Le Pen has promised Assange and Snowden citizenship or assylum.

Le Pen has promised Assange and Snowden citizenship or assylum.

Leak some stuff on the French Government to test it out

They did!

Assange released leaked documents showing the Le Pen does in fact smell like vanilla. He later remarked that it was "very pleasant."

Good. Our government has to act pissed or else they'll look weak, but snowden and Assange should both be rewarded for their balls and I'll be happy to see them free

WOW That would be epic

Looks like all of them except for Emmanuel Macron says they'd do it

Assange said Macron is basically a 39 year old Hillary

Why should our government have to act pissed? Snowden and Assange should be welcomed back into the US. If they're not in the Land of the Free, they're not really free.

EDIT: Snowden and Assange are FUCKING PATRIOTS, pursuing any avenue of having these men arrested is a fucking disgrace. Were it not for these people, we would have never known the extent to which the government is spying on us, and we would have never gotten that extra boost of voters to fight that cunt Hillary.

Wow!! Even more reason to pray she wins.

Obama supports Macron. That says it all about him.

Does Jean-Luc Mélenchon smell of sulphur too?

If Le Pen loses, I will never forgive the French. They'll be finished..

I want Le Pen to get over 50% the first round.

Now, now, we want Melechon to win the first round.... makes Le Pen's job much easier in the runoff. A much more winnable affair than facing, say, Macron.

They literally had a meeting. That guy who isn't president and who nobody knew about last year got to meet the last president of the most powerful country on earth because the media have already elected him. I want off this ride so much. Please.

First vote majority would be the greatest upset in the history of the French Fifth Republic, I personally hope it outdoes the election of the French Second Republic but that is just my pipe dream.

Pretty much the only 2 things i disagree with is punishing marijuana users and punishing Assange and Snowden. I'm glad to see i'm not by any means the only pede who thinks this because it's an absolute disgrace.

They are patriots, but stealing documents and fleeing the country isn't a good look, politically.

If Trump were to give either asylum, it would appear as a major conflict of interest or collusion.

This is a good solution.

Some brave patriot has called in a MOAB strike! God Emperor Trump lays waste to your opponent! That's 1,987,200 pounds of FREEDOM dropped so far! At this rate, ISIS will be WASWAS in 12,115.7574079 days!

Macron works for Rothschilds. If he actually gets in, France is done. It means they have total control and won't be letting go peacefully.

It is a very safe venture to politically sit in the middle of Paris, close your eyes, and hold your hands over your ears in 2017

It is a very risky venture to elect someone to politically sit in the middle of Paris, close their eyes, and hold their hands over their ears in 2017

Deo gratias! I knew Marion was a true believer.

The Mad Woman! I've never cared about a foreign election more than this one. Le Pen must win!

I wish I knew what the difference was but I am a millennial educated in an American public school. yay!

I will never forgive the French.

I will weep for them.

Nut up, son, everything worth having is worth fighting for.

And we have yet begun to fight.

Remember when they told us Trump had a 1% chance of winning?

If she doesn't win, Europe is lost. There is no other option. Load up a French VPN and get shitposting, its morning in Paris.

She's gonna drop a MOAB on her cucky opponents.

I can't approve of the Trump administration trying to vilify assange... much as I like the direction Trump is taking us this is the one thing I can't approve of #FreeAssange #FreeSnowden #VivaLePen HEAR US TRUMP... LIBERATE AND FREE ASSANGE!

You have to understand, this is only the 10th election they have had under of The Fifth Republic's constitution.

They've only managed seventy years without a constitutional do-over and that wasn't the current Republic, Charles de Gaulle (you probably heard of him from WWII?), at a May 19, 1958 press conference, a journalist expressed the concerns of some who feared that he would violate civil liberties if made President unconstitutionally, de Gaulle retorted vehemently: "Have I ever done that? On the contrary, I have re-established them when they had disappeared. Who honestly believes that, at age 67, I would start a career as a dictator?"

How did France get so fucked in 1958, 59 years ago?

France was still a colonial power, although conflict and revolt had begun the process of decolonization a section of the French Army rebelled and openly backed the "Algérie française" movement to defeat separation. The feeling was widespread that another débâcle like that of Indochina (Pre-American Vietnam) in 1954 was in the offing and that the government would order another precipitous pullout and sacrifice French honor to political expediency.

General Massu, who had gained prominence and authority when he ruthlessly suppressed Algerian militants, famously declared that unless General de Gaulle was returned to power, the French Army would openly revolt; General Massu and other senior generals covertly planned the takeover of Paris with 1,500 paratroopers preparing to take over airports with the support of French Air Force units. Armored units from Rambouillet prepared to roll into Paris.

On 24 May, French paratroopers from the Algerian corps landed on Corsica, taking the French island in a bloodless action called "Opération Corse". Operation Resurrection would be implemented if de Gaulle was not approved as leader by the French Parliament, if de Gaulle asked for military assistance to take power, or to thwart any organized attempt by the French Communist Party to seize power or stall de Gaulle's return.

Charles de Gaulle called on the nation to suspend the government and create a new constitutional system. On 29 May, French politicians agreed upon calling on de Gaulle to take over the government as prime minister.

De Gaulle set as conditions for his return that he be given wide emergency powers for six months and that a new constitution be proposed to the French people. On 1 June, de Gaulle became Prime Minister and was given emergency powers for six months by the National Assembly, fulfilling his desire for parliamentary legitimacy.

With Army support, de Gaulle's government terminated the Fourth Republic and drew up a new constitution proclaiming the French Fifth Republic in 1958.

France's current republican system of government, was established by Charles de Gaulle under the threat of the Army seizing the capital. That is the government Le Pen is running to be the President of, and so I'm saying I hope she cleans up the country from constitution downwards to the point I don't care if she is Empress by the end so long as the French People are again the sovereign owners of France alone.


Marion is the hottie blonde niece

I agree with you. Wouldn't it be amazing to have an honest government? It's so far removed from what we have now, it is like a fantasy and it shouldn't be. I don't trust my government. We have no control over these agencies that surveil us. There is no one watching the watchers. We need more patriots willing to stand up and expose the corruption. We are not free in America anymore. I'll believe we are when Assange and Snowden are free and Clapper and Comey are behind bars.

I fucking love MOAB bot!

I'm starting to think it might end up like Wilders. She won't lose, but she won't win. Still very influential

Well, the easiest explanation is to notice how I said "election" and not "elections" of the French Second Republic? There was no second election after the House of Bonaparte ruled France again.

A coup d'état, (technically a fun political instrument known as a self-coup) happened where the French leader, despite having come to power through legal means, dissolved the national legislature and unlawfully assumed extraordinary powers not granted under normal circumstances.

Louis Napoléon stated he "recognizes, confirms and guarantees the principles proclaimed in 1789" and he was 'persuaded' that democracy needed to be incarnated in a man, and the Constitution of 1851 was a return to the 'democratic' Caesarism of his uncle Napoléon Bonaparte. The regime was characterized by a strong personal power backed by genuine universal suffrage however; the French people remained "sovereign", and in this way the Second Empire was different from the earlier constitutional monarchies and First Republic.

However in practice, so much power was concentrated in the 2nd Republic's president's hands that when the Second Empire was proclaimed, the only substantive changes were the replacement of the word "president" with the word "emperor," and the provision that the emperor's post was hereditary.

I agree. This is the perfect resolution.

Meanwhile Jeff Sessions says arresting Assange is a top priority https://www.theguardian.com/media/2017/apr/21/arresting-julian-assange-is-a-priority-says-us-atto...

Without Assange Hillary would be president. It's fucked.

It's like Pompeo talking shit about Wikileaks even though he tweeted support years ago.

He's not in the position to say he likes Wikileaks because of his position in the government. He must now be loyal to the government.

(whether or not we like him, that's just how it is)

I'd say we should do it as well, but Assange is an enemy of the deep state and they'd barbell him.

The government can reform itself, though. If there's no reform, then Pompeo is a hypocrite for tweeting in favor of Wikileaks.

It must be 420.. I don't get it

If she doesn't win, Europe is lost.

Maybe, but hear me out. A lot of people here don't know ANYTHING about previous French elections, and are only familiar with the current one. The best presidential election the National Front ever had was in 2002 when they made it to the second round of voting for the first time... in which Jacques Chirac (conservative) got 82.2% of the vote, vs 17.8% for the National Front. Basically BTFO. Now Marine Le Pen is polling at about 30% for the first round, vs 17.9% in 2012, and also around 40% for the second round (no matter who she's against). I don't trust polls much either, and she very well could win and many voters are undecided, but what this does say is that even if she loses, the National Front's popularity has gone WAY up. This is the equivalent of the Libertarian Party or the Green Party in the USA going completely mainstream and beating the Democrats with the Republicans going on to win the election. So I guess my point is that even if she loses, she has established her party as a mainstream option. They'll eventually win (hopefully now), and then she'll fix the problems.

I sure as fuck hope she wins this time though.

Snowden went through the correct channels numerous times but was ignored and dismissed. Whistleblowers should be protected, not silenced. Edit- spelling


Fun fact: France has never had a woman President before. Kinda funny how it's sort of like French Trump vs French Hillary.

Oh please. If Hillary's CIA pick said this we'd all be blaming Hillary for appointing him. Put the shoe on the other foot and start calling them out instead of justifying it with excuses.

Yeah who cares right? It's just the constitution and our bill of rights. Silly Snowden.

We're bringing MOAB production jobs back! Gotta drop those MOABs before they expire. Plus they are cheap as fuck. Literally a big boom for your buck.

They will have a vote on April 23rd with all the candidates. If one does not get over 50% of the vote, there will be a runoff between the top two of the first round on May 7th. The expected outcome is Le Pen and Macron advancing through the first round and Macron winning the second. However, Le Pen has good odds to win the first round.


French Vanilla

Interesting. Really though, they're leaking US documents, granted they are doing a good deed but they are still leaking shit, and not to mention CNN etc. are bullshitting with half their shit about this situation.

I do wonder what they'd do if they leaked French documents though.

Why should the government be able to keep secrets from the people who elected them?

That family has had indirect control of our own economy for close to 99 years and we haven't fallen.

We almost did, but we memed a God Emperor in. The French will do the same or they will die. Same choice we had in 2016.

This is my first time back here in a couple weeks and I already like what I see

Wilders didn't win because he barely campaigned, dodged debates and was lacklustre even in those debates.

He is sometimes more like Bernie. A jewish career politician with socialist gimme gimme policies and never having had to produce a result in his life.

Unfortunately his party also didn't bring very good people into the chamber (although Bosma is very good) and one of the highest people in his party passed Dutch secrets to Mossad.

It also didn't help that despite being one of the biggest parties, their policies and website looked like a homework assignment, with a single page of plans, which are very unclear.

In comparison, even the party of animal welfare has a small book on the policies they'd like to enact. That goes for most Dutch parties.

I think Le Pen will do much better than Wilders and good luck to her.

Don't forget Hillary! Hillary needs to be behind bars and Chelsea needs to be behind a counter at Starbucks.

Yes!! That's fantastic news! I'm so pissed at our IC going after Assange. Utterly ridiculous. The info he AND Snowden released has been VITAL to opening the eyes of the public about the DS and their intentions to control every aspect of our lives, without cause or warrant, including our elections. A trial here in the U.S. would be a shitstorm of citizens marching against prosecuting either of them. The DS is just pissed they didn't get a chance to kill them like they did poor Seth Rich.


Thanks for that! They're very inspirational and are traditional Catholics who attend the Latin Mass. French traditional Catholics are so hip.

Assange said Macron is basically a 39 year old Hillary

do people around him commit suicide?

There have been so many historic improbable things, I dismiss nothing as impossible. May Kek will it and rock the establishment a third time.

You mean Malik's brother?

It's a clever way of saying that we need active politicians, not people who are going to ignore the revolution happening across the West.

If France doesn't leave the EU they are done. EU will eventually take over. ONLY Le Pen will Frexit, none of the other cucks will, they'll just continue appeasement until they collapse, might take longer than expected, but it's inevitable without Le Pen/Frexit.

Don't worry. I've never smoked in my life and I don't quite get it either.

If Islamists weren't inbred goatfuckers with sub 80 IQs they'd be intelligent to know not to blow up stuff right before an election... But their goldfish-level intelligence allows them to think of the 72 virgins (goats) that they'll be getting (not really) instead of planning long term. Still you don't have to be a genius to outbreed a population and take over, just look at cockroaches.. These are dangerous times for Europe, DEUS VULT!

Holy Shit.

Thank you! So, if i understand, you're saying you hope she cleans house with such vigor that the course of the French government is significantly altered to favor the people for quite some time. I can get behind that :)

Farage, Trump and the goatfuckers who can't stop killing people have greatly accelerated that timeline.

If Le Pen loses, I will never forgive the French. They'll be finished..

So basically, the same way the Georgia special election went this week.

Damn, Le Pen might become more based than The Donald.

ALL Government institutions will eventually be hijacked by power-hungry bureaucrats. The founders understood this and separated power among the branch and the states. The EU parliament has NO checks and balances, other than a lack of an army (for now). Furthermore, EU has much more different cultures than the 13 colonies ever did. A centralized EU government will ALWAYS be destined for failure. The only possible "EU" is a federal system, with a federal government of very limited enumerated powers agreed upon unanimously beforehand and not increasing without a supermajority agreeing to afterhand, and all remaining powers reserved to the member states, and the rest to the People... Hmm kind of sounds like the U.S. Constitution, not the failed EU


Holy fuck did le pen just become better than Trump?

I am 110% certain that Soros and gang are doing everything possible to fix the election. Somebody tell me what's being done about this

Well then here's a good question for President Trump if anyone finds an opportunity to ask it:

"If the U.S. government will pursue charges against leakers of sensitive information, will you and the DoJ clean up the channels by which 'whistleblowers' may present wrong-doing to government officials, by government officials?"

That's about the best route we have -- draining the swamp so that wrongdoing will not be ignored.

I have faith that President Trump would be interested, unfortunately the departments that handle such "whistleblowing" are doing the misconduct.

Here, this guys sums it up.

Assange leaked nothing. He reported on leaks which is perfectly legal, I hope T_D does not go all shitlib hypocrite and turn on Assange or starts to make excuses for turning on him, instead we need to signal to Trump this shit is not ok.

How does the French voting system work?

Me too. I actually watched the last French Presidential debate. I didn't even watch US Presidential debates before this last election lol

wilders wasn't going to win cause unless he got 51% of the vote, all the other parties were going to make a coalition against him, and that works in their system. La Pen i think will win the actual vote, just cause she's not putting anything as radical as wilders was(who was, in fact, calling for the burning of every koran in his country, which is wrong as much as we despise the religion's teachings cause then they can't educate themselves on how bad it is)

I sincerely doubt that would happen. In fact, has there been any Presidential election in recent history where a second round wasn't needed?

then Europe is lost.

It's treason then

I am also incredibly anxiety ridden about Google and Facebook. They have our entire lives on file. I say this as I type on my android phone while I picture every keystroke captured and my name on a list somewhere. No tinfoil hat - I'm legit wigged out by the gravity of this.

Over 12,000 days. Fuck me, that's depressing MOAB bot.

This is the one HUGE issue for me that I wish Trump would take a different stance on. With Hillary it would have been SO MUCH worse, but that doesn't mean we should't be challenging Trump to reconsider his stance here.

Sneak out in a burka. Will blend right in with London nowadays.

Journalism isn't a crime.

None in the Fifth Republic, until now.

Pompeo just said that Snowden should be executed.

We need to meme it to him.

1940-2017 back-to-back surrendering champs if we fuck this up


That doesn't stop him from being a patriot. He's sacrificed his freedom so that we can be knowledgeable about our backstabbing government.

It's even easier to do so in France because there's one centrally run election, instead of like America where election day has 51 federally run elections.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the warrant is for the phony rape charge, isn't it? They can choose to not go after him and Trump can pardon him. At this point, we all know why Assange is a hero. He didn't hurt government -- he helped it by revealing the corruption that was festering in the Obama administration. Why can't Trump's administration praise that?

That YOU KNOW OF. It's clear that she had access to classified information AFTER her tenure at the State Department, and she was a private citizen without a Security Clearance.

Yeah, ditto, only, just a couple of hours.


Thomas Drake used channels.

Bill Binney used channels.

Fuck, Snowden says he repeatedly attempted to use channels, was threatened, told to shut up, retaliated against.

The "IC" has a serious case of Deep State Swamp Rot, and habitually violates the constitution. Those "patriotic" insiders need to start leaking or be regarded as traitors.

Journalists report on leaks given by their sources all the time, where does it end? At least Assange reports 100% factual information.

Perhaps the old President wanted all the emigration? Same as Angela "Bloody Hands" Merkel (Germany)? Screw them.. The moment Obama went and threatened the UK, I knew BREXIT was the right thing. It was embarrassing to tell our Allies to go to the back of the Queue (Line), who is he? On National TV threatening our Allies. Obviously his influence in the Election did not work, and the UK decided to BREXIT. I Love You Cousins

Do you actually believe they would have been given a fair trial? Really? They would have been killed before they ever stepped foot in a courtroom.

Le pen has had Kek magic since last July. Much different than Geert. Le Pen is part of the timeline established during the Great escalator divider.

So this is the real life "I am the Senate", from how I'm reading into it

Chaffetz was leveraged I suspect. He also pissed all over the area Party not too many years ago. All of his investigations were all bark no bite. I wish that wasn't the case but I'd rather have a patriot stand up to replace him. Someone not making deals just so they get on important committees like Chaffetz did.

As for Sessions you're right. He shouldn't have recused himself, however, I think that was more a problem with being a little bit too much "above board". He is a moral man who wants to make sure there is no possible way any investigation into Russia or HRC is somehow weakened by him being involved.

The witch hunt against Assange needs to end. It's incredibly hypocritical to praise him one second and try to arrest him the next. Doesn't look good and whistleblowers NEED to know they have a safe haven.

To my knowledge, there have been no deaths as a result of the Snowden leaks.

We're just getting started. That number will diminish significantly in the next few weeks, dont you worry.

Assange is Australian, cunt. We want him back.

Fun Fact: Macron's wife's age is closer to Hillary's than his

Oh ok, thanks! It makes sense now :)

Hope Obama jinxes it, just as he did for Brexit.

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