Lauri Markkanen has a five games streak .500 or more from behind three point line

Lauri Markkanen has a five games streak .500 or more from behind three point line

So, I made a bit research from basketball reference, just out of curiosity.

Turns out that not even Stephen Curry himself hasn't for a long time pulled out five games in a row with .500 or higher percent from deep - I chose him, because he must be the most known 3pt God for big public. Not in two years (27th Nov. - 6th Dec 2015, he did six games in a row, that was the last time - he made 38 out of 65 whoppy doo).

Lauri is now in streak of five games from deep with .500 or higher success rate, and my cut for both is ofc at least 5 attempts on every game (not that it would change this, if I'd lower it, I checked that too from basketballreference game logs). Lauri has shot 21 out of 38 in last five games.

Well, of course I realize the volume is not quite as high, but it's still relatively high for Lauri too. Nothing big, just another little thing that makes me appreciate how special this kid might be one day. You are welcome to double check this, but I think I got it right.

Even earlier in the year when Lauri's 3pt% was like 35 it felt more like 45 because of the difficulty level of the shots he took, now the number's becoming closer to what it should be

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He takes less rushed shots and still the volume hasn't dropped on attempts. Efficiency is in steep rise, though. Not bad sign. Maybe his tough schedule and rookie wall had something to do with the slump he had - his form broke down a bit at least in my eyes.

Of course the reality also is, in all fairness to add, Curry is so known for his skills, he is more heavily guarded. And 10+ attempts average on his six game streak two years ago is more than 7+ attempts by Lauri in his current streak, but I mean, for a rookie, it's kind a big deal IMO. If he can pull this out when he starts to draw more attention on him like Curry draws, it's kind of super neat.

(Another slightly interesting thing is Lauri is at the moment averaging only one 3PA less per game than Curry in his career, as 6.6 for Lauri, and 7.7 attempts for Curry.)

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And of course the n.1 thing is he builds up this consistency. If that slump in November was more because of rookie wall as I believe it was, then these streaks are just fun to spot out there, as he increases his season percents in the future over the magic .400 - Then It's getting really hard to defend a tall guy with fast and high release point.