Look who I ran into in Saskatoon! Childhood dream come true!

Look who I ran into in Saskatoon! Childhood dream come true!

He's looking very Palpatine these days.

I said Colin Mochrie, and then blubbered for about 2 mins and then had a seizure. Good night so far

So whose line did you use anyway when you approached him?

Sounds like you made a mochrie of the entire Whose Line fanbase.

I imagine him asking you to go to coke in the bathroom and he cuts out two lines then does one and he impatiently waits for you to ask "whose line is that?" then he cracks up says "mine" then walks away uncontrollably laughing


One of the funniest men alive

Welcome to Reddit where everything is made up and the points don't matter.

After the assassination attempt.

He's not next to Ryan Stiles, that helps a lot. Colin is like 6'2".

Saskatoon - where the points don't matter!

The attempt on my life has left me scarred. But, I assure you, my resolve has NEVER BEEN STRONGER!

Oh that is good


Awesome. He looks much taller and larger* in person than on the set.

It's just your Stiles.

A hundred points to u/ismo420.

Okay, so here is the skit:

You have a hipster son that, at the age of 27, is finally moving out of your basement. You go to a bar with him to celebrate only to discover that he is in fact moving into your attic.

Classic Colin Mochrie.

I'm just really short haha

Let's Carey on out of here with these puns...

Also very tall dude, he's like 6'2. On T.V. I would never have guessed he was that tall.

I'd upvote you, but the points don't matter