Larry David had fun once, it was awful

Larry David had fun once, it was awful


As a knicks fan, I can assure you that watching them suck from that expensive of a seat is probably about as fun as getting sodomized with a broken light bulb

Larry David's mood changes depending on when his jacket is on and off. Example:

With jacket:
Without jacket:
With jacket:
Without jacket:

Larry David's mood changes depending on when his jacket is on and off. Example:

With jacket: Without jacket: With jacket: Without jacket:

The two jackets cancel each other out. In the other pictures nobody is wearing a jacket next to him.

How much ya got?

Pretty... Pretty... Pretty... Pritttttie good.

How do we explain this then?

I wanna fuck you up the ass!

George Costanza is based on Larry David so I think this Seinfeld scene might be relevant.

"I happen to dress based on mood."

"But you essentially wear the same thing all the time."

"Seemingly, but within that basic framework there are many subtle variations only discernible to an acute observer that reflect the many moods, the many shades, the many sides of George Costanza."

"And what mood is this?"

"This is morning mist." - George and Jerry, in "The Trip"

this could be useful

Why don't you stick it up your own, asshole?


Explain this

Explain this

I played pool with Larry a few days ago, shook his hand. I think he wears the same thing every single day. Also, he is exactly like his character.... or his character is exactly like him. It's weird and awesome and funny all at once.

I would if I could..

Depends on what you do.

Just reminds me of this, taken in happier times.

Just reminds me of this, taken in happier times.


Taken from a Wall Street Journal article about the picture:

"'Thats's his normal face when he's just watching the game,' said photographer James Devaney. "I actually had to work hard to get smiles." Devaney liked several photos of from that night. David was smiling in most of them, because "my goal is to get people looking like they're having a good time-that's what sells photo," he said. In fact, when Madison Square Garden's big screen showed David later that night, 'he smiled big,' Devaney said. But he also happend to send one 'boredom shot' as he put it, 'because it's his character.' It was a photo that not only epitomized David but also the experience of watching the Knicks."

yes, but you have to live in texas.

Last time I looked above 5000

The more you watch Curb Your Enthusiasm, the more you become Larry.

"Jesus Christ someone's taking my picture. I hope I don't end up on that cat website again."


And National Treasure!

I do the same except it's when I feel cold.

Yeah, he wore a cape on an episode of Seinfeld.

...The Freak Book.


What does it matter where you live; you'll spend all your time on reddit anyway.


I hope there is a new season of curb soon

"Resting bitch face" - the male version.

And, scene.

I think he wears the same thing every single day.

I think Daniel Radcliffe or someone did this so the paparazzi couldn't mess with him

Do you think Larry David has to deal with paparazzi?

Mondo Freak!

My first thought was that you live at home and don't pay rent, but then I realized I also don't pay that in a year for rent either. I'm sorry haha

Freak book.

He's very independent; he doesn't follow the trends.

Clear History, his latest HBO movie was kinda like a Curb episode. But yeah, I really do hope he does many more seasons. Can't wait to hear Susie scream at Larry!

Texas, son. My 4 bed 2.5 bath is 2200 sq ft. $1650 total a month. My part is $402.50 with pet rent included.

"You four-eyed fuck!"

A few weeks ago there was a redditor that went up to a celebrity, a celebrity said to be really friendly to fans, and basically started to talk to them while they tried to dine. They then asked for a picture.

Could you imagine why they weren't friendly to this rude redditor?

Yeah, I'd much rather pay the same amount to live in a studio apartment where I couldn't fully outstretch my arms, just for having the privilege of living somewhere as wonderful as New York...

Moments before he trips Shaq.


He can't be an angry white man around spike lee.

This picture was taken by a paparazzo, so yeah, I'd say probably so.

Maybe he puts the jacket on when he's feeling uncomfortable, like a sort of defense mechanism. I wear sweaters when I feel nervous or uncomfy, to put a barrier between me and whatever (audience I'm speaking to, etc). It's like a layer of protection.

You mean scream "Fuck you Larry"

My 350 sq foot studio is $1750 in nyc. Should I punch myself in the dick?

after looking at your comment history...


Oh yeah, all those Honey Nut Cheerios checks!

I think they're the three best friends that anybody could have.

I can see his leg between his pants and his sock. I'm only mentioning this because I know he hates it.

K is that white Doug, Larry David and Nelly the rapper? Do you think these three are best friends and hang out on the regular?


Justin Bartha

is that the one who's career can be summed up with 15 minutes of the hangover appearances?

Hey, I get that reference!

I've looked everywhere for a "pretty pretty pretty pretty good" gif, & I'm surprised no one has made a proper one.


George is Larry, after George stopped being Woody.

Where do you guys live?

Because he's not wrong, Walter.

Sure, why not? Probably not on the same scale as young sex idols, but if he stepped in dog shit or something I bet it would be in a magazine somewhere.

No, in the balls.

No because he isn't smiling. You know the rules.

Do you understand how many records he sold when he was popular?

I think he may have been implying that anywhere other than Texas would be a better option, rather than jumping right into ultra-expensive areas.

But you get to live in NYC. that' what you're really paying for.

Texas is the shit, I love it here

He's George Costanza...

Why was my father talking to a man wearing a cape?!

Depending on the game is somewhere between $1k-$5k. Though I've seen them of for as low as $300 an hour or less before game start.

The best part is that in Most (not all) situations, he is actually right.

The guy is an amazing social critic. He shows the stupidity of mass society by showing how "normal people" would get upset at him, when an intelligent viewer would understand that he is in the right.

That's the kid from MAD Magazine.

It sounds like you have never been to Texas.

It looks like Nelly, and he's sporting some gold sneaks. Tight.

Paging /u/Editingandlayout

I wish Mondo Freaks was a real book haha

Or you can live in New York and not be an idiot and live in a nice, reasonably priced apartment on a nice neighborhood in a borough other than Manhattan. Only hippy art students and millionaires live in Manhattan.

Do you respect wood?

"Half Life Three? What is that, some sort of zombie movie?" - Larry David

Jacket goes on, Jacket comes off. You can't explain that.

Ah, stretching his legs, hope he doesn't trip any of the players...

courtside seats are between $5000-$10000+ based on the populatiry of the team and location, Lakers tickets are usually the most expensive courtside tickets around

He's pretty happy in a cape, too

He's pretty happy in a , too

Yeah, that's pretty... pretty... pretty bad.

damn, that sounds like a steal!

"Come on Jews"

Needless to say. Reddit needs more Larry David. Period