Life is telling you to give up for today and try again tomorrow

Life is telling you to give up for today and try again tomorrow

I wouldn't trust a vending machine sandwich - person should've taken this as a clear sign not to eat it

I never had a vending machine sandwich before.

I can't imagine how gross a vending machine sandwich must be

not sure what BK you are going for but the one around me makes pretty bomb burgers. mcdonalds on the other hand not so much. Wendy's is hit and miss.

I don't get how smoking more weed will solve the problem

The only solution is to keep going higher

The only option is to rock the machine and risk your life for your delicious sandwich and drink.

I have eaten plenty. They are not worst than a Burger King burger.

That's not how it works.

You're not high enough to understand.

Maybe it's saying "you are going to need two drinks for that sandwich."

I always rock it. It doesn't really need much force. People fuck up when they overestimate how heavy it is and push too hard. That and they usually look immediately down to check if the snack fell, so keep your eyes on the top too. Check if it worked after its stable.

The only time I've seen mold on an orange was in a vending machine.

Same with all companies, the regional management make or break shit.

Sounds like you're eating your oranges too fast.

"More people are killed by vending machines than wolf attacks." - CJ Craig

Moved from FL, where Burger King and its service was awesome and McDonalds was horrible, then moved to Wisconsin where it's reversed... ugh why!?

I used to visit the hospital a lot as a kid and they had this super cool vending machine with sandwiches and you could press a button to rotate the circular shelf they were on for more sandwiches, they were probably the best I'd ever had at the time, but then again my mother wasn't a very good cook.

It is if you just believe silly goose

More deaths per year by vending machines than sharks. Don't fuck with the machines, man.