Live NXT Discussion Thread! 6th December, 2017

Live NXT Discussion Thread! 6th December, 2017


Tonight’s show finds us at Full Sail, for the first episode from a taping which starts us on the road to TakeOver: Philadelphia. Here's what to expect.

Tonight's Show

The Headliner(s)

After his shocking win over Drew McIntyre at WarGames, Andrade “Cien” Almas deserves the chance to celebrate his NXT championship. And seeing how many were ready to write Almas off a busted prospect or perennial mid-card gatekeeper prior to her arrival, so does his associate Zelina Vega.

The pair should party while they can. An injury to McIntyre has taken the usual contractually obligated rematch off the table, but General Manager William Regal already announced a defense for El Ídolo on Royal Rumble weekend. And Vega will want to get the champ focused, because the eight men who will fight for a chance to take the belt from Almas include past rivals, seasoned veterans and up-and-coming heavyweights.

Lars Sullivan vs. Roderick Strong and Adam Cole vs. Aleister Black, but the official preview for this episode says we’ll be getting Killian Dain vs. Trent Seven and Kassius Ohno vs. Velveteen Dream tonight to determine the first two competitors in a Fatal 4Way to determine the #1 contender.

While we wonder if the battle between British and Irish heavyweights will produce our first NXT champ from the UK since Neville, there are also very interesting questions about the Ohno/Dream affair - and they go beyond just whether or not KO is still a contender and how Black acknowledging him has changed Velveteen (for a spolier-y discussion of those questions, head here).

That’s a lot to think about. But first... tranquilo. It’s time to celebrate.

The Title Scene

Doesn’t sound like new Women’s champ Ember Moon is going to get a chance to throw herself a party. Maybe next week. Although by then, we might already know who’s coming for her belt (our money is on Kairi Sane, Nikki Cross or even Peyton Royce, although she may need to go to the back of the line after losing to Sane last week).

They still have the tag team titles, but SAnitY probably doesn’t feel like celebrating. Eric Young took the pin in the WarGames match, and Adam Cole won’t be the only member of Undisputed ERA gunning for gold. Plus, Authors of Pain STILL haven’t gotten a straight-up rematch from Brooklyn!

By virtue of their tag loss last week, he’s avoided owing Mark Andrews a title shot. But the Welsh high-flier probably still wants a piece of United Kingdom champion Pete Dunne after The Bruiserweight gave him a post-match beating. And while his partner is in the hunt for the main belt, Dunne’s rival Tyler Bate has a case for a rematch after pinning the champ last week.

Other stuff to keep an eye on:

They’re (respectively) Raw and SmackDown stars now, but Sonya Deville and Ruby Riott have some unfinished business. The Punk Rock Ragdoll won their last one-on-one encounter despite spending a lot of time in an ankle lock. There will be no reason for the MMA practicioner to release her holds in their no disqualifications showdown on this episode. Will it be enough for Deville to take out The Riott Squad’s leader and head to the main roster on a win streak?

The rise of Street Profits continued with another win over Tino Sabatelli and Riddick Moss. Who will next be placed in Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford’s way?

Can Johnny Gargano find his smile?

Livestreams/More Information

Watchwrestling has a livestream of the WWE Network that's roughly 3-5 minutes behind but works okay otherwise. It can get a bit choppy at times, but it works.

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Question of the Week

With the landscape of NXT sure to change after a historic TakeOver and a number of call-ups, where do YOU want to see NXT go from here?

Enjoy the show as always!

Killian Dane vs Trent Seven aka dad bod match.

Ember vs Peyton and Cole vs Black next week.

Bate vs Dunne 3 and ReDragon vs Sanity in 2 weeks.

NXT isn't fucking around

I want to hate Andrade but I can't. He is super good looking, NXT champ and has a hot manager.

For a second I thought Undisputed Era was doing one of those WWE Shop spots where they plug random merch

TUE's music is sleazy as fuck. Like water bed and too much cologne sleazy.

Gargano has like 99 toughness.

Killian Dain's theme is fucking epic, love Nikki's personal theme too but Killian's has to be the best.

That Gargano/Ohno match was fucking fantastic. MOTY candidate.

I really have a feeling Johnny Gargano could get over as a top star one day. He’s likeable as fuck and you just want him to win. Plus he’s a hell of a wrestler. Glad he’s in the fourway.

And he's tranquilo.

Reddit you fuck stop going down and let me sort this thread out thx

The hairiest and manliest match in NXT history.


Funniest call I've heard in a while.

The Iconic Times!


Ohno's been pretty consistently booked as a terrifyingly good wrestler who's too good a person to apply his talents: he'll either find his merciless side or find an opponent obnoxious enough to go all-in on, and it'll be awesome

Praise Haitch from whom all blessings flow

Given it's a CFO$ take on Adam Cole's indie theme it's a really solid theme, nails the slimy bastard angle perfectly.

DAMN, Cien's English is WAY better than I thought. Nothing holding him back now.

Ruby sells really well


And to think, Ohno used to be in great matches like this pretty much every week in 2016. What a great match with two amazing wrestlers.

Lars looks like when you max out all the face/masculine options in a character creator.

Helps that he looks like a monster you'd summon from the forest by playing an Irish flute.

Can't beat a bit of Irish flute.

Before anyone says anything, The Iconic Times is one of the oldest and most trusted news sources in Australia.

Gargano needs to win the four way, it's a perfect story. He wasn't one of the 8 chosen because of his losing streak but sneaks in due to Dream's injury, and somehow manages to win the whole thing and get a title match. Makes it even better since he'd get a title match against the guy that started his losing slump in Cien Almas.

Gargano vs Ohno might be the best match to take place on an episode of NXT this year, INCLUDING Last Woman Standing and Roode vs. Strong II.

It feels like that term is almost getting a bit diluted this year (because there's been a lot of MOTYCs this year), but that match was definitely a MOTYC for me

With the landscape of NXT sure to change after a historic TakeOver and a number of call-ups, where do YOU want to see NXT go from here?

Gargano's journey to NXT title by overcoming that fucker Ciampa. It's been way too long since the last heroic babyface storyline in NXT so I'm hoping Johnny will get that chance.

Even better when Ciampa ruins it at the end too



This Rebel Heart!

Damn.. I love Johnny's theme

In fairness Ohno's still in great matches almost weekly, it's just that a lot of them are on NXT house shows now...whenever the dude gets tv time he crushes it

I wish they let Cedric spend a year in NXT instead of wasting his talents on 205. He'd have such great matches with some of these dudes.

Just throwing this out there, but I feel like Johnny Gargano is quietly having one of the best 2017's of anyone in the entire WWE. He has been in legitimate Match of the Year candidates in both the tag (DIY vs. The Revival vs. AOP) and singles divisions (vs. Almas, vs. Dunne, and now vs. Ohno).

And great in the ring too.

Another Bate/Dunne match? We're not worthy!


I still say Emma and the Iconic Duo as Evil Sheilas would be a better three woman group on either brand.

It helps that his move set is pretty cool, too. I love me that slingshot spear.

Reminds me of Rage Against The Machine.

They need to bloody release it already. Gets stuck in my head, every time I hear it.

Tbh, I don't understand anything he is saying, but he's still sexy so whatever.

Queen of Spades Shayna Baszler?


Gargano = the new d bry?

That lady really hates Sonya.

Is Zack Ryder the silhouette there?

Kayfabe I believe

Nice of Tyler Bate to get some extra work for his dad.

He sounds like nakamura

In NXT terms hes closer to Sami Zayn.

He's gonna earn a title shot and then Ciampa will return and attack him. I can feel in my fucking core. The Gargano tease will be super real, and then that bald piece of shit will come back.

I'd throw Black-O'Reilly in that conversation as well

That's part of Seven's appeal though. He's the dad. 😂


It was very good but it wasn't even the NXT TV match of the year.

brb, subscribing to the Iconic Times

Considering he was reportedly really struggling with it and general culture changes at the start he really seems comfortable now. I think he'll be pushed to the moon on the main roster.

Johnny Gargano is such a great babyface. That was fantastic.

Fuck Ciampa

Every NXT should cold open with Kind Fatherly Figure William Regal.

You’re tryint your hardest bud , thank you :’) Still my favorite mod

Why does Killian Dian's theme sound like a mixture of sanitys theme plus spongebob squarepants?

Lars Sullivan as Metlzer's new source confirmed.

Because he's from Northern Ireland and Northern Irish folk music sounds like that.

Fuck that makes too much sense. I forgot they signed her as well.

They should let Bobby Fish talk more

Oney/Burch I was a goddamn masterpiece

She had allot of practice, she got her ass handed to her allot in the indies. That's why they nicknamed her the "Punk Rock Ragdoll"!

Cesaro will bring that out of him on the main roster.

Meltzer said a couple months ago that NXT at this point is "basically PWG but with air conditioning" and that's pretty accurate tbh

What a great fucking match. Gargano is probably probably my number 1 guy across WWE this entire year. Its ridiculous how good he is

Another master class call from Mauro. He sold the shit out of this match! Made it that much better.

Dream's hurt? Nooooo

"Escape like Mr. Miracle." That is an obscure DC reference.

Dude in blue shirt lost his shit towards Cien. XD

Doesn’t hurt that he has the HBK rub now.

Yeh he went from having a stellar year to collecting paychecks to put guys over. Fair play to him.

They've had consistently stellar TV matches on a weekly basis. One of my favorites was Oney vs Drew which was stiff as fuck


It's next week it's on USA.

Fuck yes! We are getting Ohno/Spoiler match tonight that was highly praised by the people who were at tapings.

Match was alright. But all it left me with was thinking "why would you bring up Ruby as a heel when she's so good as a babyface"

Spoiler could really be like the next <REDACTED> of NXT if booked right

Oh stahp it srsly tho ty <3

Holy shit that other kick