LeBron arguing with Bulls fan on the bench

LeBron arguing with Bulls fan on the bench

'I hope that ain't your girl next to you cuz she's filming me. Bum.'

Cold blooded.

Jae was just laughing his ass off, lmao.


How's a Chicago fan speaking ill of d-rose like that lol?

Cause he knows if it came down to it he and Bron could fuck up anyone in that arena.

In the end Bron said "'I hope that ain't your girl next to you cuz she's filming me. Bum.' then Jae couldn't stop laughing and the random "tough" dude was like "ah aight"


What kind of miserable, small-dicked insecure piece of trash do you have to be to goto a sports event and act like that? You're really delusional enough to think you're entitled to act like that because you bought a ticket?

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Edit: love guys trying to justify this behavior because it's "sports" or they do this worse at other events. Sorry, no. None of that is an excuse to act like human garbage.


GOOD. When a normal average person try to troll a billionaire and the best basketball player in the world and he reminds you that you are indeed ordinary and i'm LeBron James, then they get ticked off? I mean didn't those people know that as a fact before they tried to troll him? LMAO that's cute

wonder how many average joe's lebron could take on in a fight before its too much for him

The response that you know it's all over in the roasting sesh lol


I imagine it like that King of the Ring where Stone Cold Steve Austin goes 1v50 wrestlers

e/ - for those of you who are too young/old.

"ah aight"

Dude sounds so defeated he literally just accepted the insult

which one of you motherfuckers reads lips?

That comment ticked a lot of ppl off back in the day, how times have changed

LeBron with another "U bum"

He's saying that it's his girlfriend, but she's there to see Lebron, which is why she's filming him.

Basically saying Im a rich NBA player that could take your girlfriend at any time. At least thats how I interpret that.

Though times for a Bulls fan, they are lost currently. Lebron did not need to respond but its nice of him to do it.

How the hell did I think this was real as a kid

lol you think the guy behind the camera would have had the balls to tell lebron to stop crying in an average street ball game

Wow yall are soft as hell. His trash talk is not crossing any lines that you wouldnt see at the average street game.

I got no idea how you guys lip read like that. Nice.

Most Chicago fans I know hate DRose.

EDIT: Just cause you like him, doesn't mean everyone does.

people in Chicago hate Lebron more than anyone, IME.

I think it's because he's infringing on Jordan's GOAT status to a degree

Essentially, "the most exciting thing to happen to your girl is to see me from a distance."

Banter, maybe. Fun? Not so much. Hairline joke, stop crying etc. is just repeating age old shit. If you engage an NBA player, come up with something a tad more original.

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Because it was fucking awesome when we were 10.

Bulls tank is so good even the fans take Ls

The attitude era was peak wrestling

It's not his fault, the front office traded him. If I was a Bulls fan I'd just be nostalgic.

"Hey everybody! I got to talk to LeBron James!"

I thought the girl was the typical airhead,


"did he tell you to shut uuuuup?"

This is your typical coward that see sports stars as less human and can say anything they want because they know they can't react. That guy and his girl were a disgrace

I love LeBron's usage of the word bum.

you dont often get to see NBA players sitting in a full screen shot of other normal people. Im always blown away by the size of Lebron compared to normal people.


He always takes care of people in need lol.

Probably I'm in the minority on this but I'm about to step on my soapbox a little bit. For real this kind of thing irritates me so bad.

These dudes might be rich, they might be famous, they might play a game for a living, but they're still people. I don't understand why fans, opposing or otherwise, feel the need to be obnoxious, especially when they veer into cruel and personal territory.

Fans are consistently able to get away with way more than they should and players have a much shorter leash when it comes to verbal retaliation.

This one is more annoying than cruel, but still, some people need to just shut up.

EDIT: These guys have jokes! but honestly, I've heard too many fans be jerks to have a positive opinion on them. I'm glad my opinion is not actually unpopular

"Probably I'm in the minority"

States an opinion that literally everybody commenting in this thread share.

There were all those years the Bulls had a great team and kept losing to Lebron in the playoffs too.

"Can I stop you, though? You keep using the word "bum", and... it's awesome!"

Im not sure but I think he meant that your girl has her eyes on me and not you because Im LeBron motherfuckin James

Makes you realize how much shit the athletes have to dodge on a daily basis and media doesn’t help constantly blowing everything out of proportion which gives brainless fans motivation to act extra dumb.

I miss watching shit like this. It gets so intense and the announcers are just amazing lol

I liked it. It showed them that they are filled with hate towards someone that just plays a sport. They have real issues in their lives and they rather focus on hating on a sports player than to focus on their lives.

Uhh I’m from Chicago and I don’t know anybody who hates DRose

Dude Bron ended him in the end, burned him alive LMAO you should never try to troll someone like that because at the end of the day he's LeBron James and you are just someone ordinary. All he has to do is remind you that fact, and boom. Trying to troll someone like that is a lose-lose situation, it's stupid.

It's also a cowardly act, not him or anyone would come up to Bron in the streets and troll, but they do it seating in those court side seats knowing they are protected from physical harm. That's weak as fuck lmao

That's just not true, I know I could easily take on 6, maybe 7 toddlers.

No one go to jacksontysonjordanG6's neighborhood

I mean if NBA players gets fined as soon as they say one bad word to a fan how can it be allowed to sit and "harass" the players when they sit on the bench? How about the security just throw them out? Not just talking about this clip but in general.

Throw a cup at him and find out.

How can you guys hear this? I just cant

People gonna get offended by this I guarantee it.

Naw, I think you're trying to be offended here.

There's no real reason to hate a player like LBJ - completely uncontroversial off the court and in fact, an amazing human being as evident by the various social programs he's a part of like paying for kids tuition and starting a school.

The only reason to hate him is because you ain't him and you're jealous. His comment serves as a reminder to this hater that no matter what he says, he's going to wake up tomorrow in his same life, unhappy and envious of others to the point that they would talk shit to a stranger.

I imagine LBJJ or BMJ doing something absolutely shameful for the James family name and LeBron calls them bums and they just know they fucked up.

Not sure how this makes sense. Wouldn't the palace incident result in security not being lenient so things don't get out of hand?

I live in Chicago and it seems more casual NBA fans hate d rose while most die hard bulls fans are still down with him

I was actually at the game on Monday and most fans around me were just bummed he wasn't playing

He’s just a classic ‘I hate Bron cuz he surpassed Kobe’ Lakers fan...gotta try to shit on Lebron any chance possible.

Yeah I didn't hear a single word LeBron said and could barely understand a single word the Bulls fan said lmao

of course he's huge, he was engineered in a lab

that was my first thought, nice of lebron to respond to that dumbass

His trash talk is not crossing any lines that you wouldnt see at the average street game

trash talking someone you are playing with/against is very different as there's always the potential for repercussions (not necessarily confrontation but getting bested, ect.)

i thought it was true but also pretty stupid to say if he wanted to get less hate because it would be construed as being a huge dick.

regardless it's pretty funny

how can anyone even hear what Lebron's response was?

I still think it’s pretty awesome now ☹️

He did not address that at the average SAS fan and you know it

edit: important to note the comment was from the peak of LeBron hate and the "supervillan" heat

That's cuz you're wrong. Blaze pizza is fire.

Nah no one should. LeBron bitch slapped the Bulls and their fans for many years, it's hard to get offended by a victim.

"ah, aight"

If I was a NBA owner, I would hire a filthy insult comic to sit behind my team to defend my players on all games. When any idiot starts yapping, the insult comic would get up and yell the most vile shit and shut them the fuck up.


This, would love to see this.

1 Lebron sized horse because then I'm not actually fighting Lebron, lol.


Kids aren't people.

I mean, doesn't the implication that all ordinary people working regular jobs are total chumps work against someone whose fans are comprised mostly of ordinary people working regular jobs too? The statement just kinda makes LeBron seem like an elitist prick.

I don’t mean to sound stupid or anything but what does Lebron mean by that comeback? Is he calling the girl ugly? English is not my native language.

I’m glad he responded because the heckler was stupid, just enjoy the game man.

Oh!!! Okay! Thank you!

He started laughing when the guy brought up the hairline bit lol

I've noticed that too when I speak about LBJ in Chicago (I go there a lot for work). The salt levels there are still extremely high.

would you rather fight 1 lebron sized horse or 100 duck sized lebrons?

Lol if i was that close to him at a raptors game you better believe i would trash talk him too it aint nothing personal just part of the game

Look this is probably unpopular, but basketball is a good sport that I like to watch.

It's the, in public on a basketball court you know no matter what you say or do the NBA player will not touch you move.. It's the in real life version of a keyboard warrior.

No one around, 1 on 1 on a random street corner and a gaurentee no one will know if LeBron puts hands on him....101% he doesn't say a word.

Besides being super cringey in general, how fucking dumb is this guy? LeBron James is probably the most heckled player in the entire NBA or just sports in general, and he has had years and years to build up clever responses and refine his trash talk. Plus he's rich as fuck, he probably pays some dude to come up with clever comebacks for him.

That was the funniest video ive seen this month EASILY

Gary Vee talked about that. If the top 16 players in the NBA wanted to start their own league, they could. People would watch their league because if the top ranked player in your league is mid-tier, it isn't attractive.

Have you never been to a college anything game?

It was the absolute worst thing he could have said in that situation, morphing him from a loser to a sore loser in the eyes of the general public. I’m sure he regretted saying it immediately.

Lest we forget that Pistons fan who ran up on Artest like he was about to throw down then stopped in his tracks when he realized, “holy fuck 6’8 and 220 is alot bigger than I thought.” Also Jermaine O’Neal falcon punching another fan:


Because of Malice in the Palace. Security do warn fans but they are very lenient and you have to go way over the top in order to get thrown out of the arena

Thibs would have played Lebron 53 mins per night

Why is this so perfect

So 100% of you are delusional? Not saying it has or hasn’t happened but to act like it’s impossible is just foolish.

Thanks lol

Did you miss his return game back to Cleveland? They had to change all sorts of security measures because it was simply about fans hoping he lost basketball games right?

It’s because Lebron messed up going to Miami in free agency.

Rose/Wade/Lebron/Deng/Noah lineup would have destroyed the league.

And people like that get to have enough money to get seats like that. Life's not fair man

Here in New York City. Say that in any park in any part of the city. Youre going to sleep missing at least 1 tooth.