Leslie Knope's brownie experience

Leslie Knope's brownie experience

This reminds me of when back in middle school my homeroom teacher made brownies for us. Everything was going fine until someone asked what's a carrot doing in my brownie. Turns out she had baked vegetables into the brownie to make them healthier. Still pretty good though

I thought they were gonna be pot brownies.

Leslie, I just googled your symptoms and it says you may have 'network connectivity problems'...

Chandler: Phoebe, were these "funny brownies"?

Phoebe: Not particularly. Although I do think they had pot in them.

This fact is brought up everytime the quote is posted. Nothing against it, just funny seeing the quote all the time followed by the exact same comments. Usually goes like "Chris Pratt improvised that line" then, "The writers hated him cus they say he improvised the best line in the show"

Never change Reddit

The fact that he improvised that line makes it even better

"Every time" is always two words.

"Everytime" is a Britney Spears song.

This helpful fact has been brought to you by the unchanging Reddit grammar police.

It'd be a lot cooler if you did.

That's not hilarious at all. That's a horrible fucking thing to do.

Man if Friends were made today Phoebe would be constantly vaping weed. In the original run we just got Jon Lovitz as a stoner restaurant owner.

"Parks and Recreation" was full of hilarious moments.

"Parks and Recreation" was full of .

If this counts as eating veggies, I'm in.

Alright alright alright

Don't worry, it's also fake

Turns out she had baked vegetables into the brownie to make them healthier.


Are you sure it's me?

Pigeons tend to look a lot alike.


It did!

From :

"Parks and Recreation," Season 4, Episode 17 - "Pawnee Jones and the Temple of Broom"

After helping to plan a presentation for a visiting class from a community college, Andy confesses to having hidden many valuable historical items. This situation is made worse when it is revealed that their number included Pawnee's only surviving copy of the original town constitution, which had been written on toilet paper. This crossover episode with the cast of "Community" was eventually deleted from reality, but excerpts still remain.

Carrots? Maybe, if they're shredded. Carrot cake is delicious, after all. Any other veggies? That's just wrong.

Seriously, some people have bad reactions to that kind of stuff.

Well cocoa comes from plants. Cocoa makes chocolate, which is in brownies. Therefore brownies are vegetables.

It's a lie. He's been eating bean brownies for so long he's convinced himself that they're good.

My mom made brownies once. I hated vegetables. Like I would gag anytime one made its way into my mouth. Well those brownies were amazing. After I had finished about 4 she told me they had no chocolate in them. They were made using black beans. I haven't spoken to her in two years.

Zucchini is actually pretty okay in cake.

I thought the Undertaker...

Chocolate rape coming up

Dammit Ramses you're everywhere

Even beyond that, psychedelics can have profound and lasting mental impact. Its a decision no one should ever be able to make for you. You dont get to just go back to how it was before

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There's a popular cookbook out there all about how to secretly mix veggies into yummy treats so your kids will eat them. To which my reaction is . . . make your kids eat their greens, don't sneak them in.

That's a Bill Cosby joke, heh.

The child wanted chocolate cake for breakfast! How ridiculous! And I said... and someone in my brain looked under chocolate cake and saw the ingredients: eggs! Eggs are in chocolate cake! And milk! Oh goody! And wheat! That's nutrition! "What do you want?" "Can I have some chocolate cake?" "Chocolate cake coming up."

I could see this actually happening in the show.

He meant hilarious in a "randomly potentially killing some of my classmates and probably getting myself sent to prison for life" kind of way.

(moves away from mic to breathe)

🎶Some stay dry while others feel the pain.🎶

So she's been to Zingerman's. Lucky girl.

I'm convinced this is how all vegans keep themselves sane.

Have you tried carrot cake?

I remember seeing that before even really understanding what weed was, man was that confusing. Seeing it now is hilarious.

I like the Eurotrip scene.

I saw a gay porno once. I didn't know until halfway in. The girls never came!

Yea if it takes 40g of sugar to make it work is it really worth it?

(You may want to follow those links.)

Just chill. If u flip out over such small details u will have bad mind

Nothing wrong with enjoying a well made regular brownie every now and then.

And of course, this comment is posted every time too.

And mine too. Shit.

Who wouldn't recognize the omniscient pigeon that goes by Ramses. Every post you're droppin knowledge

I'm sure a high schooler managed to get their hands on enough hits of liquid LSD to dose a whole slushy machine. I'm sure they had the money to buy that much LSD. And I'm sure they wasted it all just for laughs. Come on man, lie better.


Yep that guys 100 percent full of shit

*nineteen ninety eight

Chicken Brownies???

My mom did this.

With fucking chicken

You could definitely kill someone by secretly dosing them with LSD. I took LSD with a couple of friends and one friend had a bad trip, thought we were trying to attack him, and then ran out into traffic trying to get away from us. Luckily, he wasn't hit and we were able to get him to a hospital where we were told he had to be sedated because he was trying to kill himself.

LSD can do crazy things to your mind, and if someone started tripping without knowing why, they could end up doing serious harm to themselves or others.

Comment 1: The ending of the Mist is the scariest/shocking/bleak/sad.


I remember as a kid I threw my food in anger, because I didn't want it, my dad smacked me across the face, made me sit there for almost an entire day, with tears and misery caked around my face until I finished my stupid veges. And every time I think about disliking any vegetable, I feel the echo of that back hand across my face. The 80's were simpler times.

Yes, felony offenses are simply hilarious!

Really? I don't recall that scene happening like that. Off to rewatch it

nineteen ninety eight*


Yes. It's as horrible as it sounds. Practically child abuse.

How? I've tried a bunch of variations on this, including adding more cocoa powder, adding chocolate, and other things, but it still tastes bean-ey. What is her secret?!


Nothing is better than when it comes to pot brownies

Well, mole is pretty good. (A savory sauce made with chocolate served with meat.)

Why are borders around words such a difficult concept, people?!

This is a joke on portlandia... "I ate some pot brownies in high school, but they didn't have any pot in them" ... "so you ate a brownie!"

*with Boy Scouts.

My wife makes these black bean brownies that you'd swear were fudge brownies.

Did it occur to anyone how MANY brownies there were on the plate? I mean, regardless of whether they had hash in them what kind of bakery has just a platter of brownies? If they were hash brownies you'd have the worst night ever.

I remember when I first saw the movie I was particularly curious with that scene. Just that particular scene though, for whatever reason the idea of a guy randomly being able to declare the pope as dead and then becoming a fake pope only to then slide down a banner to confess his love to a random girl did not faze me at all.

Ten gold says this is a rick roll

🎵Bruce Springsteen, Madonna Way before Nirvana There was U2 and Blondie And music still on MTV Her two kids in high school They tell her that she’s uncool Cause she's still preoccupied With 19, 19, 1985🎵

How dare you. Carrot cake is delicious!

flashbacks to 1996

If you mention Chris Pratt in Parks and Rec, it anyways equals a comeback story

ten year anniversary

Somebody's got a coming up!


Not quite vegan, but Parks and Rec comes to mind.

Also beets.


Here is the actual scene if you are interested:

Seriously, my step-brother lived with his mom who only allowed him to eat healthy stuff (didn't even let him treat or treat as a kid, how fucked up is that?) and I remember on our first family trip after our parents got married his mom packed him some of that fake chocolate shit. "It's not real chocolate but you can't even tell plus it's good for you!" Took a bite and immediately spit that shit out, it tasted like ass and turned into a weird sort of gritty paste in my mouth. Gave the kid a Hershey bar and ruined him on that fake shit forever...it stayed in his bag until he went back home to his mom. I'm sure she fuckin hated me for that but seriously fuck her, any parent that doesn't even allow their kids to enjoy Halloween is fucked up.

Step out of my zone. Now.

Nope! Spliffs are for wimps!

This reminds me of when back in middle school my homeroom teacher made brownies for us. Everything was going fine until someone asked what's a pot doing in my brownie. Turns out she had baked pot into the brownie to make them healthier. Still pretty good though

And then when someone drinks a large slushy and gets behind the wheel of a car and ends up killing someone/themself, your acquaintance can be put in jail for manslaughter... hilariously of course.

Somebody at the High School neighboring ours fed their French class pot croissants.

I almost feel bad for you.