Kyle Korver "[Lebron] has taken this to a whole new level"

Kyle Korver "[Lebron] has taken this to a whole new level"

Korver has played with AI, prime Rose and Lebron. That's nice

Give him some more time. LeBron is gonna keep Korver on his team for as many years as Korver can lift his elbow to shoot. Dude will be 87 years old, half blind, and LeBron will set a rocking chair for him at 26 feet and Kyle freakin Korver will still be smackin threes

I can't imagine what some Cavs players think about playing next to this guy, he's just unreal. I'm a fan from OKC till death and even I can't lose a fucking game of the Cavs when they don't match OKC's games. I never seen someone as good as him in my lifetime and it's frankly amazing how he keeps getting better with age, his efficiency is something mindblowing at this point.

Imagine if the 3ball was as big as it is now. He would be leading in both attempts and mades I think.

Yeah, and LeBron's not bad either.

LBJ is the MVP. He is powering through and winning every single game for the Cavs. Harden may have the better stats, but he'll never come close to being the player LeBron is.

It would be too surreal to handle. I would definitely request a trade if I had to play with him.

Must be surreal to have LeBron as your teammate, or any of the greats really.

I would hate to play around him too. I'd flat out leave.

"That he's amazing" Korver is such a fanboy. I love it!

Korver sounds like borderline Bronsexual. Made me smile.

Not enough stretching back then. One of the significant reasons Curry was able to succeed as a three point shooter is another great shooter on the team. I think back in 2016 or 2015 someone brought up stats that showed the difference in efficiency when both steph and klay on the floor against when one of them is not.

At this point, MVP is pretty much anyone but Lebron award.

Took this shit to another fuckin level


Yeah well I'm starting to get Lebron-fatigue fatigue.

Rocking chair oh my fucking god lol

I loved his shoutout to all of them

I don't understand why he isn't the concensus runaway number 1 mvp pick this year. Meanwhile we have countless "experts" writing articles trying to convince me that kyrie is leading the way. Gtfo

u a dumb dumb


Yeah, he's decent

Voters have LeBron-fatigue

He is the kindest guy ever.

It helps with the shooting motion

shit b8

Who ... who went and fixed up your jumper?

I agree. Kyle Korver transcends all other players.


I feel like LeBron just shortened his career because he had to play out of his skin over the last 2 years. Then, I'm reminded that he's been doing this for 15 years...