Law of the Traditional American Breakfast

Law of the Traditional American Breakfast

Dude therapy is trippy. You can go in feeling normal, have a total meltdown, and then feel like your life is perfectly back on track after an emotional roller coaster, all in one hour.

This is pretty much every session for me. I usually start crying about 5 minutes in and then leave thinking I can change the world.

That's what therapists are for, right? Gaining life skills?

That’s how you know you have a good therapist. They may have you face some heavy shit about yourself or your life, but you leave feeling hopeful about the future.

money well fucking spent

I learned that I'm actually possibly a bit of a jerk from therapy recently (I have an extremely dirty sense of humor but figured that it was okay since I would never actually put anyone down or do anything like that). It aint though. Or at least I really really need to make sure that everyone who I say that stuff to is 100% cool with that. Didn't know that before. Just went there to deal with my other issues. Ironically lack of friends being one of them.

therapy helps.

$100 an hour to be regularly reminded you're an adult with freedom to choose? I'll take that money.

I hereby give you permission to eat whatever you want at any time of day!


Hang on: PB&J isn't a common breakfast? I thought it would be like toast with any other spread, except with PB&J.

*Disclaimer: I am not American, and PB&J is not traditional where I am

Anyone can tell me that all the rules my brain makes up are nonsense and that I'm an adult who can do whatever I damn well please, but it takes a psychologist with years of education, study and experience to actually convince me of this, despite me already knowing it on an intellectual level.

Self-awareness is the first step.

Therapists help you level up your "Adult" stats.

I hate eating early in the morning too, and so many breakfast foods are like purposefully revolting. Slimy oatmeal, gooey eggs, etc. When I moved to Japan I discovered eating rice and miso soup for breakfast and it's changed everything. It's filling, more or less healthy and has a certain savory dignity that doesn't offend my stomach.

"PB&J" generally implies a sandwich, not toast. It's considered a "lunch food" by most people. It can be served on toast, of course, in which case it's suddenly "breakfast food." Food categorization by meal time is weird to me. I'm perfectly happy to eat pizza for breakfast or cereal for dinner. Whatever, I do what I want!

To knowing you might be a bit of a jerk sometimes. I'm sorry if that came off as aggressive-- I promise it was genuine. I started going to therapy for anxiety/depression and was kind of startled at realizing how selfish being depressed can make someone. It really helped me try and not take it out on others, or at least have a reason to put in more effort for others' sakes.

It took working night shift for two years to break me.

Why the hell can’t I have a burger and fries at 8:30AM? I’ve been up since 8pm last night. And I just got off work. Thank you IHOP for serving your full menu all the time. (And also being the closest restaurant to work)

I just woke up? I’m having the pork chops and mashed potatoes that the rest of my family ate at their supper.

I am no longer bound by society’s rules of when certain foods should be eaten!

I can wake up and eat anything I want without feeling weird about it.

You guys sound like you’re describing a mushroom trip

I always came out feeling worse from mine. Like I would bawl my eyes out and come out drained and sad after pulling up all those thoughts. I dreaded going and stopped after 6 sessions

I usually go in, bring up a problem, and start brainstorming solutions. I finally settle on one and the therapist is like yup that sounds perfectly reasonable you should do that. That little bit of affirmation and being able to talk through problems in a nonjudgemental setting makes a difference.

Therapy changed my life

You’re getting downvotes because this completely contradicts what you said you learned in therapy. You said you went there because you have no friends and found out you can kind of be aggressively off putting. Then you turn around and say that people like you, except in social situations (which means people don’t like you). Your neighbours are polite because they’re trying to keep good relations. Not making dirty jokes isn’t walking on eggshells, it’s just being aware of what’s appropriate in the context of the situation. You can make dirty jokes with friends, but it sounds like you don’t have any so you’re just putting everyone off.

It gets worse before it gets better. I wasn't okay my first sessions either, though she always made sure to 'bring me back' at the end of our sessions and make sure I was okay. I would still cry on the car ride home, though.

If you had a lot go on in your life it won't be getting fixed in 6 sessions. You're still getting the trauma/poison out and learning how to live with it, and it's not a fun process. If you think something is wrong with your therapist than by all means get a new one, but also recognize you might be avoiding just feeling your feelings. Find a nicer therapist and try again, okay?

Anyone can tell me that all the rules my brain makes up are nonsense and that I'm an adult who can do whatever I damn well please, but it takes a psychologist with years of education, study and experience to actually convince me of this, despite me already knowing it on an intellectual level.

There's a reason it's a 5 year education. There's a reason it's $100 an hour.

This, this, this. I feel that it will be a life long battle that I have permission to value myself in any way, do what's best for me, trust my own judgement etc.... Some people's early experiences mean that things like that are not a given. They are skills that take years of therapy and practice to exercise.

It was like that for me with my first therapist. I stopped after 5 sessions. Now I'm seeing a new one and it's been great. Maybe you can find another one and try again?

Mushrooms are alot cheaper too

“a certain savory dignity”

In programming there is a technique called Rubber Duck Debugging. I think you can save some money by using something similar instead of going to a therapist.

Hey, Cadumpadump, just a quick heads-up: alot is actually spelled a lot. You can remember it by it is one lot, 'a lot'. Have a nice day!

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You've ascended.

ah okay. my bad. yeah, you can lose tone pretty easily on the web. I've had similiar shit. yesterday I went and ate a shitload of mcdonalds and justified it as "well at least it wasn't drugs/booze" which is true, but still. Not a great thing to do. I recognize when I'm being an asshole, but it can really consume you and change who you are. a lot of angry people in the world I think start out as depressed and it just consumes them. Good luck on your battle (I hope you get what you need).

Im thinking of becoming a therapist now. Heck I’d even feed my patients peanut butter and jelly sandwiches if that would give me a hundred bucks an hour.

Well apparently that's what it took for this person to eat whatever they want that early in the morning.

Money well spent if that's the case

People shit on therapy so much, but it's legitimately saved lives and gotten thousands of people back on track. After a session I feel so much lighter.

Sometimes all you need is someone to listen to you while helping guide your jumbled thoughts toward your own logical conclusions. Everything is there in your head, you just need someone to help you unpack it and guide you to the goal.

The thing is, if what you are doing is exceptionally offputting, you need to change if your goal is acceptance.

I'm naturally a fat, loud, opinionated, arrogant motherfucker. That's who I am. However, if I want make friends and be accepted, I need to keep that in check. That means that I've learned not to offer my opinion unless it's asked for until I get a feel for the people I'm with. That really helps curb the loud and arrogant aspects of me. The fat is a work in progress and honestly if someone can't stand me in a social setting over what I look like, that's on them because it really has no effect on them. (Obviously I would not make a good friend to someone who has a number one hobby of going to the gym, but that doesn't mean we can't be cordial in class or with mutual friends.)

Learning to reign in the less desireable aspects of me has made me much more likeable and its made me like myself more, too, because I don't feel constantly rejected.

Am a therapist. I can guarantee that most of that is going back to the insurance company.

No u

There's a reason it's $100 an hour.

Yeah, a fucked up healthcare system.

When I went to Vietnam I had noodles for breakfast and it was amazing!

You should probably try and re-examine your beliefs on that Therapists use just as much empirical data as any other science

That was the only one that was free for me and I’m broke. I just didn’t like it. She was a really nice person but it didn’t help and I’m doing better than I was.

One of the hardest lessons for people to learn is when they're the bully - or, distilled, that a message and communication as a whole is only as valuable as what the listener receives. If we're failing to communicate our point and harm others by accident in the doing, generally there's a failure of communication on our part.

I just skip breakfast, it's simple really

I think some of you are cooking eggs wrong. I'm seeing adjectives in this thread about them that just don't make sense

Some people don't believe in therapy just like some people don't believe in vaccination.

They are typically judgey narrcisistic dipshits who think they are better than others and need to feed their ego by preying on weak people.

School literally is a social situation. That’s where people learn to interact with each other for 12 years.

But I mean, you can keep telling yourself that other people are too sensitive or you just want to “be yourself” or you’re too busy. Whatever helps you sleep at night. But know that at the end of the day, you don’t have friends because you’re an asshole and refuse to change it.

I used to be my friends rubber duck. We were both engineering students but he understood everything on a much higher level than I did. He would try to explain his problems with something out to me and I just stood there and nodded along. Eventually he would talk his way to a solution

It's Pokemon Day Care for those of us who are unable to grind.

As an someone from asian origins it's something I don't get. In Asia breakfast are full meal, meat, rice, noodles you call it, and it really boost your day up. So when I webt to China with High School's classmates they had a hard time adapting to the mornibg meal while I was just sitting enjoying my noodles

Natto is not a food.

It's a weapon.

Just a quick tip for everybody: Spaghetti Carbonara is just breakfast spaghetti.



This is what I do. I hate breakfast foods of just about any kind, and eggs make me feel like something died in my intestines and we must now remove it and have cramps too because why TF not.

Anyway, a nice hearty breakfast of like quinoa and beans and avacado really beats scrambled eggs aby morning.

Thats why I love my therapist. She even gave me her cell number so I can text her "I am panicking about my mom" "why?" "she is sick again and I feel like I'm going to lose her before I make up for being such a little piece of shit I was" "call your mom, take your meds, then a bath, then go to bed and put on Dr Who. We'll talk about you being a piece of shit on Tues."

How come PB&J is a lunch food ? It's basically a sugar sandwich ? That should be a breakfast or late afternoon food if anything

Pho is the ultimate breakfast food

As a therapist I can confirm this is true. While i do have tricks and tips and tools to help people manage with things like mindfulness and CBT recordings and journaling techniques, a lot of the time just the talking is cathartic enough and people tend to have their own moments of enlightenment just from hearing themselves explain their situation out loud.

I haven’t worked 3rd shift in two years. But the habit still sticks. I now work second shift. I had dinner at 8pm and supper at 1am.

See, I'm having the opposite problem. I know damn well I'm an adult who can make whatever decisions they want, but some decisions are better for me than others. I have a very hard time with self-discipline. I tell myself "okay, i'm going to reward myself with X once I accomplish Y" and then my brain is all "yeah you could do that OR fuck Y because it sucks and you hate it and you can have X right now anyway"

There's still things you can get out of therapy even if you have better reasoning skills than someone dealing with anxiety alone might. Learning how to cope with problems better isn't reserved for any one neurotype.

Did you talk to her about it? Therapy can be very difficult initially bc most people repress those feeling and when finally confronted with them experience a lot of hardship reconciling the feelings when they're done with the session. Maybe you could go back and explain that you need some sort of relaxation before the end of session or you would rather take it in a longer stride. Also don't be afraid to call and ask the office for a recommendation on another therapist that is free or for community resources. You never know what types of program are available

I was delighted when I discovered whilst backpacking that in Asia, noodles are considered a perfectly good breakfast food. My first morning in Indonesia I sat down to a delicious mie goreng, and didn’t look back.

Edit: apparently someone isn’t a fan of noodles for breakfast 😂

I’ll look into it :) thanks for your kind words

Fuck it I'm making an appointment.

My boyfriend LOVES “night cereal”, as he calls it, it’s one of his go-to comfort foods.

It’s not really that sugary if you use a small amount of jam and real peanut butter. If you use a giant glob of jam and skippy or something else that does have sugar added, then yeah, it’s very sweet.

Peanut butter and jelly :)

Um, care to elaborate on that?

I might have to try this at some point. Thanks!

How the fuck is that supposed to help me remember? That's not even a mnemonic device!

My parents used to always get at me because I didn't like breakfast foods and would ask for lunch or dinner foods in the morning. They'd say it wasn't normal and that "most people" don't do that.

Yeah she always made sure I didn’t leave the room sobbing and was calm and she always gave me advice on what I could do when I got home to feel better. She always asked me what I was going to do that evening after the session. I really will look into it this thread has really helped thanks

Left over spaghetti is my absolute fav breakfast food.

If you think psychology is based on 'subjective' or qualitative data you must not know very much about psychological research, which makes me wonder why you write with such confidence. Not much better then the guy claiming psychology is 'fake'.

You must be pretty insecure about your intelligence...

How do you bring up purposefully revolting breakfast foods and not mention natto?

It can be served on toast, of course, in which case it's suddenly "breakfast food."

To follow on, is PB&J on toast a common breakfast food?

I think I need to choose a new career path.