Liam Deane, Father who punched his baby daughter to death is found dead in prison.

Liam Deane, Father who punched his baby daughter to death is found dead in prison.
Liam Deane, Father who punched his baby daughter to death is found dead in prison.

To anybody who's wondering, this isn't the same baby-puncher-who-killed-his-daughter-when-she-wouldn't-stop-crying currently featured on the news from Pennsylvania.

This is the baby-puncher-who-killed-his-daughter-when-she-wouldn't-stop-crying from earlier this year from England.

Prison Hieracrhy:

Everyone else >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> people who harm kids.

I thought that seemed pretty damn quick

Prisoners like this never get murdered.

They just find them mysteriously dead somewhere.

In general, assuming they are not loud mouthed fools or straight up stupid, murderers are not bothered too much by other inmates. They've already indicated a willingness and ability to send other players away from the game.

"I've never wished someone dead, but I've read a few obituaries with a smile" _ Mark Twain

I think it's more because a lot of prisoners were molested/beaten/abused as children themselves.

Because a lot of those other prisoners are still parents themselves

Another possible factor is that the other inmates, regardless of what terrible things they have done, have a need to believe that there is still someone worse than they are.

I feel so awful for the mother. Two days old. Two days post partum, a woman is often a hormonal mess and in physical agony right after giving birth. Depression can set in too. I hope she gets the mental help she will certainly need.

It's widely known that child molesters and baby killers are a target of other inmates as soon as they get to prison. It's curious that the prison population has taken on that cause above all others to consistently gang up and kill people for. What is it about prison morality that makes most everything else excusable?

To anyone in the comments with a new baby. If they are fed, clean, dry, and warm, it's okay to put the baby in the crib, walk away and have a little break. It won't hurt them to cry for 15 minutes while you take a minute to calm down.

Guards. A lot of guards are chummy with inmates and will relay information, especially in cases like these where the guards may not necessarily mind harm coming to someone like a baby murderer.

Dashing men have a bad reputation of ending up under at least one person in prison.

Mark Twain

Yeah, no. Surprise, surprise a Mark Twain quote that isn't real...

The quote is corrupted from Clarence Darrow:

"Every instinct that is found in any man is in all men. The strength of the emotion may not be so overpowering, the barriers against possession not so insurmountable, the urge to accomplish the desire less keen. With some, inhibitions and urges may be neutralized by other tendencies. But with every being the primal emotions are there. All men have an emotion to kill; when they strongly dislike some one they involuntarily wish he was dead. I have never killed any one, but I have read some obituary notices with great satisfaction."

I'm guessing murderers are at the top.

Especially inmates guilty of multiple homicides.

Yikes... Her 22 year old husband kills her 2 day old daughter and then he dies 3 months later at the start of a life prison sentence. Everything happening with her family is just about the worst it could possibly go.

And before all that, she married the kind of guy who becomes a baby puncher.

Quick prison question. How do inmates know about a fellow inmates crime? Since child molesters and similar criminals are often targeted, I'm sure it's not plastered above their jail cell. And couldnt the baby-puncher lie when asked?

Speaking very hypothetically I'd assume dashing jewel thieves would be at the top, but I've been known to be wrong

Logically I think this isn't good and vigilantes shouldn't be cheered on otherwise the whole system breaks down. My heart however just says fuck him he punched a baby to death and I hope it was slow, painful and terrifying for him.

The baby in this case was two days old. Two days. This guy couldn't put up with a baby for two days. I swear parents should have to undergo some type of rage-testing. Anyone who gets dangerously irrationally angry should never be near a child.

They usually go to specialized yards that have 70% sex offender population and everyone else are gang dropouts or PC inmates.

Nobody really acts up in those places and they are safer than most other prisons both to work and live at.

Orr there's a big difference between drug dealing and rapeing a 7 year old girl, serial kills gotta kill someone.

Source: spent 6 years in usa prisons.

It depends. Biggest surprise to me was that I thought a murder rap would make a guy feared. Not really true. Bottom line, many of them shot someone, and a lot of people shoot others because they are scared - not excusing this behavior, just matter of factly stating that they are pussies and shoot someone from across the street instead of handling it other ways. And this is known, or at least believed in prison and therefor a lot of the killers are not seen as a real threat.

Two baby punchers is two too many goddamn it.

fuck reddit let's get real: I had my son when I was 21, A lot of stress followed and he of course cried often. I was in a rough spot mentally and at times felt like I couldn't handle the noise and lack of sleep mixed with this toxic self doubt and anxiety I had been bottling up for 9 months. I'm on good terms with my parents but not very close so I felt at the time I couldn't go to my dad to talk about my anger and loss of temper I was beginning to develop when the screaming was happening at 3 in the morning and I was staring at a 12+ hour work day as a mover. I honestly feared I would end up doing something irrational or even possibly bail on my responsibility as a father. It wasn't until my stress bled through into my job that someone I worked with noticed - this old guy I worked with came up to me and told me about his experience being a young dad- and I just let the flood gates open and told him about how I felt. He gave me that very same advice - it's ok to take a break. He also told me that everyone goes through this but it's the lack of support and self assurance that leads to a breakdown as a young father. Just remember that it gets better - and think about the trust and love your child places in you from the start of their life. I would argue that I never really grew up until I realized I wasn't some fuck-up who knocked up a girl, but I was someone's dad, and they needed me.

"You mean we're all rotting in here dying to watch our kids grow up, and you straight up kill yours?"

Logic checks out I guess.

On top of the other reasons, I’ve heard even some stone cold sociopaths target them out of superiority. Not necessarily morally, but the idea that someone who preys on children/women is weak, pathetic, and an easy target. Pick on someone your own size to get respect kind of thing.

Meanwhile, my wife and I have been trying to have a kid for a year and would adore a little one to no end. Fuck these people that pop 'em out then mistreat and/or kill them.

It's like her life is a game of sims and the player got bored.

That's a great way of phrasing that.

Maybe people visiting their relatives told them. They watch the news, word gets around. If someone famous or who committed a notable crime gets in, they find out.

From my sources of being a former prisoner, they’re pretty decently respected/even revered, assuming they’re cool guys. Even though they’re locked up too, in a way they ‘made it’ in the prison world. They didn’t need a gun, they used their brain to gain, and that’s cool as shit when all you’ve ever known is violence and intimidation. But to repeat, they have to be cool. Honestly, just being a cool guy is WAY more important than what you did on the outside. After all, you’re in prison, spending obscene amounts of time together. Your past means nothing, if all you do is whine or talk about how great/cool you were outside. If you hurt kids or women, though, nobody cares how cool you are. Fuck that guy. Sometimes literally, sometimes practically. Just fuck em

I won't cry for this dude, but fuck all of you cheering for prison murder. You're the slavering, raging mob we see in movies; the people who would go watch a public execution and cheer in the 1800s. Celebrating the brutal murder of another person is fucked up and I wish you could see that.

We have a first world society in most of our countries. There is no reason why prison murder and rape should be commonplace anymore, except for our apathy. Prison is a place where we are supposed to rehabilitate inmates, not a free for all rape and murder pit where we throw people with issues.

Well now there's one less.

You shouldn't. A guard could just make up some shit to have a person who's in prison for drugs murdered without having to suffer the consequences.

..i don't feel sorry for him in any way shape or form, personally, i think the sooner he's forgotten the better.

I think I get it now. Capital punishment is bad. Vigilante justice is good

Before my baby was properly diagnosed with gerd (the silent kind, harder to detect), the doc thought perhaps it may be colic and I was given the same instructions over and over by every doctor, nurse, specialist, friend and family member. The crying can certainly get to you, and I'm so thankful I was able to keep my cool.

That being said I chose to never have any more children, lol.

I hope he lived long enough to understand why

"He did the math"

He copied and distributed VHS copies of Jurassic Park

Because it’s the crime we detest the most. Which means it’s probably the crime the guards detest the most. Which means it’s the kind of prisoner they’d ignore if they heard pleas for help as they’re raped and beaten to death.

Will literally anyone care? The guy proved himself a fucking sicko the moment he decided to punch his own child to death. Frankly I'm impressed with the speed at which the other prisoners dealt with him...

I can see that in some cases, but it usually shows up as the killer clearly being a pussy that would be seen as such no matter the crime.

My experience that conducting myself as a man and keeping my nose out of other folks business helped a lot more than any potential aura from being down for murder and robbery when I did 9 years in the mid 70's, early 80's.

Not many people know this, but Mark Twain's real name was Samuel Jackson.

What's wrong with being the second in command?

not that vigilante justice is good, but no one will shed a tear for this guy. karma is a bitch.

You think he'd have improved lives? He wouldn't have.

You think he'd serve as a deterrent? He wouldn't.

Fuck him. He murdered a baby. Not even a child... a fresh, new, innocent baby.

I oppose the death penalty, but fuck him. Fuck him.

Maybe that's the irrational parent in me, but FUCK HIM.

I picture a serial killer with some form of moral compass going

"Hey, you, what you in for new guy?"

"Oh me? I got caught slinging a dime bag"

"Oh..." walks away with head down

They have nothing left to lose. If you’re 20 and doing a 6er you’ll be out when you’re still a young buck, if you’re 40 and looking down 50 it isn’t worth getting out if you make it that long.

Inmates are allowed to watch TV. So if the guy 's case was on the local news then the could know that. Inmates also have outside sources they get ahold of. I work as a detention officer in America somewhere in the southwest. We've had many inmates get info of officers through phone calls to the outs.

I agree. People need to feel superior to someone.

A guy I know had to serve a month in jail (not full-on prison) for writing bad checks. He never told a single person what he was in for, yet everyone knew within a few hours.

it is my duty to please that booty

Abe Lincoln

The system inside a prison is a lot different than the system outside the prison.

You forgot to add the 10X multiplier for a father who kills children

I used to know an ex-guard from Rikers who admitted that certain doors would magically open at night and pedos were found badly beaten or dead inside those cells the next morning...they clearly had a poltergeist problem

2 years for us. Seriously.. fuck them.

Not in this case, but it's fucked out how people cheer for prisons being a place where you get sentenced by the government to be raped and murdered.

Probably had an 1/8th of weed.

He did it when the baby was 2 days old. Usually you are still in the hospital on day 2. How he flipped his shit after only 2 days makes no sense to me. I know the frustration of a baby that won’t quit crying but that doesn’t kick in for a while after it’s born, this guy didn’t make it 2 days. Something makes me think there are other variables in this murder.

I think it's more because prisoners are in prison because they have a tendency to do whatever the F they feel like instead of obeying laws. It's not like they're all a bunch of unfeeling monsters that hate children.

I have been to prison in U.S.A. and you have paperwork with you that shows your crime. The other inmates ask you to see it the first day you enter the dorm.

Yeah, watch any prison doc and look at the sex offender group on the yard. They are all nerdy white guys, not career criminals. They are easy targets. I'm not saying it's a bad thing they get targeted, but it's not because the prison population are virtuous moralists. In those same docs you will see huge gangbangers in for multiple rapes and they fit in just fine. Being a chomo/sex offender can land you in prison for hard time even if you have no other criminal predilections and no idea how to survive on the street/behind bars. Even being a drug user prepares you better for prison, since you will have had experience with criminal subcultures.

And not a single fuck was given that day

Babies cry. Simple as that. They cry until they learn to speak well enough to advocate their desires and needs. Even after that toddlers and small children throw fits and tantrums all the time. People know these things. It's just common knowledge. If you don't want to be physically/emotionally/intellectually/financially responsible for another person, refrain from reproducing.

I thought IT prisoners would be approached by men in suits who offered them jobs for their skills.

More like never really safe in prison.

Also child molesters are at the bottom, when I used to work at Buffalo wild wings our guy who ran the grill had been to jail selling coke, he said people in prison didn't go as hard after these types as he thought they would apparently. But he was a weird dude and we live in a nice area so idk

But there are inmates who work for gangs and infiltrate those areas. Not always safe in jail/prison.

Damn! Ok fine, I guess all corruption is bad......stupid corruption.

Because people who sexually assault/kill children are perceived as predators of innocent victims.

For some reason, murdering adults is seen as less heinous.

Edit- in prison.

Noone should be happy about his death in this fashion,

Uh that's where you are wrong.

Case in point: No one is paying money to keep him locked up in a cell any longer and considering he was in for life and he was 22 years old that was theoretically a lot of cash over a potentially long life.

Granted this is the UK but in America the murderers of John Geoghan and Dahmer aren't having a fun time.

edit: for spelling reasons

From what I've read, Rikers is a horror show of corruption and incompetence.

It's all about the privileges. If there is nothing for them to take away, baby puncher is getting an ass whooping every day. If everyone has tv time and shit, it's usually not worth giving that up unless the guy starts shit.

Yeah but don't punch them though. 10/10 do not recommend.

Those kinda ppl hate both the players and game so it’s all gonna burn

I've heard that in the US, you go to prison with paperwork that documents who you are, what you did, etc.

The prisoners around will ask to see your papers when you arrive in your cell. If you don't share them, they assume that you're a chomo/pedo and then you end up in the shitlist.

Edit: I guess chimo is more common than chomo for child molester. My bad.

What's wrong with the bottom bunk?

Crime bosses, including gang leaders, then tough-guy murderers who killed adult men, then high-skill criminals. Having outside sources of money and being able to pay off prisoners or guards really helps

...that makes a surprising amount of sense.

So the dude who beats someone to death with a baseball bat, he's feared. The bitch who pulled a drive by is still just a bitch. Seems fitting.

They’ve charged another prisoner with the crime.

It's seen as less heinous outside of prison too. The difference being, an adult has a chance of defending themselves even if they are caught off guard. Kids, even women, not so much. So you walk into a place where people are accepting of violence as a punishment, and are carrying a flag that says you prey on those who can't fight back. You're essentially target practice now.

Nah I’m cool with baby murderers getting murdered by another inmate

The only difference is that redstone circuits aren't illegal. least until they find my Minecraft-based hacking machine...

Hold on, someone's at the d

Nah, maybe once upon a time, but today they just approach minecraft Redstone masters.

There was a story on here a little while ago about a woman who shoed a rock down her newborn daughter's throat and killed her like that. It's a horrific combination of evil and stupid.

Prison riot in Arizona. What did they do first? Get the keys to the cells that held snitches and child predators.

Guards spread the word too.

Oh wow, I️ read it as two years old. Alright, I️ would never harm a hair on my two year old, but I️ can kind of understand being driven to a breaking point with a toddler. How do you even get angry at a 2-day old? And what, you had two sleepless nights and you already can’t handle some crying? Obviously there’s more goin on here then is being said, but wtf.

Thank you! I wanted to have a way to describe this feeling. The second I read it I audibly said 'nice'.

New born babies have an incredible sound when they are that young and cry. It's beautiful. It's more of a cooing sound. At 6-8 months when they get their lungs it's still beautiful..... in an 'air raid siren' kinda way. :-). Fuck that prick. Good riddance.

Out of curiosity, where do inmates in for IT (not illegal porn related) crimes fit in? Like where do the computer nerds fit in?

Someone who steals a car is morally superior to someone who punches a baby to death. No "somehow" about it.

.. and nothing of value was lost, at least in his case.

That's why these problems in prison don't get fixed. No one seriously investigates these things. The guards either allowed this to happen or were inept.

This guy doesn't deserve sympathy but these types of things happen all the time which is part of the reason why people come out of prison worse than when they went in

I'm pretty sure it varies wildly depending on your criminal history and where you were tried. I've never been to prison but I've talked with a lot of prisoners and the general consensus I get from them is that every prison is unique.

Prisons are a giant reminder of the failure of our society to make people feel valuable.

You get 2 life sentences so you get to live twice as long.

It does say another prisoner was charged with his murder so...