Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: May 3rd 2015

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: May 3rd 2015

Here in India,all curriculum is set by the Department Of Education and main exams are set by the department of education too.The idea of letting private companies do this is for profit is a massive betrayal to both the teachers and students.

I love how he ripped into Pearson. Cost me thousands in textbooks.

Fuck Pearson, they created MyMathLab and Mastering Physics. If there is a hell they're going to the deepest pit of it.

Came here to say this. It's the same here in Germany and I would guess most other European countries. Tests are created AND graded by teachers, the big ones come directly from the Department of Education. Why on earth has everything to be outsourced and turned into a business in the US? This and many other areas where the same happens is mind-boggling from the "Old World's" point of view.

Watching that 8th grade girl break down was absolutely heart-breaking


Holy crap.

I could have opted out?

Fuck MyMathLab and Mastering Chemistry, questions are usually wrong, broken, can't be answered by my professor, and they all cost tons of money!

Also fuck McGraw Hill!

No. The "US" doesn't think this. The citizens of the U.S. don't really think about it at all. The 24/7 news channels are too busy keeping them afraid of their own shadow for them to have time to think about something as mundane as text books. Instead, they hope their representatives do the thinking for them, but these representatives only hear the voices of lobbyists paid by companies who want to make a profit.

That's why we need a Brit to use a U.S. comedy show to teach us about the problems we didn't know we had.

The fucking cringe in the first 2 minutes with all those songs.....

Dear lord. I feel sorry for our children.

"Every year I do good in my classes"

Apparently she doesn't do WELL enough.

The US thinks that capitalism is the best system of the world regardless of application. Makes sense they'd also privatize education.

Man Pearson has been making money off of me from elementary school all the way through college.

Not if those filthy landlubbers have required homework codes into the textbook, require you to get the most current edition of the textbook, etc.

May they rot in Davy Jones Locker.

The Ontario Ministry of Education's standardized testing program has an infographic mocking the one of the United States


I think this is something new with common core, as I was not given a choice to opt-out of standardized testing. I'm in Arizona, so it could be a per-state basis.

I posted this comment for the Idea Channel video on the SAT, but I think it would fit in here better.

I have a long relationship with standardized testing. Within the last 6 years, I've taken the Stanford Achievement Test, the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills, numerous AP tests, the PSAT, the SAT, the ACT, and just recently the GRE. However, the standardized test that I have the most to say about is the TAKS test.

For those who don't know, TAKS stands for Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills, and was required for all public school students in the state of Texas. It was even required that high school students pass it before they were allowed to graduate. However, students are required to take it as early as elementary school. The TAKS test was Texas' way of complying with the No Child Left Behind Act.

I began taking the TAKS test in elementary school. It was required that I started taking the test yearly starting in 3rd grade. I did very well with the tests, even getting the score of "commended" on all the sections my 5th grade year. However, I was increasingly struggling with school at around that time. Things got significantly worse starting in 3rd grade, with continual academic and even behavioral problems.

To explain where I'm coming from here, I need to jump ahead a few year to explain something. When I was 12, just a few weeks before the start of my 7th grade year, I was officially diagnosed with dyslexia. My case was a little bit unusual because it mostly manifested itself only in certain ways. While reading did come rather late for me, I didn't really struggle with it that much once I started. Similarly, while the Wikipedia page for dyslexia states that difficulty with math is common, I didn't struggle with it, and in fact excelled in math and science. That being said, I did have a number of common symptoms, including problems with spelling and inverting letters and numbers. It also caused problems for me when it came to certain types of writing such as essays.

The short of it is that while I was heavily struggling with many aspects of school, I had little issue with other aspects, including standardized tests. Starting in 3rd grade, the teachers started to teach "to the test", which is when the problems started for me. I was really struggling with a lot of the homework and classwork, but because I was doing well with the TAKS test, the school didn't care that I was having trouble. Because I had no idea why I was struggling and because I wasn't able to get the help or attention I needed to get through the work, I began to get stressed and frustrated. This coupled with my relatively mediocre social skills made me feel isolated and started my behavioral problems. I spend a large part of my 4th and 5th grade years in detention and in-school-suspension. At the same, my grades began to deteriorate because of my struggling with the assigned work. However, because I was still doing well on the tests, the school administration labeled me as a "trouble" student, claiming that I was "refusing to do the work" instead of trying to help me. As you might guess, this only made the frustration factor worse, making everything else here worse.

It eventually came to an end when the behavior problems became bad enough that the school decided to kick me out near the end of my 5th grade year. This eventually lead to a rather strange 6th grade year, and eventually my diagnosis. After I was diagnosed with dyslexia, I was able to get the help that I needed. I had ALT (Academic Language Therapy) in middle school, and I went to a small private middle school and high school where I was able to get the help I needed. Things are much better for me now. Studying now at the university level, I don't even have my dyslexia registered with the university's disability services program. I'm able to keep up with my classes now without any additional help because I spent the time (mostly in middle school) learning how to work through the difficulties I have. I'm even applying to get a Master's degree (as the fact that I mentioned GRE earlier indicates).

So what is my point with all of this? I believe that the standardized tests actually ruined my elementary school experience. I don't mean this as anything negative to the TAKS test specifically, but the way that the test scores were used. In the private high school I went to, they required that the students take a standardized test each year (Stanford test first two years, IOWA test the last two). The difference here was that these tests did not affect my scores, GPA, or my graduation at all. From what I remember, it was mostly their way of assessing how their school and curriculum stacked up against other schools and to try and identify progress in the education. The teachers did not have any stakes in the test scores, and therefore taught the classes as if we didn't have a standardized test. This highlights the issue I see with modern standardized tests. When the tests are deemed the goal of education, other factors of education are hindered. This is why, while I won't argue for the abolishment of standardized tests, I think that we need to greatly consider the effects of having them has on our education.

She was talking about the charity work her class does.

Me and my peers would break down like that once a day in the month or so leading up to FCAT, and then we'd be in this weird heightened anxiety state until we got results, and then we'd get result anxiety... Jesus.

I said this on the YouTube video comments, but I remember taking the FCAT. Every time, it was a fucking horror.

Once, a kid in front of me threw up, and it created a cascade of chain-vomiting. I got puked on, but I didn't throw up myself, so I was forced to take the test anyway. They gave me a wet paper towel and dabbed the puke into my jeans, and I had to sit there and take the fucking test, covered in damp puke.

I don't remember how well I did, just that I passed, but would anyone have blamed me if I had failed? (Actually, they probably would have. Let's be real.) It still bothers me that they handled the situation that way. What the fuck?

The anxiety and regular (and expected/well known by teachers, parents etc.) breakdowns were just like this poor girl in the video. God knows I broke down an entirely unacceptable number of times over testing.

I was an A/B student in college...

... except for fucking PreCal and MyMathLab, which I pulled a low C. Not because I'm bad at math, but because the way the system works. Our professor didn't teach, all our lessons came from MathLab. And the system set up is fucking janky.

THAT .. is so random.

"The pineapple has some trick up its sleeves," ...

"Pineapples don't have sleeves,"

MORAL: Pineapples don't have sleeves.



Your answer was Incorrect

You put X/4

Correct Answer X/4

Pineapples cant melt steel sleeves

the kids dont even know better. thats one of the crimes

Cost me thousands in textbooks.

Yarrr! Ahoy matey, there be textbooks on that internet.

Every major test I've taken that I've done well on, I just memorize as much as I can leading up to the test. After it's done, I retain maybe 25% of it.

To me I think it would make more sense to have a bunch of small, specific tests throughout the term to make sure you understand the curriculum as you go. I always hated "oh you have an 85% in this class? Hope you can recall stuff we haven't gone back to for 3 months on a test worth 30%."

In case anybody else is curious, I found the pineapple story. It's worth reading.

Holy shit you people are mean.

You are a good citizen, productive member of the society.

FYI, Daniel Pinkwater, who wrote the story, made a statement back when this came out to the effect of, "I wrote this to be funny, it shouldn't be used as a test question"

It's not presented as a choice, you just do it, and there aren't any actual consequences. It's like not paying taxes, but if there was no IRS.

Yes, but it doesn't matter. Part of the reason people are opting out is because of that. They are very long test that the kids are put through and the data does nothing more then give statistics and supposedly give the government a way to "gauge" a teachers usefulness.

please round to two decimal places

You calculate 2.645, round to 2.65.

correct answer: 2.64

mirror that's working at the moment:

Calm yo tits...

We americans know about the shitty parts of how our country works... there isn't much we can do about it...

You saw Obama in the piece make the populist promises only to continue the same repubocrat agenda. So don't give me the use your vote argument.

Also it is not capitalism that is wrong here. Much like other semiprivate industries that lay in bed with the government (e.g. private prison, private milatary) it is the fault of the government for lack of oversight in outsourcing these resources... so they run amuck.

Here's a copy of his statement:

"OK, here is the deal. There are these companies that make up tests and various reading materials, and sell them to state departments of education for vast sums of money. One of the things they do is purchase rights from authors to use excerpts from books. For these they pay the authors non-vast sums of money. Then they edit the passages according to….I have no idea what perceived requirements. Here is the story as it appears in BORGEL, a novel I wrote. Borgel, who is 111 years old is telling this story and similar ones to his great-great nephew while riding on a bus:

The Story of the Rabbit and the Eggplant

Once there was a race between a rabbit and an eggplant. Now, the eggplant, as you know, is a member of the vegetable kingdom, and the rabbit is a very fast animal.

Everybody bet lots of money on the eggplant, thinking that if a vegetable challenges a live animal with four legs to a race, then it must be that the vegetable knows something.

People expected the eggplant to win the race by some clever trick of philosophy. The race was started, and there was a lot of cheering. The rabbit streaked out of sight.

The eggplant just sat there at the starting line. Everybody knew that in some surprising way the eggplant would wind up winning the race.

Nothing of the sort happened. Eventually, the rabbit crossed the finish line and the eggplant hadn’t moved an inch.

The spectators ate the eggplant.

Moral: Never bet on an eggplant.

I don’t know how the test publishing company changed the story. I gather they decided to call the rabbit a hare, and made the eggplant into a pineapple. Also there appears to be something about sleeves. And they made up questions for the students to answer. I would not have done any of these things. But it has nothing to do with me. I cashed the check they sent me after about 8 months, and took my wife out to lunch at a cheap restaurant. I believe, she ordered eggplant."


In 5th Grade I had a panic attack in the middle of a standardized test that I was told would define whether or not I'd get pulled back to the "special" classes. I was taken out of the classroom on a stretcher, and the test was graded normally.

I answered the first three questions. Fucking disgusting.

Jesus man, how is it that intense now?

I remember taking it and almost no one even cared. I took the FCAT and it was stupid easy.

No one has ever told me this.

Welcome to USA. Where we take the idea of capitalism way too far sometimes

I want to be the smug french kid with the cigarette.

And having the slightest restriction on it would be "fucking socialist", or even "communist" for some

Standardised tests just reward cramming and knowing how to answer questions in their way.

MyMathLab can go die in the fires of hell. Doesn't work half the time, some answers are just plain wrong, and is just generally not a good program.

Only thing I was disappointed with is that he shouldn't be mocking that formula calculating the mean.

Statistical models can be used across multiple disciplines, it's irrelevant that a formula to weight a score is used in cattle farming and evaluating teachers; it's the algorithm which matters.

I almost peed laughing when he compared the nonsense pineapple questions to the doors lyrics.

Agreed. What really hit me was how palpable the sadness in her voice was.

Does anyone have a link to her story?

We americans know about the shitty parts of how our country works... there isn't much we can do about it...

you must be joking.

Also it is not capitalism that is wrong here

wait what? you say that a company which main goal is to make money not to make good tests is better than a state department that makes somewhat better tests but doesnt look on the money?

hell. If there was any competition in this area I would agree that you can accept capitalism but there is none. and thus there is no capitalism. its just outcorced without anyone giving a shit who does what and how good it is done


I made the mistake of renting a textbook my first year of college, thinking it would be like my High School textbook where we would work out of the book. It was missing the code to do everything and the "textbook" I received was nothing more than a small booklet with a few notes.

Nope. You don't even get an actual textbook anymore, Pearson has moved their textbooks completely online. So when you order that $170 "textbook", what you actually receive is a code in the mail. Not only this, but the code is only valid for 6-8 months and then expires. So you don't even get to keep it for future reference.

I am currently a highschool student in the US. I know how the system works. We actually have fun and at the beginning of the year when they give us the pretest so they can see how much we improved, we do our best to get a 0% on it. For one, so that the teacher looks good when we take the same test again at the end of the year, and for two because it doesn't go on our grade. It's so fucking stupid.

Edit: additionally, I got one right on the pretest and was annoyed. I got two wrong on the same test at the end of the year

MyMathLab -> Requires you to spend $70 on an online Code.

For Calc 1 & 2 my School Required you to use MyMathLab, and also required you to buy a "custom" edition of Pearson's Calculus book. No I'm not shitting you.

You sound like your 20... You have rose-colored glasses on kid... I know how this world operates and I'm not deluded in thinking a grass roots movement will make an impact... not sure if you have seen the numerous amount of local protests over the past 10 years that have no impact on affecting real change.

Also if you think that if the president isn't accountable what makes you think someone on your town council would be.

I'm not even going to bother commenting on how you think starting a PAC or hiring lobbyists is remotely within reason.

Yarr...... They be screwin ya going in and comin out.

Edexcel being owned by Pearson

Pineapples literally and metaphorically don't have sleeves.

The correct order is:

"The pineapple has some trick up its sleeves," ..

...when the hare crossed the finish line, the pineapple hadn't moved an inch.

MORAL: Pineapples don't have sleeves.

As foretold by the wisest animal, the owl.

Have you ever been a teacher? That cringy shit is the only thing that will keep the kids' attention.

Because John Oliver gets upvoted. It doesn't actually matter what the topic is.

I've told my kids to try their best at theses tests but know they have no bearing on their success in life so don't take them too seriously

oh bullshit man. these companies actively fight for deregulation and stalemates which allow them to run amuck in the pursuit of profit. Fuck these simplistic notions where blame rests solely on one institution!

Any algorithm that sets an expected value outside of the sample space is not a good algorithm.

I agree with him generally, but I didn't care for his bit about the formula. It's frankly not terribly complicated, and I think he's playing on some anti-intellectualism there that might be unwarranted. He also complains that research similar to cow productivity was used, but there are a lot of mathematical models that work well in diverse fields.

I was thinking this too. He even made a joke about how the formula looks. Honestly, the fact that it looks alien is just an indication of the general public's ignorance of math. I expect better from John Oliver.

It's a lot of the atmospheric pressure from the adults around you when it comes to testing, I think. When you're a kid or a teenager/young adult, that much pressure and expectation on you from everyone around you on top of the threat of this ONE TEST defining your future (which are the exact words we were always told) generates this heavy psychological load.

It's drilled into you every second of every school day (and even outside of school days, if you have perfectionist parents like I did) that this test will decide your future, essentially, and it's hard to believe anything otherwise due to the sheer amount of emphasis placed on that idea.

It generates a lot of fear, anxiety, and more often than not, genuine crisis amongst the student body collectively and at the individual level, because it's a pressure that feeds into itself. Regardless of how easy a lot of people find the test, even the best students with the highest grades are subject to the same pressure and threats that everyone else is, and no matter how booksmart or good at testing you might be, it's very difficult not to get stressed out.

I was a great student, and personally I found the tests more boring and stupid than difficult, but the atmosphere of tension and fear is what really makes it hellish. What if this is the one time you fuck up the Scantron sheet? "What if, what if, what if?" is usually what gets everyone, at least in my experiences with testing.

Not to mention the fear of letting yourself/your school/your teachers/your parents down, and so on. The sensation that persists for months around testing time is a lot like the suspense feeling people get mid-horror movie, but imagine it doesn't subside for literally months, and that really starts to fuck with people after a while. Now imagine that sensation is actively provoked a little more every day, and pretty soon, everyone's a neurotic mess.

And being that stressed out doesn't help anyone's ability to study... It's a negative feedback loop of fear, essentially. The actual testing drills and environments are somewhat threatening in and of themselves to a lot of students, and the abrasive and shitty attitudes of all the teachers/staff (again, in my experiences) really didn't help anything.

It's less of an intelligence test and more of a "how well do you perform under extreme and prolonged psychological duress" test, at this point. ):

That is absolutely true.

It's just that, I wouldn't be surprised if it was a simple case of stupidity and incorrect application than unsuitability.

For example, the algorithm to set a 95% confidence interval on a set of x-y data usually doesn't depend on whether it's for cattle births or teacher scores.

I wish a mathematician could comment specifically on the technique they used to calculate the score, but just brushing it off because it was used for cattle farming is disingenuous.

The whole beauty of statistics is it's applicability across different disciplines.

Pretty sure your parents have always had the option to remove you from taking it. The kicker is that in order for a school to be compliant, a certain percentage of kids must take the test. Schools aren't going to advertise that you don't have to take it, they might not meet their goals. Teachers aren't even allowed to tell parents it's an option. I would love to see the boycotts happen across the country for all ages. Parents protesting the testing is the only way it will change.

As an Ontarion, I did not realize standardized tests were so bad in the US.

Ours was

Your answer was Incorrect

You put X=4 Correct Answer X = 4

Cool tidbit for people:

In the State of Massachusetts you must pass the MCAS in the 10th grade to graduate from High School.

Fitter. Happier. More productive.

After having awful experiences with MyMathLab I purposely schedule professors who I know don't use it. Fuck it and wileyplus too.

I went back and looked at the episode, and the equation he showed was:

yi = μ + Σ 𝛿_g x_g + Σ β_j x_j + θ(k)l + ω_(mk)k + ε_i

At first glance, this looks very much like a generalized linear mixed model.

Basically, given a set of values of the dependent variable y (which could be, for example, teacher performance, cattle birth rates, etc.) as a function of the independent variable x (maybe evaluation scores, cattle age, etc.), the formula is to fit a generalized linear model to relate the two variables.

The regression fitting parameters are probably a vector of β and 𝛿, and ε should be the random noise that represents the errors and uncertainties. I'm not sure what θ and ω are, but maybe a statistician can explain it.

Anyway, my point is that it's perfectly valid to use a generalized linear mixed model to describe either reproductive trends in livestock or teacher scores.

Yeah, it's very disappointing to see someone like John Oliver, who I hugely admire, stoop to such shoddy journalistic standards. We should strive towards more scientific and mathematical knowledge to understand something which we don't know, not belittle it as elitist and play off a lack of mathematical knowledge as a joke.

It's like when Sarah Palin was mocking scientific research into fruit fly genetics without understanding the broader context in modeling diseases.

I wish there was someway to write to him/his producers so I can convey my disappointment.

Sort of reminds me of an Enron conference.

Wow you and I had really different experiences with the TAKS tests. I always looked forward to days my school would take the TAKS test. They were so simple and easy compared to what we learned about in our normal curriculum. It was pretty much a day where you could relax and read books all day. I guess I'm fortunate to not have a learning disability like dyslexia, so I can't really relate to what you had to go through, but in my school district TAKS testing days were always considered as pretty much a day off.

Ok, so I REALLY like this story and the questions associated with it for a bunch of reasons.

So the first reason, and its only briefly brought up in the video, is that a major problem with standardized tests is bias. Rich kids are going to have different experiences than poor kids, private schools vs. public schools ect. Fucking no one has a preconceived notion of a pineapple racing a rabbit.

Second, schools are really good at teaching kids to regurgitate information. Really good at it. We have pneumatics and acronyms and a whole bunch of learning tools for it. Problem is that information regurgitation is a useless ability. Technology has made it obsolete. Teaching students how to think and how to extrapolate information is far more important. This story is about the double meaning of sleeves to an extent. "MORAL: Pineapples don't have sleeves" can be interpreted as the fact that pineapples don't wear clothes, or a really astute 8th grader will say that in this instance the moral is that we shouldn't read too much into a situation when the answer may be obvious: a pineapple cannot beat a hare in a race.

Here's the thing. In Men in Black, when in the shooting range and everyone else starts to fire at the "monsters", only Will Smith takes his time and looks at each of the monsters before popping Suzy between her eyes. The military guys are your normal students, doing whats expected of them, regurgitating information and probably getting good grades. They are the pretty little white girl crying because they didn't do well in a standardized test despite the fact that they get good grades. Will Smith understands that the pineapple is a fucking metaphor. We need more god damn Will Smiths.

I was a TA for 5 years, and had the "priviledge" of TAing organic chemistry, which means that I got the pre-meds. Your average pre-med student sucks. They are obsessed with getting a good grade. They need that A, they have been conditioned to get that A, and they do not give a shit about actually THINKING. "I'm never going to need this" is their common defense when I try to teach them to think, "Just give me the answer", "is this going to be on the test" is their fucking montra. It's not about the material, its about the way you are able to handle information! I do not want the 4.0 student to be my doctor, I want Will Smith with an internet connection.

Why did you put the date rather than the title?

I believe it's star wars day, not talk like a pirate day.

That's a pretty good idea to fix the bias. Like that other guy said though, no one in any high school or college class has told me this.

It's the exact same way with my College Algebra, so I know what you mean.

God. Fuck Pearson. Fuck their stupid books and online programs. Even now using them in college they suck. They've always sucked and will probably suck until the day I get my degree.

I was under the impression that this was the case in most US States. Here in Massachusetts we have the MCAS which still brutal is developed by the Massachusetts Department of Education (or at least that was my understanding) and graded by teachers from the school that took it.

it's so it reduces the bias rounding up always will produce. when you are forced to round, [1,2,3,4] round down, [5, 6, 7, 8, 9] round up. Moving that 5 to the other set half the time reduces that bias

We americans know about the shitty parts of how our country works... there isn't much we can do about it...

So what have you tried, or is that just what you tell yourself to make yourself feel better?

You saw Obama in the piece make the populist promises only to continue the same repubocrat agenda.

Do you honestly think that a single vote in the presidential campaign is where you can make the most impact? Start local. Get involved in the primaries. Found or get involved in grass-roots movements. Form PACs. Hire your own lobbyists.

You can make a difference, but all of that is moot in this discussion. I want you to go onto the street and ask 20 random people what they're most concerned about and why. Ask them what they think about the problem at hand. I don't think you'll find 2 that even have any idea what you're talking about.

Can we add EconLab to that?

Here's a 150 mark exam, you have 15 minutes

If I recall the numbers correctly our into "hybrid class" that used MyMathLab in college had about a 50% first time failure rate. It was crazy, everyone dreaded that class. I had seen problems where you would answer x=7 and it would say WRONG x = 7. Probably why there was such a high failure rate.

Are we just gonna post this show every week after it airs?

Here in the UK we have Edexcel, AQA, OCR, WJEC, and a few others

Talking like a pirate don't need a day! Ya filthy land lubber!

This sounds like some shit I'd say after I smoked a laced joint.

It's graded by trained graders somewhere in another part of the country. Too much conflict of interest for MA teachers to grade, plus that would be a ton of extra work.

do you get a 0 on it then?

To be fair, I'm not sure how one could manage to fail that test.

The worst part about it too, is all I learned from all of that, is how to break down test questions and solve them simply by how they are written. With multiple choice there is usually a "one of these things is not like the others." or if there are two that are similar it is likely one of those two. Sometimes if you can skip the question and it might be answered by another question later in the test. Are these skills I use now IRL, not really, only if I have to take tests, but those are often to find out which Avenger I am, and its Captain America.... everytime

He's not wrong. Here is a link to the story the kids were asked about, and it reads like Lewis Carroll on LSD.

As a nursing student, fuck Lippincott Williams with a rusty fucking chainsaw, you pay thousands for digital nursing books and resources you lose access to when you're done.

as a Canadian, me neither.

I remember taking one of those tests as a kid, it was like a fun excursion from the norm. My teacher always stressed, "this has no reflection on your grade! Just have fun and do what it is you learned in class" and so we did and it was fine. I remember there being a culture of understanding that stressing kids out would only ruin things for them, not help them.

What pisses me off about the Canadian school system is the massive segregation between "average" kids and "advanced" kids, wherein average kids sat in bare, white classrooms with disinterested teachers and ratty text books, advanced kids basically all got Ms. Frizzle teachers with tons of books and one-on-one tutelage. I know because I was one of the few kids to have classes in both, and it fucking engraged me, the different treatment we got. Literally, the advanced kids were above us- they got classrooms on the top floors, undisturbed by us 'riff raff' below. They got their own segment of pep rallies that were full of alienating in-jokes because they were all so tightly knit, and if you asked to be placed in the advanced program and weren't, you were laughed at.

Canada isn't perfect, we don't mess up our kids like the US does but this crap definitely hinders kids unlucky enough to be fucked by it.

My mom had me get tutored for the SAT. The whole thing was learning how to beat the test, answer questions as efficiently as possible. I didn't learn any actual content.

In retrospect, I wish I could get those hours of my life back.

Fuck YouTube geoblocking.

Last week tonight WAS leading the world in use of social media and streaming, then suddenly HBO got scared.

I know there are VPNs and shit, but I just can't be bothered, I just want to watch while I am waiting for my bus here on 4g on my phone.

I noticed that too. I also happen to know that language is dynamic and that definitions change based on usage. So in ten years you'll have to update your grammar.

From Straya,

You the real MVP.

The basis of capitalism is free market. Why don't they let the kids freely choose the standardised tests they wanna write?, if they wanna write any.

This is not capitalism and free market, this is corporativism as invented by the fascists.