Let's Have A Smoke

nice smoke ring but it looks kinda dry...how was it?

Guys, it's his first ever smoke, how about some constructive comments ;)

I'm curious what cut of meats you used!

Dude, NSFL! Ugh, after looking at this, I'm NEVER gonna even THINK about having a cigarette ever again!

...what do you mean these aren't a dead smoker's lungs?

That smoke ring though...

Looks like the smoker got a bit too hot, but sweet beefy Jesus that smoke ring...

A shmokanapancake?

Wondering the same. I need to find a meatier alternative to ribs, I full rack of ribs isn't enough for 3 people.


What kind of smoker is that? I'm looking to get one myself and that is about the right size for me