Kyoto street after the rain

Kyoto street after the rain

How you doin'?

If I ever find a man crazy enough to marry me I'd love to go to Kyoto for my honeymoon.

Username checks out.


It looks so quiet and peaceful. Very envious right now.

Photo by Mitsuru Wakabayashi

Was just in Kyoto today, hope you enjoy hoards of sweaty Asian tourists.

Do samurais wear fedoras?

While there are tourists, I thought it was much more bearable than other countries. I was there for Sakura last year and didn't really mind the tourists at all. Kyoto was certainly one of the top places on earth I have seen... if not my favorite.

Go /u/laughing-tree. The world is very accessible if you make it your goal to see a place.

It looks like Gion, but do you know what street this is?

It's Ninenzaka (二寧坂)

Strictly, in Kyoto it'd be 'M'geika'.

Kansai dialect, yo.

Beautiful, but this might be a more typical picture.

There never was any rain. It's just that dude hosing down the street with hair spray.

What is going on with that guys hand? My brain says he should have an umbrella or something, but it looks like he is spraying an aerosol can.

Yeah pretty much. Even the nice streets don't look like these heavily photoshopped photos 90% of the time. Kyoto is mostly ugly buildings, crowds and traffic jams.

You know, when i see stuff like this i can't help but be a little bit jealous. I mean the culture, the vibe, the food, it's just so beautiful over there and it's nothing i'll be able to experience in the United States. I feel robbed to be honest, simply because the US is just so big and so diverse that we never really get to participate in the various cultures that dot our earth, even more so if your white because people are quick to scream cultural appropriation.

is there a subreddit for Japan street photography? These types of pictures are my absolute favorite.

I'm currently working a job that I hate and I have a cold and I also have crippling anxiety. How about yourself?

Edit: forgot to mention the depression, I have lots of that too.

So what's the catch?

What's a good place in Kyoto to drop street view? This was my first pick, and it wasn't particularly nice.

Almost all of kyoto is ugly (usual japanese buildings) except for the temples(lots of them though), and this one street that it always taken in photo. Yes, all of these photos are always the same street, near nenenomichi

It's 二年坂 though, not 二寧坂. And yes, it can mean peaceful in Japanese as well.