you a good benchmark, if anyone is concerned about that.

Yeah, it uses the same tropes that Star Trek made and borrowed but presents them in a very straight forward episodic way. This isn't the kind of show where you HAVE to watch every episode in the order of airing. It helps, but it's not like crucial once you get a feel for the characters.

Apparently Seth hasn't written for Family Guy for like 6 years, which might explain a lot.

Absolutely. I didn’t ever really watch Star Trek myself. I mean, I saw the newer movie but barely paid attention to it, and maybe caught an episode or two of The Next Generation back in the day when I was too lazy to change the channel. It’s a new universe so there’s not a ton of previously established lore to pick up. I recommend people give it a shot. The first couple of episodes aren’t fantastic, I feel like maybe McFarlane was still trying to sell it as a comedy show (I heard he had to call in a lot of favors to get it made) but it kinda finds itself after that.

Discovery is very different, conceptually, from the previous star trek series, but I like it a lot. The Orville reminds of those light hearted episodes from TNG, and I also like it a lot. But what I love is the fact that we have those two shows being produced at this moment. Last time we had something like that was with firefly and enterprise, some 15 years ago.

American Dad is way better anyway.


Why is it creepy though?

Guys it's OK, he's living as a gay man now.

Panthers hockey game*


I reluctantly watched it, not a fan of family guy. However by episode 3 I was actually kinda hooked. Helped that I was a bit of a Star Trek fan.

Watched the latest episode with my 4 year old. Horror clown and man-eating spiders... didn’t go down well.

This is exactly it. The shots, the music and the episodic nature, it's like an homage to TNG. There's humor but it isn't absurd. My wife described it as TNG if TNG was made in 2017 and didn't take itself so seriously.

It's surprisingly great.

Coming in I was expecting a Family Guy esq live action Star Trek show. While it has it's humor, it's light and never outshines the plot or the characters. The action is good and the plots keep you wanting more. The first few episodes you can tell it's trying to find its place, but as it rolls along it becomes gold.

It's basically the TNG remake for the 2010's. It's optimistic Sci-fi that we need right now


Ah damn, I guess I was misinformed

The whittecker eye really stands out in this scene

Inner Spacey

I have laid an egg.

Macfarlane knows whassup

Between the Rock and a hard Spacey. "Sounds like somethings in the basement" "dont go down there billy" coming soon summer 2018

What if I never watched Star Trek? Can I understand and enjoy this show?


I'm 27 that horror clown got me freaking out

Best Trek on TV.

Remember when Stewie made that crack about escaping from Spacey's basement? That was years ago.

Kevin Spacey stars in, Lost in an unconscious Boys Asshole.

I swear to God I don't how I got there.

Can’t help it; I didn’t make the rules of inner creepiness.

Spacey Invaders