*logs off*

*logs off*

whenever Complex posts anything "hype"

Log on, fuck it log off.

Dab'quan? 🤔 Woo boy this is peak Niggatry right here

"These niggatastic deals" is amazing.

I get v necks from forever21 cause they're cheap and if you sign up for news letter you get coupons. So whenever I check that email forever21 emailing me shit like "Bae, these deals will have you WAVEY" that's a legit email I got

Fuckin Complex smh. Those "top" lists they have for artists just annoy the shit outta me. Oh and when they use "_____ was fucking lit" that too

Would they have sent that to you if you weren't a wavey bae 🤔? Think about that next time 


Would they have sent that to you if you weren't a wavey bae 🤔? Think about that next time

"Log off" by Future went double platinum

So...this is what you gotta do to get a flair around here?

Edit: Mods, why you gotta do me like that? 😓

Journalism is a stretch, celebrity gossip is more like it. EDIT: This is journalism. This is gossip.

Journalism is a stretch, celebrity gossip is more like it. EDIT: is journalism. This is gossip.

"What exactly are you accusing me of...?"

"Embezzlement, my nezzlement."

I only watch Everyday Struggle for my boy Akademiks. He came a long way. I remember when I first subbed to him on YT he had 200k subs, now he at 1.1M and is a recognized voice in Hip Hop journalism.

Just gimme the hot dog boy I can't handle the rest of the internet

Logic is biracial

Arrive to morning meeting

Boss: Hey man. How was your night? I hope your bitch wasn't trippin got you hitting the hydro. Haha. But seriously I've seen some discrepancies in the third quarter profit margins of our PnL. Have a seat."

hip hop journalism is basically just gossip at this point. Gossip and memes.

Regular Journalism compared to Hip Hop Journalism is like the difference between Academia and Akademia

LMAO at your tag.

with no features

Theres powerful niggatry at work here

It's the Citizen Kane of offensive parodies

Hey, it's me your old high school friend. I'm pregnant now.


Nigga you sound like zuckerberg losing his shit 😂

Pusha T: *semi-obscure cocaine reference *

"Thanks buzzfeed"

The only Academia I care about is My Hero Academia.

well... delete it


Which one of Beyonce's internal organs are you?

Edit: You can't make this shit up...

That's how a lot of their clothes are too. I was gonna buy a shirt with a cool design on it, but in the middle it said "Swag Lord" or some dumb 10th grade shit

This is why I disabled my Facebook account 2 months ago.🙄

It depends...sometimes if you are ugly or stupid mods will flair you. After my prom picture was roasted here the mods thought I was ugly and tagged me "jay-z irl". Sometimes you will get tagged for saying dumb shit too.

MGLLN only gives nice flairs to girls 😡

Fear is your only God on the Internet


They're playing a game of who can write the worst clickbait and still have it work. So far nothing has failed. Y'all just keep falling for it and they keep getting money.

You're all testicles and no shaft!

hot dog MAN to you

I got flaired cuz of some stupid ass comment like a year ago. But shit, at least I got a flair tho.


never yet have I seen any "niggatastic" quizzes.

Damn dude chill.

Only thing from complex I watch are the "sneaker shopping with ____" videos. And even then I close em half way through every single time because I'm jealous of all the dope shoes lol

Only good thing Complex does is First We Feast/Hot Ones. That shit kills me

Embizzle muh nizzle.

I mean if First we Feast counts as part of complex then you gotta shoutout Hot Ones too.


nah fuck J. Cole he's pro cancer

Delete... the child??

They've got some really cute and comfy T's, if only you could get them without those dumb phrases about tacos.

"Fuck Cancer" - Young Thug

Alright try this one

Your pussy is too dry for you to be riding my dick like this

Sit down, be humble


Sometimes I day dream about dropping everything and joining the zapatista movement

Honestly the only one I can stand from Everyday Struggle is Nadeska.

Akademiks is always pandering to whatever guest is on. Like he'll talk shit about an artist the then ride their dick when they are on the show. He seems so 2 face.

Joe is fucking annoying. You can't get a full sentence in with him around, and he feels like what he had to say is always more important than anyone else. 90% of the time he says things JUST to be contrarian. I think he saw what Charlamane has going and decided to put his own spin on that controversial personality. The only kudos that I give him is that he will tell someone to their face what he thinks, opposite of Akademiks.

I love the looks Nadeska give Joe when he's saying some bullshit. She's always like "ok Joe. Whatever calm the fuck down."

Get on that Little Witch Academia fam.

Hot Ones sauce

Oh yeah, how could I forget about my favorite bald white guy, Sean Evans. I'm excited for season 4. They made a new , which is now their hottest sauce.

2/3 of the quizzes are making fun of how stupid their other quizzes (especially the community posted ones) are, but people still give them views for them.

You're making me want to sign up for their newsletter

You were pretty much asking for that. lol

Dry year, dude?

I could see that on black-ish.

Gaming community is one step away from the meme community when it comes to end of the slang life cycle.

Entertainment journalism is practically an oxymoron, really. Not that it's a job that requires much journalistic integrity, so it's fine.

Fuck yeah, young Midoriya is the shit.

if "this thread" is on this side of the door, doesn't that mean he's entering this thread?


He's forever whack as fuck for that series and watching Vic Mensa call him out was so cathartic.

Burns computer

That gif is gold

How is this unironic? It's a joke...

/u/nathan561 the people are getting impatient 😬

If I'm not mistaken complex hosts Hot Ones right? I love that show. But all they have to read on Snapchat stories is garbage eeeee

I can't believe he didn't go for famtastic.

Hot Ones is on First We Feast, which is owned by Complex

I just stared blankly at this post for about a minute like I was going trough Vietnam flashbacks.

Aka finish line emails. I had to unsubscribe because I couldn't take all the 🔥 lit deals 🔥

Source is CatDog, right?

I have become erect.

Deleted mine about 7 years ago. Pretty amazing. I've only ever regretted it recently because there's a new weed dealing app in my country and the dealers like to see a Facebook account for verification. But other than that, fuck having a Facebook...

that goddamn bastard


Look like some shit you buy at Journeys


I remember when Hip Hop journalism was just watching BEEF

Most people who use "my country" on Reddit, live outside the US, uk, and Canada, usually.

Its from that boondocks scene

Nah, don't neglect my boy Brodoroki.

Black people! ....ur beautiful

As a former accounting student and Beastie Boys fan, I love your username!

Here come the J Cole fanboys

Exactly why I love that show. There's not been a moment on there that I feel like we haven't all collectively shared as Black people.

Everytime i see one of these ads all i can think of is a bunch of fat old granpas sitting in the marketing board think "haha MILLENIALS amarite guys??"

Nobody will ever say that

You sound like the LIFO the party

but then sub the dial up sound for the flute melody