Lion King in real life

Lion King in real life

Man these live action Disney remakes are getting ridiculous.

So apparently dad-lions exaggerate their pain when their cubs bite them to encourage the behavior.

Id bet two dollars that the bottom pic wasn’t in the movie.

You'd win that bet

something's fishy

An Emmy for the costume designer!

I'd bet a dollar the top image inspired the scene on the bottom.

Don’t remember that scene in Lion King.

Man, that dude really likes lion king.

Cause it's not

And a Grammy for the makeup artist!

I’ve heard that too! Pretty cool.

Do you have a more credible source? I’ve heard this before, and I’d like to know the supported hypothesis behind it, but this Quora response isn’t necessarily from someone I would consider very knowledgeable about animal behaviors.

From his profile:

I’m an up and coming freerunner with an interest in animals and wildlife, especially big cats. I’ve read a lot about them, watched several videos, documentaries involving big cats. I also watch anime.”

If that’s all it took to be some kind of authority on something, I’d be a master class gynecologist.

Well good morning to you too

Stolen and the artist's name removed. Lovely.

A Woody for the guy who puts single frames of porn in all the Disney movies.

He doesn't. This is fan art

Listen, we all heard every fucking thing on reddit cause reddit users looooove to pretend they know it already from somewhere else.

A Tony at least for the Screenwriter

My dad used to exaggerate pain when we wrestle. Im now the Hulk.

Everyone needs a hobby...

I mean at least he didn't make erotic fan art of it, like I do with Mr Rogers

We just got got.

Kinda crappy they removed the image credit, even if they needed to for the trick.

No, The Lion King was hand draw.

TIL porn is a documentary...... brb..... gonna go learn some stuff

Yes, but I don’t recall him biting his ass.

Okay I don't disagree, but the author of your article cites the fact that he has watched many wildlife videos and documentaries, that's pretty flimsy.

Link to the original page of the drawing

Way to Karma whore out deviant art OP!

You know what they say, you find something you’re good at and then you draw lion king every day.

Thats a common misunderstanding, apparently

I love that movie.

From what I have seen in many wildlife videos and documentaries

Now that's a prime scientific source.

We need someone who watches Rick and Morty on this instead.

Username checks out.

Those "credentials" belong on a MySpace page.

Sonic, you're fast, but not strong. Stick with your strengths.

And my Axe for their ex.

is this an AI generated image?

Definitely not the scene where he tries to wake his dad up later in the movie.

I'm not sure about what I expected from these here baked goods.

Well shit. Pretty believable in that case.

You shut your filthy mouth!

Even a hummingbird couldn't catch them at work.

I believe it's when he's trying to wake up his dad towards the beginning of the movie.

Link, damn it!

A bunch of my exes live on the same road. I call it the x-axis.

You ought not got got

Yeah... that picture is not in The Lion King

Yeah. My friend wants to see

Oh my god I suspected deviantart but I was hoping I was wrong

They have a good collection of lion king fan drawings on there

It's actually to teach them bite inhibition. Not biting with full force has to be learned. Since lions hold Cubs in their mouth and bite each other during mating and playing, not biting as hard as you can every time is important to learn.

I don't know about lions and their cubs but I do know that it's smart to do this with puppies to teach them bite control.

It's actually a way of teaching cubs to pull back on their bites.

Fuck your baked goods

It's probably just a $1 box of cake mix from walmart.

I noticed i did this to discourage my pup when she was teething as well. Exaggerating the pain got her to calm down.

I mean, the artist is really good, which is why this trick works

My neighbor wants to see.

My neighbor doesn’t want to, but he’s going to.

I mean, while it's possible that that person is correct, they are in no way a lion expert. They claim to have an interest in wildlife and have watched several videos and documentaries, but they aren't a reliable source any more than the pictures being shared about it are. I've watched lots of big cat and lion documentaries and I have no idea if it's true since it doesn't really come up often.

Research must be so hard

Relevant NSFW

Quora used to be super professional with incredible, well-sourced, answers to everything. It's kinda gone down hill as it's gained awareness among college kids. It's a shame. It still has good info but you have to look for it. The email digests I get are generally awful :(

You don't know da wae

Naw, this wasn't in the movie.

You sure? Most male lions have their own pride, with different cubs from different females. They don't harm their own babies. But, if another (often younger) male lion challenges the current leader of this pride and manages to take over by killing him, HE kills all the cubs from the pride because they aren't his. At least that's what I was taught! :)

So have humans


Ah the ol' Disney-a-roo!

Hold my animation, I’m going in.

Yeah I was thinking that too :-/

What a roller-coaster of reliability. "Oh cool --> damn that's disappointing --> uh so can I believe this or what?"

Now listen here you little whore, I spent 50 fucking years perfecting this cake and you're going to buy it.

Also, according to my documentary watching experience, I’m an expert in inter-familial relationships, peculiar bird rearing habits (and bird law), and gang member initiation activities.

No, they kill other male lions’ offspring. Not their own.

I've watched it 48 times since Thanksgiving...I also have a 2 year old daughter...


Now, let's say you and I go toe-to-toe on bird law and see who comes out the victor?

'Live-action'; ie., animated cos there aren't many lion actors

Axe is not Axe?

And nothing for Leonardo DiCaprio

I watch Rick and Morty! How can I help?

This shot doesn't happen in any scene.