Like grocieries

Like grocieries

What. The. Hell.

This dude is really eating booty

Anyone notice that they both look at the couple doing the deed, then Arnold asks if she wants to go back home and give it a try?

It seems like adulthood only consists of bills, taxes, and your childhood being ruined.

Lmao holy shit

So technically he is eating groceries.

Nickelodeon was with the times before anyone

Clearly eating a sandwich or something at the table. She's moving around and his head stays at the same spot

Ohhh. This explains so much about what I choose to be.

Eating the groceries like booty one might say.

Lol. Bunch of people on here were kids when Hey Arnold came out. Common Nickelodeon after school show for grade school kids but I'll let you get back to being edgy.

7 second video. Caught it

Ima just pretend this isn't the 4th time I've seen this reposted

Hidden Easter eggs smh

I'mma just pretend I didn't visit this sub today...