Leonardo DiCaprio gets his Oscar engraved

He's had that joke in his back pocket for years

Thank God he got the Oscar... Now he has a chance to get some killer movie roles, a little money and some hot chicks.

Always a good sport

This is it Leo! The moment you've been waiting for, say it like we rehearsed!

"I wouldn't you...know...I know you?"

Fuck Fuck fuck fuck!!!!

*Old sport

What if, now that he has the oscar, he just stops caring and starts taking really low-brow roles. Like suddenly he shows up in the next Adam Sandler movie making fart jokes.

Fun fact: The term "Old sport" is used 55 times in The Great Gatsby.

"Well, well, well, how the turntables..."

I wish Leonardo DiCaprio was my best friend and we went on camping trips together and stuff like that all the time.

"Is it customary to tip?"

Leonardo Dicaprio is...Rob Schneider as...

Leonardo Self-Deprecatio

It was in an ask reddit thread recently about people's favorite fan theories. Someone said there's a theory that he calls Nick Old Sport because he doesn't actually remember his name.

It's my new favorite.

Edit: People, it's a silly fan theory. Relax.

Look at that charming mother fucker. He's enjoying every second of this.

Yes. I'm sure all that he's missing in his life now after that Oscar is a best friend named Dick-nipples!

Our balls are in your court...

Pretty cool that he can still make a self-deprecating joke.

Yes, 15% of the Oscar. Brando used to just twist the head off with the arm-strength of pure human madness and then flippantly toss it directly into the lady's cleavage, no matter how inaccessible. That's Hollywood.

I always say somebody's name back to them when I meet them and I still forget it within 15 seconds 90% of the time.

The Bear!


Immediately debunked because he refers to him by name early in the book.

I see office references, I upvote

I grew up wanting to hate him because of the titanic. All the girls were crazy for him and I was a jealous dumb kid (and absolutely hated that fuckin movie)...but goddamn I love him in almost everything else.

He really blew me away in Django.

This should be his 2nd at least - and be on his shelf with his performance in Gilbert Grape

I see someone recognize Office references, I upvote.

There's an extension of this gif somewhere where he asked all of these really specific maintenance questions like how often he should Polish it, what oil to use etc. Really adorable

I can just imagine him curled up in bed, still in his tux with a little night cap on, duvet pulled up to his chin, smiling in his sleep as he cuddles his oscar

Honestly can't tell if this is a joke or not.

Such is the mystique of Brando.

I think Leo is such a charmer that he flirts without even knowing it.

aw thanks. I was starting to think my puns were Leonardo DeCrapio

No it's because you're a disappointment

It would have been great if he never won an Oscar despite his ability to keep playing great roles. Then a few years after his death a movie comes out about his life and the actor who portrays DiCaprio wins the Oscar.

DiCaprio knows what's up. His latest tweet: In the future there will be a movie award called The DiCaprio. And no actor named Oscar will ever...

I think it's a travesty he didn't get it for The Departed, frankly.

I don't know, I guess we'll see how it shakes out but I think he's just a flash in the pan.

Well, he's probably operating under the assumption that that will be the only one he gets. Ever.

Ohhhhh, so that must be why my dad hates me.

I used to do telemarketing, and it was part of our script to parrot the person's name back to them. We were supposed to repeat it at the end, and I'd almost always forget what the name was and just take a stab at it and hang up before they had a chance to get mad at me.

Maybe he is and he just never let us know? I could be Leo You could be Leo Anyone could be Leo!

Leonardo DeCampingbro

if Leo was a redditor

If they're given pens they might jab it into their own jugular. It's a safety issue.

I'd take his tip

Edit: this is my most popular comment by far. Thanks for the generosity Leo

Username checks out.

I think men tend to naturally hate good looking guys that girls go crazy for.

And another week spent in the middle of nowhere in the woods with bears.

I really liked his performance in in Django.

I see someone appreciate someone recognizing office references, I upvote.

I have also found the next actor to work for decades before finally getting an oscar..

I have also found the next actor to work for decades before finally getting an oscar..

Top 3 DiCaprio films

The departed

Catch me if you can

Gangs of New York

Now this isn't in any particular order, and I know I've left out many movies. If you have a differing opinion, please share, one of my favorite things to do is rank and discuss.


Here let me show you...just gimme a sec, the zipper on my wallet always jams.

I bet he even flirts with himself sometimes... Then he becomes so inlove with himself, that he has to break his own heart.

Because everyone wants a piece of him, but no one can get all of him. Not even Leo himself.


But he could forget it later.

One hit wonder

"You do this every year?" "Yep" "S...Same"

fuck where do you get your screwdrivers

I feel like this hasn't been appreciated nearly enough.

Nah, man. They're good. If you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go Leonardo DeFappio.

$40,000,000 Event

$4000 Suit

$400 Trophy

$0.40 Screwdriver

There's subtle curves in a bat my friend ;)

I see upvotes, I upvote.

Pretty great in Wolf of Wall Street too

She looks so serious at first, working as a damn "Oscar-engraver", and when he makes his joke she lights up like a charming old nana

He says it so honestly though and has such a sincere reaction that I think it was a deadpan joke at best. He's just amazed someone has to engrave them on the spot, every year.

And afterwards a Leonardo DiNapio

I worked at a call center with my brother for a time right after high school, working the graveyard shift. We would crack each-other up with the ridiculous things we would say to customers, especially at the end of the call. My brother would always end calls with something so stupid like "Have a magical day!" in kind of a Seth MacFarlane voice that had us in stitches. Good times.

What's Eating Gilbert Grape. Hands down, best acting he's ever done.

It's what plants crave

And the actor is his son, Leo Jr.

And wake up Leonardo DeHappyo

My preciousssssss

He throws 40 pennies in someone's face and steals their screwdriver

We're still talking about money, right?

and poor Leo Jr trained so hard for it too

after announcing Leo Jr winning the oscar, They will run up on stage just as he gets to hold it, just to tell everyone that, "they read the wrong name on the card."


dude, what about the departed? or gangs of new york?

he should have won a long time ago...

Usually that's why the women dislike me.

Oh the Deniro angle, if he does it 30 years from now.

Fuck it's crazy to think how young Leo is and he's as much of a veteran as Hollywood has to offer.

This is true.

Source: Sitting in a call center right now and I've thought about stabbing myself three times while trying to type this sentence.

telemarketing.. you guys didn't have pens to write it down with? :D

god i swear ever since titanic came out i've fallen in love with him... and im as straight as a bat.

I'm glad he didn't just fade away when he got it, finally allowed his eternal rest, his mission on Earth complete.

One hit wonder

Yeah, he'll never top The Beach.

edit: I said The Beach cause people love it or hate it. Personally, I remember loving it.....17 years ago.

The Oscars are terrible at appreciating any role that has even a speck of humor in it. Which is absurd because pulling off great comedy in the middle of intense drama is even more impressive to me than just weeping and moaning all the way through a flick.

I would love to know

I love Gangs of New York but I wouldn't really call it one of Leo's best. It was mostly carried by an always great performance by Daniel Day Lewis and also dragged down by a horribly out of place Cameron Diaz.

That's a screw driver. An engraving tool engraves.


Honestly he should won for gilbert grape. Great acting and at such a young age too...i watched it for the first time a few years back and honestly took me a few minutes to realize it was him.

What about Blood Diamond?


Maybe not.

Maybe fuck yourself.


And have a Leonardo DeFrappio

Leo seems like he would be a dope friend. He's into hiphop like me, he's into yacht parties like me, he's into fucking models like me... if we get rid of his love for the environment, his moustache and the fact that I'm black, we could be brothers

I forgot Django, yeah, he was fantastic in that! Maybe better than "Catch me if you can" actually.

Don't spill it in your Leonardo DeLappio.

As if he is even capable of being unsmooth

Not saying it's his best, by Shutter Island is excellent and deserves more recognition than it gets.

I have mixed emotions. Part of me enjoyed the Leo-Oscar joke...

hes so fucking good in that movie

i mean matt damon and jack nicholson were good too but leo was next level

He'd probably get an Oscar for that.