Lion King color changing cereal spoons

Lion King color changing cereal spoons

I remember those! Did they come in a cereal box?

Enter this incredibly long PIN #, found printed on the inside of the box, after you sign up with your email, and receive all these incredibly annoying spam emails, to receive a free download, of this terrible video-game that we designed with a half-ass'ed representation of the cartoon cereal box character, for a chance to win a FREE deck of cards!

The color changing was cool, but I just remember how much I hated actually eating cereal with it. It was a weird shape and the plastic was overly thick and it didn't hold as much per bite. And it had this weird, waxy texture instead of smooth plastic like you would expect.

Well there's a neuron that hasn't fired in awhile.

Yeps they were in a cereal box in the midst of the cereal :3

back when prizes were still given

My Abu one is still in my kitchen drawer. And still works.

Digging the prize out of the cereal was the best part. I was always disappointed when they put the toy at the bottom of the box instead of inside the bag.

I loved these spoons!