Little Witch Academia to be 25 episodes, per Blu-ray listing on official site

Little Witch Academia to be 25 episodes, per Blu-ray listing on official site

No, Trigger. You're already saving anime. You can't double save anime.

"Fucking watch me," Imaishi, probably

25 episodes of this ?

Can things get any better than this?

More Diana is always welcomed!!
There really is only one suitable reaction image.

Yoshinari, actually! Both are fantastic but rather different directors, and both are founding members of Trigger.

Season 2


Mr. Incredible speaks out about this.

Wow, and I was thinking 12 would be good!

Bad news is... if you wanna watch it legally, then you're gonna be waiting a LONG time.

There should be no standard, instead shows should have as much episodes as their creators need, be it 8, 16 or 32. Maybe one day, when TV schedules no longer matter.

anime fans: "will anime ever be saved?" Trigger: "hold my sake"

No, Netflix releases each cour as a 'season', like with Kuromukuro last year.

No. He means cour. 1 cour = ~12 episodes

A Season 2 Pachinko cafe doesn't sound too bad.

The future of anime so far:

Winter 2017: Saved

Spring 2017: Not saved, but with its lineup probably doesn't need saving.

Summer 2017: Saved

2017 is looking pretty okay for anime I guess.

I just want more Sucy, I've needed a Raven fix for a while.

Time to cruise the seven seas.

Why, the second cour of Little Witch Academia, of course.

It's /sub/anime. We're all dinguses.

You all suck -Miyazaki probably

wherein Akko learns about the magic of gambling

What? Don't you know every year is the worst year for anime?

So you're saying I now have to wait until the end of spring season to watch it on Netflix..........cast off

yes, if the Akko/Diana ship sailed


Kiiind of. Imaishi is a founding member, but Yoshinari was actually at Production IG whilst Trigger was being formed.

Do it. Give in to the dark side. Join us in the weekly revelry.

The folks at Trigger are better writers tbh.

tfw one more episode than I expected.

one more episode than I expected.

Oh, he did. He worked at Gainax, then whilst everyone was leaving, he spent a year at Production IG for some reason. Nobody quite knows why. He's got an odd habit of ending up at weird studios for silly reasons. His first studio was actually Madhouse, but then Gainax called him to tell him that they forgot to read his application, so after 3 months at Madhouse, he joined Gainax.

Double cour - double save

Nope he meant cour. It's a term for the 12-13 week 'Season' during which anime tend to run. A 'one cour' show would begin and end during the Spring airing season, while a two cour or 'split-cour' show would air half during one season, half during another airing season (usually directly following, but sometimes not).

For example, LWA is set to be a 2 cour show airing in back-to-back seasons, meaning it begins now and will conclude at the end of summer. Meanwhile, shows like Akagami no Shirayuki-hime began in the spring, then concluded in the fall after skipping summer (likely to give the studio time to finish another, time sensitive project).

Anyway, happy anime watching.

Dear Diary, today I woke up and saw the best news of 2017 yet, it motivated me a lot and confirmed 2017 will be a great year for me!

What? All google told me is that it's french for "court" :/

I'm a dingus.

Teen Titans: Trigger Edition

instant 10 if she does though.

If Diana doesn't come around and end up having a wild gay makeout with her, I'm out

Miyazaki's just mad that he didn't hop on the moe train when he had the chance.

25 should be the standard. Maybe one day.

I'm praying that there will be an Imaishi-directed LWA episode. That'd be saving anime 2 and 1/4 times.

There were movies/OVAs released that everyone loved, and now they're making a full anime out of it. Also, it's worth mentioning that it's studio Trigger, which has a good reputation in this subreddit.

It was the standard? For like 20 years, man. Everything was 24-26 episodes, and a second season meant another 2 cours.

It's the past ~8 years or so that have trended away from that being the majority.

Wait months and months to watch something that's already out because you're in the wrong region? What is this, 1995?

Seriously though, consumers won't accept that as "fair" anymore and these companies know it. It's very much a case of piracy being a customer service issue.

Asenshi is subbing it.

If you subscribe to Netflix, you technically already do. Yarr harr away matey!

By magic of gambling do you mean how to circumvent gambling laws?

Akko and the Cafe of Pachinko


For now

Actually, I thought that way also.Then I started watching weekly and I found the anticipation of a new episode gave me something to look forward to every week.

I swore a blood oath to never watch a show until its finished airing, and never have i been so temtped

It's not any less illegal but it absolutely is a consequence of outdated business practices if otherwise paying customers are left without legal means in a world where simucasting and streaming services are at the stage they're at today.

I need to watch this again. Such a good movie. Can't wait for 2.

So what you're saying is that it's your fault we only get single cour shows now.

That's actually better.

But I personally would love if regular anime were longer than 12 episodes on average. Like around 20 or so.

Yo ho ho

That's the face of someone who knows they're saving anime.

Longer adaptations were somewhat more standard back in the day(i think), just look at trigun, soul eater, code geass, death note etc.

You could even say that it is....


Huh, really? I thought he worked at Gainax until he went off to form Trigger with Imaishi and a bunch of other folks. I'm guessing he joined early on then, since LWA was his baby from the start? It's kind of hard to find detailed info about this stuff.

It's confirmed that he'll direct an episode. Also Kazuya Tsumuraki (FLCL, Evangelion) will direct an episode.


Based trigger!

Probably cause it'll end up inside of a dream state so he can do whatever the hell he wants.

Or maybe Akko gets poisoned and dies and meets Inferno Cop.


One Punch Man, My Hero Academia, Re: Zero, Mob Psycho 100, Attack on Titan, Kill la Kill, etc.

noot noot

Will they ever acknowledge the witch-fish?


Because i hate wanting to go watch a show and having to wait. ill enjoy it way more if i don't spread it out over 26 god damn weeks.

The first cour should go up as the first season on Netflix. It's what they did with every other live show.

The anime starts from scratch. The movies are real fun to watch, so do it!

The first OVA is kind of retconned, as the series of events are different. The second OVA could still happen in theory. The OVAs both help you get to know the characters though, and they're pretty cute, so I'd recommend them.

They have the subs and dubs on Netflix (hit the subtitle button to change language)


I swore a blood oath to never watch a show until its finished airing

Because why?

It's like if Harry Potter was an anime.

Like that first of Philosopher's Stone where it's just fun and magical and wonderful.

I also enjoy participating in the /sub/anime weekly discussion threads. Binge watching a show after it's already aired and not discussing it is mildly disappointing

I know you arnt supposed to talk about illegal downloading here, but if they wanted my money, they would provide a way for me to do so.

Yeah you just need to watch it again on Netflix when it comes out so you are supporting its viewership numbers.

Not gonna lie, that's my plan. Sail the high seas for a few months, then play it on netflix a few times when it's finally released.

I kinda want to see a LWA episode written by J.K. Rowling. I get through feeling that the show is a tribute to Harry Potter as is.

The OVAs are really good and short so I recommend them. But they're not mandatory

Can someone tell me why the big hype surrounding this anime? I'm out of the loop.

It has the advantage of having lots of mass appeal as well as appealing to the more critical or hardcore crowds.

Also it's just delightful in general

Are you talking about Urara meirochou? Because if you are, the subs are already out there on the seven sees, and have been for a while (show aired on Thursday and subs were up on Saturday).

Eh, different opinions. I personally don't feel like 12 20 minute episodes is enough.

From what I see many of the most popular and well recieved series of the past few years have been either 20+ episodes or multi-season or an adaption with more to come in the future.

Attack on Titan, Psycho-Pass, Sword Art Online, Kill la Kill, Boku no Hero Academia, Jojo, Re:Zero, Haikyuu, One Punch Man, Mob Psycho 100, the Monogatari series, Fate/stay night and more.

These are all heavy hitters with more than 12 episodes or they have more than 12 planned for future seasons.

Well a novel is a rather different kind of medium than anime so its definitely easy to say that the more experienced writers in that medium are better, but we still have to give Rowling credit; the HP books are really well written so I doubt she would fuck it up if she were to write an episode.