Little girl cries happy tears once she realizes she's talking to Shaggy.

Little girl cries happy tears once she realizes she's talking to Shaggy.

The movie wasn't amazing, but he absolutely nailed the role

lillard really gets the character. its so weird how i can care about a fictional stoner coward being portrayed right

It wasn't him

I thought they meant shaggy the reggae singer

I think the reason Shaggy matters so much is because despite his drug habits and his fears, he still puts himself out there and spends times with his friends investigating and debunking allegedly supernatural goings-on. He could easily fall into the trap of sitting at home with his dog eating too much and generally procrastinating, but no, he still gets involved with his friends, even though, as they've grown up, their interests have diverged.

I don't really know where I was going with this.

It needed better writing. I felt that all of the actors nailed the roles, especially Matthew Lillard. If they were given a better script to work with, I think it could've been a definitive Scooby Doo movie. It's definitely not trash, but it's not great either.

Linda Cardellini as Velma tho..... Oh my.

He seems patient and genuine. Very admirable traits to see in people, especially towards a stranger's child.

You just described my current life in a way that makes Shaggy look like a better person than me.


That movie is the reason why I still have a crush on Linda Cardellini.

Matthew Lillard is awesome.

Currently sitting stoned with my Great Dane. Not even half way lying.

The only supernatural Scooby Doo movie I need is Zombie Island.

I do love Shaggy and Scoob's introduction where it shows smoke billowing out from the van with them laughing in the background but shortly after you realize they're just cooking breakfast. Child me had no idea

I hope his Role in Twin Peaks sparks some attention to his career again, truly an underrated actor!

Awe, he's such a sweet guy.

IIRC, it were the higher ups that ruined it in the end. The movie went through a lot of rewrites, starting out as having more "adult" humour (I.E., Shaggy was an actual stoner, Fred and Daphne going off somewhere together Some of that is still in the movie but most of it was rewritten very short before filming started.

The main problem I had with the movie was "magic". I think nearly all of the cartoon episodes had logical endings to cases that were reasonable and plausible. The movies focused way too much on the supernatural.

He must live near me because some of my friends see him at the grocery store from time to time. They said he's a super nice guy, always stops to take photos when asked, doesn't seem bothered at all by it. I think celebs that do this are pretty awesome. I don't blame them for getting annoyed by people but it's so nice when they just embrace it.

Did she caught him on the counter?

She's gorgeous in Mad Men as well!

That poor girl was tired. Looks like mom has had her walking around a convention longer than a little kid can handle. She needs Mr Sandman more than Shaggy right now

The scene in the plane where he says "Mary Jane? That's my favourite name!" was super forced imo

She's also hot in bloodline

Look, she's just hot all the time in everything because she's a fucking goddess

Loved him since Hackers.

My wife is a huge Scooby Doo fan and loves how Matthew Lillard plays Shaggy. It's the right amount of respect to Casey Kasem and added his own little touches here and there. He's been Shaggy since 2002!

Side note, did you all know that Frank Welker, voice of Megatron/Nibbler/much more, has voiced Fred since the very beginning of the show?!

For some reason, I'm really stoked that Cereal Killer is a good guy.

So much so he's currently the voice of all the new cartoons.

I'm pretty sure that second picture is from a...different kind of live action Scooby Doo.

She even got him on camera.

He is a portrail of what stoners should aspire to be. Shaggy has very solid balance in his life, and frankly he's a good example for folks who smoke to be okay with bordom.

You fuckin hit me with the phone DICK!

It's hard being Sarah

Yep, he nailed it that well. I've not seen a Scooby Doo cartoon in years, but it's nice to know Shaggy's voice is relatively unchanged because of Lillard.

Seems like a super awesome guy as well.

Plz tell me that's the one with the cat ladies.


He's probably my favorite part of Scream

but it wasnt him

I love Witch's Ghost purely for the Hex Girls

It started with freaks and geeks for me!

He'll always be Stevo from SLC Punk! to me.

He really is an incredible actor. In my opinion, his best role was Stevo in SLC Punk! He was born to play that part and he made it one of my all-time favorite films.


I googled this because I haven't seen the movie, and these images were in the results...

I first saw him as Stu in Scream.


That was me

True story... movie was written by James Gunn...

It was also written as an adult movie and then neutered mid-production to be a kids one. There are a lot of blatant pot jokes and pot scenes and lesbian jokes cut out and it was more violent.

Saw him fucking Scooby in the garden.

With "pass the dutchie on the left hand side" playing haha

She pulls off the same look in The Founder as well (great movie if you haven't seen it yet).

the one and only

I was also expecting Mr Boombastic.


His dramatic role in "13 Ghosts" is worth a mention.

To be fair (almost) all of the animated movies had "magic" or "supernatural" explanations. Zombie Island, Witch's Ghost, Alien Invaders, Cyber Chaser (sort of), The Boo Brother, etc.

"We were gonna scuba dive, and drink mixed drinks on the beach!

hes a redditor too iirc

hes done a few AMAs

Shes gorgeous in everything. I've had a crush on her since freaks and geeks & ER

You should check out Mystery Incorporated. Scooby-Doo is usually more low-brow and geared toward really young kids, but that series is honestly really good even if you're an adult.

Exactly, it's all over the place in children's stuff. I think it's essential for a "family film" and is what differentiates that category from a "children's movie". I don't think there's technically a difference, but that's my barometer anyway.

Matt Lillard is a great actor and seems like an amazing person. He's been one of my favorites since Hackers and Scream. 13 ghosts was a stellar performance as well. Awesome to see him doing this.

's My

uhhh looks like she's crying before realizing she's talking to Shaggy


And that actress nailed Velma so did everyone else in that movie

Several of the actors joined on for that original tone. Must have been pretty infuriating when the studio flipped the script.

Grandmas Boy was much more satisfying to watch.

Except that time he ate all my fries!

Nah, we're talking about the innuendos that kids don't yet understand

Just looked her up and found out that she was also in boy meets world and is the girl cory cheats on tapanga with when they all go on a ski trip.


Fun fact: that phone throw was was not suppose to happen, he wasn't ready and that's raw anger in his reaction.

Kind of hard to get Casey Kasem to continue his work as Shaggy when he is currently residing in a coffin six feet below the ground.

Matthew Lillard preformed as Shaggy in the live action films and is currently the voice of Shaggy for the new Scooby-Doo series.

I think he's earned the right to be called Shaggy.

Of course there's a porn parody.

Don't worry, you nailed it.

Zootopia had some of that as well. Pretty much every Pixar/Disney Animation does now, but none of them referenced Godfather and Breaking Bad in the same movie, as well as a bunny multiplying one off joke.

It looks like she's crying and never really figures out well this dude's supposed to be.

Don't forget some of the newer ones like KISS being interstellar alien guardians of earth who run a theme park.

Also, go back even further and you have Ghoul School and Reluctant Werewolf, both excellent and fun.

Yeah. Shaggy seems like he may overdo it a bit, but there is nothing wrong with smoking in your downtime. As long as you are still productive, and don't let it become the center of your life, then you do you.

It is just like alcohol in many ways, and not even close to as bad for you. Plenty of people have a drink or two after work, go out drinking on the weekend, or just get a little sloshed by a pool on a nice day. As long as this isn't keeping them from meeting their responsibilities, and isn't becoming an issue where they NEED it, then it isn't a big deal really.

Just looking for the Twin Peaks reference. Awesome

Watching it as a really young kid it totally went over my head so at least the target demographic didn't notice the forced joke

I think adding so much adult humor would have also been a mistake.


I've been a fan of Lilard since Hackers. For some reason his acting just stuck out to me. He was great in 13 Ghosts, and he was in an episode of House and Criminal Minds. Not sure why he hasn't been in more A list movies. He's great at comedy and serious acting.

god i fucking love that movie

๐ŸŽต Honey came in and she caught me red-handed sleeping with the bitch next door๐ŸŽต

Can confirm

Welker also took on the role of Scooby-Doo after his original VA, Don Messick, passed away.

My god that half smile expression she gives in that show was my awakening.

Where she's one 16th Wiccan. Like you can be a fraction of a religion ๐Ÿ˜‚. Still love that movie though.

He nailed it so hard that he replaced Casey Kasem as Shaggy in more recent animated material (the yearly movies and such)

Yeah, the guy is nailing it on Twin Peaks right now. You can tell the guy has a lot of range.

oh well played...

The karaoke scene is burned into my memory

Holy shit Matt Lillard is getting old which means I'm getting old as well.

His very recent Twin Peaks cameo was amazing. He just wanted to go scuba diving.

"I think I'm dying here man" and "My mom and dad are gonna be so mad at me!"

Even without that sort of adult humor, Zootopia was a legitimately fun movie for adults too. I'm not a fan of many animated films, but that one won me over from the start.

Naming someone hotdog water had me in stitches.

I just wanna go scuba diving...

And when they included her in the title sequence and still just had her listed as Hotdog Water, despite the fact that we knew her real name.

I might need to rewatch it soon.