Like A Pope

I know this is fake but i could see this Pope doing it. I like this one.

"Stop me if you heard this one before: the Pope, the Ayatollah and the Chief rabbi walk into a bar...."

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I don't know man, looks real to me....

How much dope would a good pope smoke if a good pope could smoke dope?

"....they notice that the bar is packed with a bunch of kids celebrating their little league baseball victory. The Ayatollah opens his jacket revealing a bomb and says he will kill everyone in this room in ten seconds. The rabbi tells the Pope we need to get out of here. The Pope says what about the children? The rabbi says fuck the children. The Pope says, I don't think we have time."

Edit: if anyone knows how to modify the joke to also insult the rabbi let me know. I don't want to come across as a jew loving bigot

Think it was on Ellen or something

Pulls up chimney, lights up Pope

The pope says “let’s fuck the children” and the rabbi says “out of what”

go on....

You have to hand it to them, though. Whoever makes these videos at Ellen do an excellent job with them. Here's another one they did:

What a dope Pope.

Pulls up armchair, lights up pipe

Im listening

sits intently, grasps pope

She has some movie effects-tier editors at her show. It's really impressive, they are working perfectly.

Google Ellen Pope magic trick

stops, collaborates and listens

grabs shit and listens

He doesn't have to smoke dope to be a good pope, but if he could smoke that would a lot of dope.

Wasn't ready for that 1-2 punchline.

Sorry guys

Turns to his friends: " Look at my shit! LOOK AT IT!"

I don't get it. How did they fake it? Everyone and everything in that video looks exactly the same.

eats mom's spaghetti

My brain still says it's real

Watch the two men behind the Pope. Before the frame cuts the bald man is in front of the sheet, but after it cuts he's behind it

it's still real to me, dammit!

Proceeds to vomit in sweater

Watch the two men behind the Pope. Before the frame cuts the bald man is in front of the sheet, but after it cuts he's behind it.

Why do you know it’s fake?

She didn't say that the video is unreal by the way

you can tell by the way it is

There's a stereotype that Jewish people are always trying to swindle others out of money

Maybe Ellen isn't real.

He's the dopius popius around!

I’ll show you how to do this son

They call me Pope B cuz JC’s my #1

A man of the cloth, standing at the altar

My shit’s infallible, never gonna falter

Grab the corners and yank like a boss

Got my Lord’s approval like the one True Cross

lays an egg

Bartender looks up and says, What is this? Some kind of joke?

and the rabbi says “out of what”


You don't think it be like it is, but it do.

egg hatches to reveal chimney again

Here's another Obama one.

Anyone know if there's a making of or something? Whenever I see these vids I just can't believe what's possible for a quick joke-video, nowadays. I know that they must be replacing the pope or his body with an actor some frames in but I wouldn't even know where.

This one might be real too

Really? I thought that was just a rumyrrh.

Wait, instead of "bar" I read that as "bear." Now I want to hear that story.

Of course he knows that trick, how can you be a man of the cloth and not.

Of course it’s real. It’s in colour!!

It would be better phrased as "screw" rather than "fuck" I think

How can mirrors be real if our eyes aren't real

The pope has no choice and HAS to smoke dope like every other catholic. Every saint knows about the psychoactive components in frankincense and enjoys it

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me you little bitch. I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Vatican Seals

I don't so that I don't screw things up but God damn this sticky makes me cry evrytim

And the flowers are still standing.

Black guy in a suit is recorded doing the mic drop in front of a green screen, then the arm is sectioned off and overlayed on the Obama recording. Watch the left arm right before it grabs the mic. The suit morphs into a completely different arm with a slightly different color.

Then take Obama's head and place it on the pre-recorded black guy in a suit to do the paper throw.

Why would you take this from us? We NEEDED this you bastard!

They walk into a bear, the rabbi says "I can't bear it in here."

You see, there was this mollusk....well, it wasn't really a mollusk, it was more of a...sea cucumber.....

At the point when you can't obviously tell this is a joke

You shouldn't have grabbed that shit with your bare hands, it smells.

But I still have questions

I am 101% sure that perrycohen is a bot.

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And reddit saves the day!

The pope is just making sure when he dies he becomes a saint. You need to have performed at least two miracles during your lifetime. Can’t wait to see his next miracle.


Until there is a video with without trick

Okay... here is the video without the trick:

Please be more skeptical of the internet!

I fucking love this meme. It's so stupid.

the rabbi already says fuck the children. insult enough probably. we know you are anti-everything

Isn't there a new Adobe program coming out that does this? I think I heard about it here

The low res is also hiding the editing here, so even without knowing it's from Ellen, it's very obvious when watching a higher resolution source.

pulls up fuel, lights up church

I am 68.5893% sure that madefordumbanswers is a bot.

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I'm so blown away. How can they even do that?!

This dude is the Obama of popes.


Actually the miracles for canonisation are after their death. It demonstrates that they are in heaven, and are interceding on the behalf of living people because they are in a state of perfect communion with God.

Real talk, we are well in to the video editing age and just about everyone should be able to notice the "tells" of a fake video.

His head doesn't look or move naturally at all. It's like it's sitting on different layer all together and spins instead of turns.

Not to mention the subject content is highly improbable to begin with. This would without a doubt be considered disrespectful for any one to do, even the pope.

Y'all are gonna fall for some serious propaganda one of these days if you don't pay close enough attention

Nice thanks. I’d never seen it before.

Oooh shit dude. Oooooooh shit. You’re using the crap out of that thinkin cap. Ohh shit

I know its fake but somehow I'm not convinced it's fake. What is this sorcery?

I thought clown fish were supposed to be funny...

A good pope would smoke as much dope as good pope could smoke, if a good pope could smoke dope.

How do we know you didn't fake this?

It was on Ellen, but also they forgot to rotoscope out the cardinal in the last scene so the pope is somehow on top of him despite being further away..

Will it be white or black smoke?

It do

So the Pope is a Ghostbusters fan... cool.

So the Pope is a Ghostbusters fan... cool.