Let's all just calm down for a bit

Let's all just calm down for a bit

I actually agree...

A lot of us here are complaining in hopes of more changes happening so we can actually buy the game we've been anticipating. It seems like there are others who are using this as an opportunity to fight against all micro-transactions, not really caring about this game specifically. Or people who just want to shit on EA because of other past misdeeds.

I agree with Elliot so far in everythng he's said because he actually has a level head and knows the game has issues and we all know that EA & DICE are listening.

The problem I have is this: I wasn't a subscriber a week ago, but I'm here now because of two things.

EA is pushing us further down the slippery slope of gouging even more money out of gamers for a brand they are loyal to, because they can. I actually want this game to be hugely successful and popular for years to come, because it is actually a great game at it's core, and I actually care about it not failing because of abusive practices.

There is a difference between coming here to simply hate on EA and coming here because you are concerned about the IP and actually want to see positive improvement not only in the game but in the gaming industry as a whole.

Stop trying to conflate everyone flooding into this sub as some growing cancer, because not everyone is just here for memes and drama, a lot of us actually want the game to succeed and feel like we need to do something to ensure that it can.

Elliot speaks the truth

But muh outrage

Ea bad, give karma

I usually agree on most that this subreddit has to say but after all the drama and influx of new subs this subreddit has derailed completely, when something like this gets 33k upvotes and is pure misinformation I just think it's gone a bit beyond criticizing the game and turned more into a circlejerk.

Tbh, this sub-reddit is just full of hate.

I have also seen a lot of with no flairs talking about loot creates here too.

We know. I remember a time when this sub-reddit was full of speculation an discussion. Seeing what the game will become. However, all it is now is just trying to shit on EA as much as possible. Nothing here is productive anymore. This is not the sub-reddit I joined long ago.