LeBron James has the worst On-Off Net Rating of his career this season and the 2nd worst OnCourt Net Rating of his career.

LeBron James has the worst On-Off Net Rating of his career this season and the 2nd worst OnCourt Net Rating of his career. Season Age Tm Lg Pos G MP OnCourt +/- per 100 poss On-Off +/- per 100 poss 2003-04 19 CLE NBA SG 79 3122 -2.6 +2.2 2004-05 20 CLE NBA SF 80 3388 +2.1 +8.8 2005-06 21 CLE NBA SF 79 3361 +4.1 +10.4 2006-07 22 CLE NBA SF 78 3190 +6.2 +8.8 2007-08 23 CLE NBA SF 75 3027 +2.4 +10.9 2008-09 24 CLE NBA SF 81 3054 +15.0 +21.2 2009-10 25 CLE NBA SF 76 2966 +11.5 +16.8 2010-11 26 MIA NBA SF 79 3063 +10.6 +9.0 2011-12 27 MIA NBA SF 62 2326 +10.4 +14.0 2012-13 28 MIA NBA PF 76 2877 +13.2 +15.3 2013-14 29 MIA NBA PF 77 2902 +7.1 +6.8 2014-15 30 CLE NBA SF 69 2493 +10.8 +16.7 2015-16 31 CLE NBA SF 76 2709 +11.7 +16.5 2016-17 32 CLE NBA SF 74 2794 +8.4 +17.1 2017-18 33 CLE NBA PF 41 1510 +0.5 -1.2 Career NBA 1102 42782 +7.4 +11.8

Has anyone ever won the MVP award with his team only 0.5 pts per 100 possessions with him on the court?

Example #180 of why defense is extremely important.

Dudes having a really weird season for sure

0.5 On/Off, #7 in RPM, #463 in DRAPM, and #78 in RAPM. Will be interesting to see if he can step up the defense in the post-season, because he's been quite awful so far this season.

So no one's going to comment on the huge discrepancies between RAPM and RPM?

Fine. I will. I think Engelman has rigged RPM to give an answer that the fans want to see- ie, that the most popular players have similar ratings. The reality is better reflected by the Raw numbers and RAPM- That Curry is terrorizing the league, Harden is overrated and James is extremely overrated this year.

RAPM- Curry- 1st by a long ways.

Harden- 53rd.

James- 78th.

Raw On/Off- Curry is way ahead of Harden and obliterating James.

RPM- Top players ranked close to the same.

When Lebron's team is winning. He's the GOAT

When he's losing. His teammates are trash and he has no help. Lmaoo with that shit

You would think they would be better than 26-16 if that were true.


How has Harden shown you that TS% is flawed? It accounts for FTs, which he is great at (both drawing fouls and making FTs).

If you want something less flawed (as you put it), look at EFG %. Harden is 34th in the NBA. Considering shot volume, difficulty, and the amount the Harden isos, 34th is amazing.

The only guards ranked higher than Harden who also shoot high volume are Oladipo and Curry. Neither Curry or Oladipo attempt as many shots as Harden though, but they come close (within 4 FGA fewer per game). However, neither of them come close to as many iso possessions per game (9.1 for Harden, 2.3 for Oladipo, 1.4 for Curry).

This shows that Harden takes difficult shots on much higher volume than other high volume shooters, yet he is still highly efficient. TS% accounts for the iso possessions where he gets to the line, which is one of the most efficient things a good shooter can do.

Maybe after reading this, you might see some more value in TS%.

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