🅱lind s🅱eak

🅱lind s🅱eak

You tap on their nipples

Use sign language

ni🅱️🅱️a what if they dont have a chest

Nah you're supposed to write it on a piece of paper and show it to them

You press your mouth to theirs and move their lips and tongue with yours to help hint at the words your trying to communicate.

But how will I know they're hot if they're blind?

Turns out there are SOME stupid questions

Only if they hot


If you blind you can't hear dumb ni🅱️🅱️a

Ask Helen 🅱️eller


Atleast they can't see this post.


I've always hated that phrase. I mean, I get what it's saying ("don't be afraid to ask") but sure as hell questions can be stupid.

A dude posted to me_irl saying he was going to somewhere without wifi for three weeks and to tag him in any good memes so he can look at them after.

That's morse

Right there above I think

"Courage, you know I can't hear you without my glasses"



Just know this poor guy's inbox will break records on the 14th


Braille was mentioned


Sorry for my stupid question.

Did someone mention /u/waterguy12 ?

Here you go.

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Good bot

I've seen this in a Reddit post somewhere

How do our feet smell if they don't have a nose?

Sounds like a mod to me

Here you go.

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I have nipples can you talk to me Greg

Needs more frying

It would only be a mod if the nipples in question were male nipples, since mods are fags.


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Here you go.

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Show me your BONER please

Needs more jpeg

Needs more jpeg

There you go!

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Needs more jpeg

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When u just repost from /sub/facepalm and get too many upvotes.

Needs more nuking

He returns tomorrow. What's he gonna think when he has multiple thousand mentions and every single comment and post he's made is gilded?

Whoa people gilded all of his stuff? There should be a /sub/museumofreddit post for his record breaking mentions tho.

Yes please

I missed something with that dude. Anyone got a tldr?

explains how they broke their nose


Ah the good old times, I remember when this was in every YouTube comment section