Let's talk about Parth

Let's talk about Parth

I see people praising all our players and rightfully so, but I feel Parth deserves a lot of credit. In both games, we had a way better draft than FW/WE and it really contributed to our wins. Parth has received a lot of flack in the past for poor drafts, so it's nice to see him and the rest of TSM have solid drafts.

Maybe the whole coaching staff aswell, yes?

For sure, we seem to have a really good read on the meta and the whole coaching staff definitely helped

I feel like the team really struggled against the Sejuani pick in the FW game and a little bit in the early game vs WE but after that they started playing better around it. Aside from that I think our drafts have been great, especially our top lane picks. Grabbing Gnar for Hauntzer to deal with FW's Cho was great, especially because he's fucking insane on the champ (23-2 in competitive). Unfortunately I doubt he'll get it again this tournament but at least that's another free ban for us. And forcing WE to take Xayah after we took Rakan was brilliant as it let us grab Trist for free and then corner them into a low damage comp vs Cho. Great drafts so far and I hope we can keep it up even if we just stick to meta stuff every game

I don't know if it's the players who initiated this change , Regi and the coaching staff ; but i like how changed their mindset this summer split. You know these players respect each other , everyone of them are good individually but they have no problem of playing utility, tank or 'safe' for the team. They are putting TSM the unit, the team before their self interest .

Nah, it was having grag as the only engage tool that made the taric a problem. Look at the WE game and how much Rakan changed the engages.

I wouldn't say it was the Sej, it was the Taric that was cancer as fuck

My biggest criticism of TSM last year was their poor read on the Worlds meta. I'm glad to see that Parth has really stepped up this time.

They are putting TSM the unit, the team before their self interest

Great point, and it's really showing so far. Let's hope the boys can keep it up

Svens out of element but absorbing pressure.

Fave champs? Lee Sin? Khazix? :thinking:

I don't know if picking Syndra into Taric was considered good drafting though. I did like the Gnar counterpick into Cho'Gath and Hauntzer perfected it that game however I do believe FW had a crazy scary composition during that game. Made it very hard for us to win teamfights that game.

I'd like that

I personally was fine with our draft. Like you said, we had the Gnar into Cho counterpick which ended up winning us the game, we had the Trist/Lulu for late game assurance, and anytime Bjergsen is on Syndra I'm happy because it's probably his best champ, so even though it might've not been the most optimal pick, it was definitely fine. FW had a good comp, but ours was better and it was one of the reasons why we won