Let's be Honest, the Next DLC in the Season Pass Will Not Fix Anything, but the Next Not Included One Will.

Let's be Honest, the Next DLC in the Season Pass Will Not Fix Anything, but the Next Not Included One Will.

Seeing how much of a shit show CoO is even during the first day shows the state of this once great series. They already have our money for this and the next DLC so guarenteed we will be fed some more minor changes (that should of been in the game) before the next DLC we own, and it will again have Eververse as the endgame. And the game we all thought we bought a year ago will be included in the expansion that will feature everything everyone has been hoping for.

Ya they got the money already.

Don't wanna be that guy but Bungie is a larger game studio than the one behind Warframe. Yet they can't introduce meaningful patches with their extra manpower and $60/$100 from each of us. Do these people just count their money all day? It feels like Bungie wants to be a Triple A game with things like amazing music but it's too bloated on the gameplay side so they can't keep up with basic gameplay patches. I understand 'changes' don't happen overnight but they've had 3 years so this is different.

I played Warframe while my Destiny Legendary edition was installing and I actually hit a wall early one. It took more effort (fun progress not grind) to get off the first planet than all of Destiny for me. I didn't understand the mod system at first but it's like a Call of Duty 1-10+ point system but with unlimited directions, and for main/secondary/melee. And all of the weapons and characters are unique even after playing for a while. Collecting materials doesn't feel pointless if you need to build weapons from blueprints or new frames. When it finished installing the code was expired 2 months ago so I'm stuck with Warframe which feels like fate.

This game will never feature everything everyone has been hoping for. They struck gold with D1 and ruined it by thinking they knew what we wanted more than we did.

Narcissism is a crazy thing.

They are testing to see how far they can push us, most major developers are doing that. Its how they get standards set like $60 games that last 8 hours and MTX and subscription fees etc etc.

They are trying to normalize gamers paying $100 for a complete gaming experience with less immersion/content than what we paid $60 for 5-10 years ago.

Destiny 2 doesn't even compare with the Warframe I played 5 years ago. Even 5 years ago it was miles ahead of Destiny 2 as far as content goes (and fun content at that).

My favorite part of the job listing referenced in one of the top posts for a position at Bungie. Working on Eververse etc.

Required skill -

"Proven track record of designing and implementing monetization systems in AAA games."

That tells you all you need to know.

Yep. The gaming industry has gone way too far. I am now actively only buying games with fair pricing and content, NO PREORDERS for me anymore, NO SEASON PASSES either.

This is what's so frustrating. I would gladly pay more money upfront or a subscription to get a complete experience.

I try not to buy lootboxes but every now and then, especially when drinking, the temptation gets the better of me and I'm usually disappointed. I don't know. I don't like so much cool content being locked behind a gambling paywall and so much of the devs' time focused on monetization.

Maybe AAA games are just a dying genre.

Not to be mean to any casual players, but that's what Bungie is gunning for. Keeping the casuals over us hardcore fans who have been defending them and holding out for the things that made D1 great. That and laziness. They could easily make exclusion lists for certain guns, to prevent them from entering the crucible scene. Thus keeping the guns that are ridiculously OP fun to use in PvE. Like how they can lock us out if we don't have enough fire team members, or aren't a high enough PL or LL. It's just pure laziness, and they are catering to a different crowd now.

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They are trying to normalize gamers paying $100 for a complete gaming experience with less immersion/content than what we paid $60 for 5-10 years ago.


Yup, odds are DLC2 is almost done already and the people who worked on that for the past few months have likely already moved on to the next thing. Given that The Dark Below and House of Wolves in D1 were somewhat underwhelming, it seems that Bungie is continuing that trend in Destiny 2.

And of course, they already have your money.

Yeah except the only thing you are missing is that not even casuals like the game how it is.

At this point I don't think they'll get their shit together before destiny 3.

Wouldn't be surprised at all if 90% of DLC 2 is done except for new and cool Eververse stuff that they will exclusively show off in a trailer for the DLC.

For every indie game that succeeds in spite of their graphics there are many that fail. It's a tough industry. Just look at Warframe - has more endgame activities and complexity in its game systems like people say they want... yet most of us are still here. For me, the quality of the experience just isn't at the same level and I can't go back.

I don't think marketing budgets are part of the problem, either. Provided the game isn't terrible, they pay for themselves. It's not perfect, but it's an increasingly quantifiable science with clear ROIs.

You raise an interesting point about "the principle". Once upon a time people said the same thing about subscription games, or software-as-a-service, but people have come around to those pricing models. I don't think there's a moral principle at stake, though there might be a collective action strategy (if we hold the game studios hostage as a population we can get more for less type of thing).

I don’t like it, but I agree with you.

You forgot to add one thing though- their excuse isn’t that they want more money, it’s that the first 2 DLC’s were already too far along in development to make the changes we want.

Which is what's even funnier. They've literally shafted themselves.

Do NOT buy DLC 3. Give this shit company what it deserves.

I don't think that's true at all. Look at games like Stardew Valley and Terraria, or any successful indie game really. They usually aren't very great looking but they sell very well because they are fun.

I think the biggest thing is marketing budgets, but even not considering those, I think maybe its time for developers to just up the price of their games and actually offer a complete game right off the bat. It might cost the same as its costing now, but its the principle of the matter, selling the base game for regular price and charging for "DLC" that was actually developed alongside the base game.