[Lewenberg] Steph Curry (ankle) is listed as questionable for tonight, though it sounds like there's a good chance he plays. Kyle Lowry (tailbone) is on the opposite end of questionable, closer to "doubtful", Casey says. He's not expected to play.

[Lewenberg] Steph Curry (ankle) is listed as questionable for tonight, though it sounds like ther...

Don't risk playing Lowry. Sit him out.

But definitely would like to see Steph out there if he's fully recovered.

You get to see VanVleet, he's like Curry. Only better.

Could sitting Lowry put too much strain on his ass?


The biggest question is how Lowry managed to break his ass.

How is this game not nationally televised smh

Kevin Harlan made a comment today about how people love coming to TO but the cost of doing a nationally televised home game for the Raps is a lot. Probably didnt want to give us two in a row. Its a bummer.

They put him in a sex sling, he's comfy.

Steph post-game : "Just wanted to get more of a feel for them before we play in June"

I'm sure the Raptors fans would love it

I'm going to the game tonight. Please play curry!

Collapsed under its own weight.

Hope Steph makes it but Lowry's injury sucks too. This was the game I was looking forward to the most on this trip, was really hoping both teams would at least have their starters.

I donno if serious but: https://streamable.com/elfqh

Our 2nd unit is actually defensive minded on most nights. Their offense feeds off the defense. The cavs game was an outlier because of the high school defense they play

Clipper Starter

Day to Day




Medically injured all over but has Mamba Mentality

I'm really excited to see your (offensively) amazing second unit play Golden State's (defensively) amazing second unit, it's probably a super fun matchup

It's ok we'll see you guys in the finals. Right?

Slap-ass extreme rules

Nah we weren't at full strength

DeMar didn't activate his sharpshooter badge yet.

Sucks. In my opinion this will be the most fun game of the season if steph plays. Raps are playing amazing these days. Deep roster, pass first mentality, more up tempo and tenacious effort. Going to be a great game!

Does that mean that we'd see Matt Devlin and Jack Armstrong streams, since I'm pretty sure that the Canadian broadcasting rights for the finals are separate? I'd definitely watch them over ESPN, unless this is the year they finally get rid of Jackson and Van Gundy.

Nooooooo ma booty!!!