Leaving the past behind.

Leaving the past behind.
Leaving the past behind.

I'm doing the same... but with my student loans...

Let me know how that works out for you. I wish I knew how to summon the remindme bot

I know a guy who literally did this. He's in southeast Asia right now posting to instagram with 50 hashtags per photo acting like he didn't just leave behind a shitload of debt.

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Niggas cop one Off-White shirt and turn they back on the whole world smh. I want my $5 bruh.

leave this repost in the past too

it won't go well... so I pay...

It's like the assholes who put $50 into an altcoin three months ago and made ten bucks off of it without any clue what they were doing, then went on a social media spree changing all their bios to say inane shit about how they broke free from the grind and became an "investor."