Little girl hugs her big brother every day after school

I wish someone loved me like that.

He slowly gets more and more annoyed by it like a good big brother.

If you can, get a doggo. Cheap to feed, and walking it every day is amazing stress relief, and cuddles are the best too.

I think my sister may have felt like that about me when we were really young.

Then I went away to boarding school and she felt abandoned and behaved horribly to me and I was too young to realise why and my parents were too dumb to tell me.

Have a doggo, can confirm

I think he’s sometimes worried about the people behind him. He seems the most annoyed when she runs all the way to the bus, which is why he picks her up and carries her out of the way.

What sucks is that some little bastard is going to ruin that display of affection by making fun of them. School ruins kids sometimes.

You still have a doggo, he's just not here anymore. But he will always be your doggo.

I love how big bro steps farther away from the bus to make sure they're safe.

Had a doggo, can confirm... :(

It's gonna be heartbreaking for the sister and parents when he gets older and this probably eventually stops

I'm seeing it as trying to keep her from getting hurt by the bus or doors closing or something. Granted, the driver isn't going to move until the boy's out of the way but still.

Fuck, dude.

The daily hugs might stop but hopefully their bond will last forever, just taking different forms. I have an 18 year old daughter and a 15 year old son and they are very close and always have been. It's amazing seeing the love that they have for each other.

Not the person you're replying to, but thank you.

Had good Doggo. Do want again. Living in a truck right now. Had job, broke ankle in 3 places. No worky. 6 months later ankle 98% good, ready to go back to work. Get hit by car. Shattered right forearm, fractured pelvis. 15 fractured ribs. Severe hematoma on left leg. Will get Doggo as soon as I am stable. Cheers to all.

I love how you can see what kind of day the boy is having by his reactions. Some days he's like "okay, whatever" next he's super into it and then others he's just like GTFO.

Agreed, he seems to be looking at the wheels to check if the bus is moving. Definitely looking out for little sis

I thought he was worried she was too close to the bus.

Not the person you're replying to, but you're welcome.

"Nobody beats on my brother but me!"

That boy looks like he's trying to hide his sister in some of the shot's from his classmates. Probably got bullied for hugging her.

Edit: Maybe I'm just projecting; I got bullied from preschool through high school for telling my mom and dad I love them in front of my classmates when they would drop me off at school, and for hugging my brother in school when he looked sad. Really made me hate myself for how those kids treated me. Still tell my family I love them everyday though, fuck those kids, glad they were never able to make me change that part about me.

Kid has awesome situational awareness.

I sincerely hope that the little bastard who makes fun of them gets punched right in the nose, instead of ruining it.

Edit: Since apparently some reddit users are unable to infer context, I guess I have to be more specific -- I hope they get bopped in the nose by one of these little kids. I do not want to punch a kid, nor do I want an adult to punch a kid. It's not even a real kid, it's some imaginary bully specter some other redditor made up.

Mine fight over the bathroom in the mornings. But God forbid anyone picks on one of the three. They get very protective of each other.

Hope your getting some of that sweet litigation money for your troubles. Get well soon friendo.

I love the way parents think hiding things from kids/not telling them is the best idea. Way to fuck it up, parents.

Poor child is no man of culture how can a onichan do this to his loving imouto

This was literally my motto. Me and my brother (about 2 years younger than me) would physically fight almost every single day. But the only time I ever got in trouble at school for fighting was the time someone was messing with my brother right after school when I was in like 7th grade and my brother was in 5th. My older brother (year older) and I decided to let my little brother handle it on his own but then the other kid called one of his friends over and they both started pushing my little brother around. I took one look at my older brother and we both ran up, I tackled the kid that just pushed my little brother away and started wailing on him and my older brother grabbed the other kid and threw him to the ground and kicked him in the stomach.

We both got suspended for 10 days at school but my mom definitely didn’t punish us. We basically just got 10 day vacation. My mom told us that we should never fight on school grounds so we should drag the people OFF school grounds before fighting next time.

Ooh there’s another time where when I was in pre school probably 4 and my brother was 2 and he was getting picked on by one of the bigger kids (he was probably 5) and I ran up and kicked the kid in the nuts. They called my mom and told her I can’t do stuff like that, but they explained what happened and the daycare lady said that she personally thought I did the right thing but they can’t let kids do that. Then my mom “yelled at me” and took us to go get ice cream.

Okay that’s enough reminiscing I got to go to work

My wife recently found out she was adopted (her mom is her mom but was never married to bio dad and the man she grew up thinking was her father adopted her.). She's 37 and only found out after both of her parents passed away and she found the paperwork and whatnot stuffed away in her mom's bedroom. No clue who her real dad might be.

I do you live your life like that?


This was like the most heartwarming thing i've seen this year.



yeah that's definitely the actual reason

Not the person you're replying to, but I forgot where I was going with this.






My progression through the gif.

Dude he's like 7

Oh my god those little pink galoshes. I can't handle the cute!

Have doggo. That's a no on the cuddling :(

Walkies - check Runnings - check Licking my face sweat after run - check Running around like mad, knocking shit over with his tail when I get home - check Cuddles - get the fuck outta here with that girly shit man. Eating scraps off the floor - what? Do you think I'm a fucking dog? It's either I'm my bowl or it's not getting eaten. Except for bacon.

10+ hours work day, and no backyard. I'd love a dog, but if I can't responsibly care for it, I shouldn't get one. The dog comes first.

That's possible, but I perceived it as him being protective and trying to move away from the bus, since she wasn't really paying attention.

Some day when she is in high school, some guy is going to step over the line with her and this brother is going to choke him out.

Thats not a big deal if the parents keeps asking him about his day and when they get to know about that little bastard, they can easily explain it to the son that her sister is more important than those mean words.

Get service doggo to help with shopping. Oof.

I hope you recover quickly and well friendo.

I loved my brother like that. Idolized him, wanted to be around him and become just like him. Safe to say he didn't react like the boy in the OP :/

Or, and this is crazy, she might eventually go to school on the bus, herself.

If the comment was in full english no one will bat an eye.

Nah man. He mostly only checks on the times that she runs super close to the bus when hugging him and he's just being polite enough to make sure that they're far enough away from the bus to let it leave. He is smiling 95% of the time, he isn't worried about bullies lol

Bitch hold on card.

can confirm. Have a baby sis. Parents always made her go to the same school with me. I was annoyed most of the time but I couldn't help worry about her safety all the time.

I only get to see my tiny niece once or twice a month. So almost every other day, she insists on calling to video chat with uncle Chrissypoo. Which is hilarious because she can’t really talk while we facetime. She’s too nervous and excited, so she just twirls her hair and giggles.

But it’s always really amazing, having her around has brightened my life so much in her three short years.

Not the person you're replying to, but try retracing your steps.

Yeah, mine too. Idolized him for years, despite tying my up and leaving me in the closet for hours, trying to drown me twice (my mom caught him and stopped him), and y'know, the regular beatings. I eventually went from idolizing him to fearing ever being alone with him anywhere. Despite all this, he's still in good graces with my piece of shit family.

?? Girls don’t go to school

Oh fuck that's too cute I'm not being emotional and crying

The best time to plan a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today.

Call your sister. Go have a meal together.

I'm not crying... I swear it is just onions

I don’t think I could handle being a parent. The first sign that my child was being bullied I’d be on some Stepbrothers shit and shove a 3rd graders face in dog poop.

My little sister (3 years younger) was like this when we were little, and I responded by completely rejecting her and being a little prick. It's one of my biggest regrets :/ Our relationship now is non-existent. If could take back any one stupid mistake in my life, that would be it. I'd have been nice to my little sister.

This is so foreign to me. I hated my siblings and fought with them all the time until I was about 16-17.

I sure as fuck wouldn't have missed the fuckers when they went to school.

I'm in my 30's now, but I still get jealous seeing things like this.

My brother hated me for literally no reason. He wouldn't look at me and I wasn't allowed to look at him.

He wouldn't talk to me or even stand by me. While growing up, my mom forced him to take one picture a year with me in front of the Xmas tree. If you look back at each picture, you can see him standing further and further away from me in each one. Do you really need to be 2 arm-lengths away from me?

I just have always wanted to know why.


It’s like watching my little cousin grow up the past 13/14years. He was their first born and they’d come out to visit (or us visit them) at least a couple times every year. He’s about 3-4yrs older than his next sis, and then another one came about a year or two after. Seeing him going from crying about having to share and slowly progressing to “ok” about the fact of having to do it, rolling his eyes and laughing with me about it and more than willing doing it, to using it as bribery. He 14 now and in big brother mode big time, making sure they’re all set for their car trips, warm enough clothes, etc. Helping them with anything they’d ever need.

He’s turned out to be an amazing kid. And it’s funny that I feel so close to all of them, like brothers and sisters, more so than any other members of our extended family just cause we’ve seen each other so often. I can still remember the exact moment, place, setting, etc. when they called saying he was born, I was 10 at the time

Good to hear from Alabama.


Reddit hug

How's your relationship now?

There is no love like sibling love. I love my brothers so much.

😳. Let’s put a silver lining on that cloud: at least you didn’t grow up to be a raging narcissist who expects to be greeted like this wherever you go?

/sub/dadreflexes in the making

Maybe she was worried that telling her would make her feel like she wasn't a part of the family.

I miss my sister

My brothers and I (32, 30, 26) are closer than ever, with the two oldest (me and my brother) married with kids, and the youngest living his life.

Statistically, I'll know my brother Jon the longest I'll know anyone. He'll probably be standing over my grave making fart jokes in 2077.

I was looking for this comment. I loved the one clip where he clearly had a shitty day and barely acknowledges her, but hugged her anyway.

Keen observation there.

I'm sure that's what it was. But I some point, maybe when she had children of her own, it was probably time to let her know. I'm sure it got to a point where not dealing with it was just much easier than facing reality but I think she deserved to know the truth and to at least know her real father's name.

It's amazing when you say "Who's a good boy? You're a good boy!" Their eyes light up and they smile with a sense of accomplishment and love that is pure genuine sunshine. Anything wrong with the world is put away for a few seconds and all seems well.

Someone somewhere better be paying you court ordered money for all of that.

In some of them it also looked like he was just repositioning/moving her away from the bus so it could pull away safely

he looks more concerned about her safety when she gets too close to the bus than looks annoyed...

There's three of us too. Even now when we're on three different continents, we're still the last to message each other before we sleep and the first when we wake up regardless of time difference and we always know where the others are. They're my support system through and through. The fights for the bathroom stopped as soon as we moved out of our parents house 😁 but I'm sure living together would bring those on again.

Doesn't that stop being a thing around the time you grow up and become an adult? I think at some point, it's no longer about protecting someone else, but rather about protecting yourself from having to explain why it took so long to bring it up

I just....have something in both my eyes.

Good Boye

How long is “all day?” Dogs are pretty good on their own and usually a normal work day isn’t that big of a deal. Especially if you have some sort of doggie door for them to go outside when they want.

We have zero contact. I tried to make amends recently, but she has made it clear that I am no longer a part of her life.

At first I thought she loved school busses, then realized no, she just loves her big bro

As a school bus driver my biggest worry is a child's smaller sibling getting near the bus and me not being able to see them. I always ask the older sibling to make sure the younger ones are clear of the bus and give me a thumbs up before I leave.

Aww super heart warming! Thanks for the story! :)

If reddit taught me anything in the last few months, she probably won't and has Williams Syndrome.

Younger siblings are the most annoying pains in the ass and deserve to be teased, tormented, and pushed around. Unless someone else does it to your younger sibling, in which case you turn into the Bride from Kill Bill. Ain't no one fucks with my family but me.

He shunned me, acted annoyed at my existence, rejected me an ignored me. According to the occasion and situation. Eventually i stopped loving him idolizing him or even liking him.

No, it itches because my dog died.

Well, at least you tried.

I feel like it would be much easier to explain to a 6 year old that they were adopted, than to explain that to a 25 year old. With the 25 year old, it becomes a matter of why they waited so long, as you mentioned.

The best day to get a root canal is always today!

Ask him?

It's probably nothing to do with you.

How do you know that? I’m sure the person filming knows the bus driver and that he won’t move until their kid is out of the way. It’s really not a dangerous situation.

The kid is 7, it's time to learn about accountability for his actions. /s

Waiting for the "10 years later" post on Reddit VR.

I can't find a single time I ever fought with my older sister. The two of us are going on a vacation together in a few months and I can't wait to see her again. I really cherish that sister-brother bond.

That's the cutest thing ever!

No matter if you had a bad day o good day, this is reconfortly

I do. I promise.

As for the daily hugs, you'll have to be.. eh.. in reach. Literally.