Late 1970s, foot love between Princess Leia and Luke

Late 1970s, foot love between Princess Leia and Luke

Luke has a foot fetish and she is messing with him in public.

Perfect boner cover up position.

ah yes, a jedi's weapon...

Directed by Quentin Tarantino

"Can you put your feet behind your ears? "No, but I can put them behind yours!"

You try getting your face caressed by a 19-year-old Carrie Fisher's feet and see if you don't come away from it with a little thing for feet.

Mark Hamill looks down.

"A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one."

Much like your father's...

Feet people are thanking OP right now

I love how comfortable they are with each other and how happy they seem, but I personally would be a bit freaked out to have someone's feet in my face like that. But what a great picture, thanks for posting!

I'm living in Japan, where Star Wars isn't quite the cultural juggernaut it is in the west. Just watched a New Hope with the gf, who knows absolutely nothing (I do mean nothing) about it. At the end of the movie I asked her "Who do you think the Princess is going to end up with?" to which she replied "The young one of course!" I'm not even a huge SW nerd but there next two movies are gonna be sweet...

I'm not convinced the next photo isn't her snapping his neck with her feet.

You think we've never seen this picture before? We've seen it. We've seen all the pictures. Yes, all of them.

Try spinning, that's a neat trick!


It's because they done it.

Surprisingly, probably not. Carrie was very (some would say too) open about what she was doing with her life at that point. Her book details her coke addiction and her affair with married Harrison Ford, but as far as I know, doesn't say anything about Hamill. Mark was also married at the time, and when asked about Harrison and Carrie he said something along the lines of "I was having too much fun making the movie and doing my job to notice." Sounds like either genuine obliviousness or politely declining to add to the gossip.

Edit: found some article that talks about Carrie "wishing" that it was Mark she fell for, but nothing happened.

Wow....Not what I expected. I don't really know what I expected though.

The sale of kleenex went up when this pic was oosted.

I think if he could find a giant pussyfoot, he'd marry it.

You smooth sisterfucker

Those exist.

Those exist.

Incest is wincest


My first thought as well.

Carrie....."ha ha this is so funny. i'm making him uncomfortable."

Mark....."i already came, please stop touching for a minute"

"no one can know my secret"

Pffff. Prove it

Foot gets dangerously close to mouth.

A familiar voice suddenly chimes in in Mark's head

dew it

Him and Dave Chappelle know what's up

During his talk about Carrie at the recent Star Wars Celebration he basically admitted he had a thing for her back in the day, but it definitely seemed more wistful than saying anything serious happened. She was apparently just that magnetic a personality that you couldn't help but fall a bit in love.

Carrie "wishing" that it was Mark she fell for

She's lamenting the fact she fell for the bad boy, only to get discarded later. She later realised (when too late) the nice guy would have been a more stable choice.

All I can deliberate of from this photograph is man, that water need feel so cool and refreshing

Every time I see 1970 I think about a formatted empty timestamp

I think anyone that saw it as a kid before the sequels came out thought the same. I remember being confused and a little angry when I found out Luke was her brother. I'm going to assume that was the point though.

Nerfherder ? I hardly know her !

You can't rape feet!

I expected two feet pushed together to form a hole. Just me?

Corrr I'd like to nerfherd 'er!

young people didn't dress like children quite yet

When the competition is 70s Harrison Ford, most other people lose. At least, that's always been my read of the situation.

She's ten steps ahead of him and he doesn't know what game she's playing.

If you gotta ask, big man, you can't afford it

All of of them!

Even her feet? I sure would (have liked).

In the ass though? Have they done it in the ass?


when you have foot AND princess Leia fetish

Star Wars Celebration last weekend Mark talked for an hour about Carrie, he mentioned make out sessions, but said they always ended with them just laughing. So it never went beyond that. To paraphrase him you'd be crazy to not fall for someone that hot, funny and smart, also that made her super high maintenance. He wasn't married till the 2nd film iirc.

They really became more like brother and sister.

You're using that because you're sad or because... foot fetish?

Or both?

Kleenex well spent, I would say

One moment: Platonic foot love is nothing to be ashamed of, don't worry- nothing else afoot. OK. Carrie on.

It's treason, then

All of of them?

As a teenage dude with random erections possible at anytime. This position is guaranteed to keep you safe.

Looks like she's his step-sister ;)

Having Leia be Luke's sister didn't really add anything to the plotline. The only thing I like about that plot is that it got rid of a silly love triangle plot


I expected it on the sole of the foot...

I think everyone has at least a little crush on Carrie :)

Wow this completely blew my attention

An unexpected boner, but a welcomed one

Somebody fell asleep with her socks off again.

But doesn't that make it hotter?

I've seen one where it's in the heel. This way it's just sick, like you're fucking some poor fool's severed foot.

Luke's sister didn't really add anything to the plotline

I think it did at least a bit, it was Luke's breaking point with Vader when he threatened his sister.

Brother and sister playing footsies. Nothing to see here...

Iirc when Lucas wrote A New Hope, he had never intended for them to be brother and sister. Also Vader wasn't Luke's father.

You are part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor! Take her away!

Princess Leia 1983

Is there any other way?

Hamill is still married to the same wife, so it makes sense that a marriage that strong didn't involve hanky-panky and/or they are still keeping it quiet.

Edit: even in the pic; Carrie is all over Mark and he's all....whatever.

To be fair, you can put a picture of a cute kitten online and eventually people will end up arguing.

Galaxy far far away is in West Virginia.

Oh, here's a fun fact... you made out with your sister!

That's a great one-liner!

If it were still 2012.

I put up a picture of my feet on imgur and got sooo much hate. Apparently my feet are fat and my big toe resembles a tater tot. They were just pedicured too.

You can't rape feet!

I think you meant, "fucking some poor sole"


For what reason would you want to put your dick in a severed foot?

You had me at "see if you don't come"

It's amazing how much cancer you packed into such a short comment.

this comment speaks volumes about yourself, not so much the bible belt

It is, for people with a foot fetish.

Tarantino would love this pic

What a fox

Poor mark. Hangin' with miss fisher by day while mr. Ford ploughs her by night.

Not with that attitude!

I bet it's purple like Mace Windu's.

To me /sub/arrow has been leaking for centuries



All of the above

And so (would have I) !

Damn, Carrie Fisher was a beauty

Yeah man I'd gag myself with both those feet too. Ever deep throat a foot?

theres a fetish for everything.


Yes. There's dp. Tp. Double anal. Face fucking. Zj.

I think many think a foot fetish is for any and all feet. As someone with one, I can say only some feet can cut it as attractive.

Fetishes have probably been around since humans started having sex for pleasure.

Stay on target

R/arrow is leaking everywhere and I'm not sure it's for the best

/sub/feet thanks OP

Sweet home Tatooine

This a gentle way of friend-zoning..."Sorry but we're just friends. Oh..and I'm fucking Harrison."

I loved her so damn much.

What a random insult lol what

Shiiiit, I would drink young Carrie Fishers bath water son.

Umm, looks like she's having fun in this one. I think the rest is, like you say, just you.

I knew I read your comment history recently

Do many pictures get oosted these days?

Found the person with a foot fetish!

Read this as Platoon foot love. Things started to get weird in my head.

I've got four dollars.

Nice meme if it was 2011

Spoiler alert

Projecting I take it...

Her feet are sexy tho!

What's a ZJ?

You must not have been here long...

I find it very sexual.  Btw

I find it very sexual. Btw

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