Let's make our voice heard boys!!!

Let's make our voice heard boys!!!

Didn't we do this last year? And valve like ignored us?

Didnt we do that every time we got the chance?

Yeaaahhh BUT I'd rather get Portal 3

Can't wait for Half-Life 2 Episode 2 Part 2

I almost feel like they're keeping it for a rainy day, for when they really fuck up and can be like, "Oh... you're worried about that? Never fear Half Life 3 is here!" and BOOM everything is forgotten.

Your optimism is inspiring

But it wont happen



I just want Left 4 Dead 3 so they can make another sequel and just call it Left 4 Dead.

The real mindfuck is if they release Half Life 4

What if they then release Half Life 3 - Episode 3 Just to fuck with us all?

And here I'd rather get Left 4 Dead 3. I guess Valve really hates the number 3.

2 left 2 4 dead 4...

Wait guys I screwed up

Why are we playing as Alyx? Why is Breen our best friend suddenly? Why does Eli look like the G-Man now? The only way to find out is to play Half Life 3 (release date unknown)!

Team Fortress and DOTA are also at "number 2" in their series' (but I think those games are doing well enough without needing a sequel as much as Poral/HL/L4D).

How about Day of Defeat 3 2

edit: spelling error

Let's all be B R A V E like last year!

exactly, there's no way we're getting an official episode 3, much less HL3

Sadly, i think the thing to do at this point is just let it die, it's less painful that way

Already voted twice, dont think a third times needed.

Let the meme die already... That game will never get a new installment.