Like I said sorry

Like I said sorry

judging by blue's quick comment to correct somebody on something they know nothing about I am guessing they spend a lot of time on reddit.

A personal anecdote probably looked back at fondly by a person remembering someone who recently passed away.

I mean, really? How could it be any more relevant?

Car crash, heart attack, get shot, fall and hit your head, hit by a car, kill yoursel.

There's literally an infinite amount of ways to die in a matter of seconds. 6 hours is not a stretch

How does a person go from changing their cover photo on Facebook to dead that quickly? Must have been pretty tragic.

You're wrong. You can't make that kind of snap judgement based solely on this picture.

I think you missed the joke.

Not really. I mean I could hit send right now, go hop in my car, and drive it into a river.

Just like a did last weekend. Except I could die this time.

It isn't cringeworthy, and she didn't say anything about fantasizing about him.

They were in elementary school. It was a "pretend" young relationship. It's cringey that you don't get it.

Like I said, sorry

Thanks man. I'm struggling to deal with the loss of my life.

R.i.p. /u/__celli

I realize, but man that's still pretty shocking.

It's pretty tacky to make a post about someone's death within hours of them dying, people close to them might not know yet and FB would be a shitty place to find out.

I had a friend die whilst playing poker on facebook, the last thing on his wall was about winning some chips in the game he was playing.

I ate a cricket once. I also climbed a tree and had a cat.

That's nothing. I've climbed a cat, eaten a tree, and had a cricket.

Did I just walk into a Law & Order episode?

No way, 6 hours is NOT enough time for someone to die.

Edit: I'm going to assume that the downvotes are because people here don't understand sarcasm

at least he died doing what he loved

Someone with your post history would think that.

I'm having a hard time writing your eulogy here, have any big moments you want me to make note of?

Hell, I was married twice by second grade.

watch them

You've got a poor grip of this "death" thing, huh?

Excuse me, had a cat?