Latest 23mb update from like 20mins ago messed up my game.

Latest 23mb update from like 20mins ago messed up my game.

I literally just downloaded it, and now my game crashes even before it launches. it keeps saying PC needs .Net framework 3.5, and i've had this download for years. WTF bluehole

Same here. My pubg just crashes when it opens. I hope someone replies with a fix

Crashing at startup here too, no mention of .NET though (I have it installed and fully updated...)

Looks like they randomly decided to enable SSSE3 instructions in their build? Since that's what's missing from Phenoms, but available on anything newer.

EDIT: looking at the reports in here and on the forums, all the CPUs mentioned that exhibit the issue lack SSE4.2. Some CPUs supporting SSSE3 also show the issue, which points to SSE4.2 instructions being the culprit. Still speculation, of course.

Mine just crashes at launch like yours. We need a fix people.

Will someone just answer /u/junofly question already? :D

Same here, bummer :(

I'm just trying to confirm whether we have similar CPU :(

Mine as well, tried reinstalling and it does not work

I am having the same issue. Needs to be fixed ASAP!!

Same here and that was 15 mins ago. Also tried every other fix out there and nothing. Has to be something messed up in their update code.

Count me in as one of the affected. Thanks, Bluehole!

Working fine so far for me