LCK vs. EU LCS / All-Star Los Angeles 2017 - Group A / Post-Match Discussion

LCK vs. EU LCS / All-Star Los Angeles 2017 - Group A / Post-Match DiscussionALL-STAR 2017

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LCK All-Stars 1-0 EU LCS All-Stars

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Winner: LCK All-Stars in 28m Match History

Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B LCK thresh orianna gnar sejuani azir 60.4k 18 11 I1 H2 M3 B4 M5 EULCS ezreal ornn zoe taliyah ryze 43.6k 8 2 None LCK 18-8-43 vs 8-18-14 EULCS CuVee jayce 1 2-5-7 TOP 2-6-4 2 maokai sOAZ Ambition jarvan iv 2 2-1-14 JNG 2-5-1 3 khazix Jankos Faker malzahar 3 7-0-4 MID 2-2-1 1 xerath PowerOfEvil PraY jhin 2 5-1-7 ADC 2-1-4 1 miss fortune Rekkles GorillA tahmkench 3 2-1-11 SUP 0-4-4 4 blitzcrank IgNar

This thread was created by the Post-Match Team.

That was the fastest transformation from EU midlaner to NA midlaner I've ever seen

If SKT Faker is good, imagine KR Faker

POE showing his NA loyalty: pays homage to the BDC by picking Xerath against the master of dodging skillshots.

Faker having 200 cs at 16 minutes was pretty insane, also Pray is an absolute god with those Jhin ulti snipes

Faker 300+ CS and 6 kills at 25 minutes in a bloody game how the fuck is that possible?

That's what happens when you give Faker a team

Faker's vengeance tour has begun.

The disappointment from Deficio about minion dematerializer was fantastic.

Tahm Kench leaves such a bad taste in my mouth. Such an anti-fun champ :/.

I'm sure you leave a bad taste in his mouth too.

I wish PerkZ was there instead

Did he just gain NA residency status by this? He did that really good

Individually this must be the best team ever to play together, right?

They is so weird how not a single player from the best eu team is there.

Paul "Fuck this dog champ." Boyer

why was POE getting beaten so hard as xerath vs malz ? I've never seen a xerath be so invisible in a game.


Damn, SSG wins worlds and still Cuvee and Ambition get no respect.






The current all star kr team is hella good though

Gave me flashbacks of Qtpie's Xerath game vs Faker. Why would you pick a champion with all skillshots against the player who is renowned for being the best at dodging skillshots?

imo Smeb & Score are better individually than Cuvee & Ambition

That was so unfair, EU had to play with a NA player ...

Both true, but qtpie infamously picked Xerath against Faker and got a harsh lesson in Faker's ability to dodge skillshots. That was the first thing I thought of in the pick/ban phase.

I'm sure losing worlds to 3 Malz picks PLUS Malz preseason dominance influenced Faker's choice.

Basically, Faker is so good he manipulated space and time just to fight the power of evil.

who said they get no respect?Just cause they aren't as good as Smeb and Score doesn't mean they got no respect,they are easily still top 2 in their roles but as good as Smeb and Score?yeah idk about that....

Everyone mainly complain about Zoe now, meanwhile we get annual reminder that Tahm Kench sits in his own, separate cancer league.

One word:


BR vs NA: NA gets interviewed after the game

EU vs KR: NA gets interviewed after the game


other than win worlds 3 times in a row

edit: sry not in a row, 3 times total, two in a row

Imo Ignar was better than Mithy/Jesiz/Chei in summer and at worlds

Typical faker getting 200 cs in 16 mins

'poe letting eu down one last time' - twitch chat lol

Some people like to take these kinds of challenges cuz it’s not like he’s got a lot to lose anyway...

In top news today: Korea is still good at league of legends

Clearly you haven't seen my boy imaqtpie. He INVENTED shitting the bed as Xerath against Faker.

lol Deficio sounded like a Bronze support main:

"C'mon guys can we PLEASE do objectives?"

He actually hit a lot of Ws and Qs on Faker, Malz is just broken

Pray the korean sniper wtf

besides jankos choking so hard, why was POE getting beaten so hard as xerath vs malz ? I've never seen a xerath be so invisible in a game.

I see worlds set something loose in Faker

Just malzahar things tbh u dont need to stay in the lane to farm the wave. The windows of time to roam are bigger than on most other champs and u can clear jgl camps quite easily. Plus he was beyond busted on that patch. Combined with one of if not the best player and everything is possible.

Shout out to the casters who are hilarious in these games

Absolutely nasty, and Ambition dunked Jankos from the very first minute.

"must...flame horizon...enemy mid 15 minutes"

-S8 Faker

Gorilla's favorite movie is Eat Pray Love

EU game plan: We’re gonna be doing one thing and one thing only. Killing Cuvee

PoE wasn't even in the game, was he?

Faker with the casual 200 cs at 15 minutes.

I think this korean team would be better than every existing team, Samsung and skt included, if It actually existed

The Deficio and CaptainFlowers combo is so good


between SoaZ and Cuvee

This mans picked a skillshot champ against Faker.

I think when Faker dodging 10 of POEs abilities in a row and never lost his Malz shield while hitting tier two tower bot lane sums this up.

"Faker doesn't even know your name" yeah that pretty much sums things up

Ahh this is what it would be like if SKT had a good team around Faker

my solo q games

Jankos got fucking destroyed holy....

*but not in a row

SoAz and Rekkles were the only ones who looked remotely good.

IgNar had some nice hooks but he got cockblocked by kench so hard.

Soaz tho

Faker still triggered about losing to Crown's Malzahar lol

"If I am gonna have to get destroyed by this insane difficulty mode might as well do whatever the fuck I want"

Damn, Faker has amazing CS! I also love watching the casters having fun these all star games.

The best part of that video is Lisha talking shit to Qtpie asking why he's playing beneath his turret like a bitch after talking so much smack.

It wasn't even about that, PoE did fine that game. EU just wanted to pick champs that can use Comet/Poke (MF,Xerath,Jhin) due to Runes Reforged, they (PoE,Rekkles,Jankos) played that even onstream before AllStars practicing for this event.

PoE hit lots of skillshots against Faker if u watched the game, he didn't have a bad moment besides getting hit by PraY ult.

Just KR denied them the Jhin and went cockblock with Tahm

Edit: Oh and J4 to dive the squishy poke champs + The lastpick Blitz didn't make any sense

As the guy in the microphone said, this is a damn super korean team, its too funny to see faker side by side with ambition lol

Specially with Pray and Gorilla, this team was really awesome, I wish we could see those 5 guys together in a real match...

How is that relevant to his point ?

that was so unfair, eu was making our na player look bad

Real question is, can this LCK all-star team win worlds?

Holy monkey balls that blitzcrank skin is completely ruined by the default walking animation. THE THING DOESN'T EVEN HAVE LEGS why does it move like it does.

The pick itself is trash.

Like, wtf do you want to do as Kha'zix in that game?

You can't dive in because you eat a Malzahar ult, you can't assassinate anyone because Kench.

Not to mention there was no pressure in midlane. PoE got dicked hard. I know it's Faker, but you should not lose lane as Xerath against Malzahar that hard.

edit: linked a gif

You mean imagine if Faker joined LZ?

More like Paul "idgaf no respect" Boyer

Faker is God.

you're not giving enough credit to SSG

I salute you

In terms of individual players I'd give an advantage to score and smeb. But imo ambition and cuvee play better in a team setting

If you dont know wtf you are doing, how can faker know wtf you are doing?

Faker showing Po$ who's boss by ALMOST flame horizoning him.

Yeah the issue with Chei is that he had to play with Nuclear so it's hard to judge his summer.

KR Strats

Have your top feed so you can take his farm

Soaz and his 4 friends

faker smiling, i'm happy

EU perkz > NA Pow€r of €vil

Well, as Ruler might tell you, it is possible to hit Faker with a skillshot, just very difficult.

This joke works on multiple levels, well done my friend.

Yeah, wonder why people were excited about him joining G2, where we can clearly see after 1 game of allstar against arguably a team of the best players in each role in the world that he sucks. /s

Ornn waves his hammer in silence

Deficio and Flowers have a great rapport and chemistry. I love it.

He at least did fine... jankos got absolutely demolished... worrying trend for G2

He also took a lot of toplane farm when cuvee was dead

? Smeb has won champions, lol.

Fuck Tahm Kench too

*cries at current SKT roster

picking blitz last pick after you saw the TK, isnt a good idea

smeb is better than cuvee, but ambition really is underrated. he's the best jungler right now.

lmao are u serious?

POE showing his NA loyalty by paying homage to the BDC.

The whole damn point of the champ is to deny plays. At a fun event. FUCK THAT CHAMP

EDIT: its not EU salt, its more Riot salt. Obviously teams pick competitive since the event is supposed to be more competitive. I liked the fun modes with mixed teams much more.

Its why janna was allowed to be op for so long. Its easiest to notice op damage.

And a KR double agent...

No shame in being a close second.