Light Balance.

I feel like you have to be there in person to fully appreciate an experience like this.

source video

Here's the

Music probably helps too.

Molly probably helps too.

Glad they got their tech dude to come out on stage with them. Bet the hours of work into the light routine was much higher than the dance routine.

Gif with sound.
Here's a video of all their performances on AGT

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I love just dance

The gold buzzer sends them straight to the live shows. There's some elimination rounds after they get out through their first audition. The acts that get the gold buzzer don't have to do those other rounds

Thanks, much better!

Video? What's that? Sounds German...

Gif with sound, really my dude? Why not just post the video?

It's like a final boss who fucking moves so fast it seems that he's teleporting from place to place.

This is who eventually won the whole thing.

No. They got 3rd.

10 year old ventriloquist who also got the golden buzzer for her audition.

I'd run on stage and try to hug them

This would make a much better Super Bowl half time show.