Look at him!

Look at him!

That's me at 3am in the morning eating snacks when someone comes into the kitchen and turns the light on lmao

Saw someone diagnose him with stripe 2 diabetes.

From r/ScottishPeopleTwitter


From /sub/scottishpeopletwitter

You standing there in the dark creepin on your snacks? lmao

you never shame snack?

What post is this referencing again? I remember seeing something like this.

I want you to know that your comment is better than the original caption

Lmfao good looks

Isn't this more /sub/scottishpeopletwitter

I'm really enjoying this newfound BPT / SPT crossover.

Edit: Omg lol my flair. Thanks someone.

Get out

This is like kill a boner version of threads.