Kushner called Lockheed CEO to get a better arms deal for Saudi Arabia

Kushner called Lockheed CEO to get a better arms deal for Saudi Arabia
Kushner called Lockheed CEO to get a better arms deal for Saudi Arabia

Would have been better to get Lockheed the better deal...

Low Energy, Jared.

"America First" 🙄

Since Lockheed Martin is the only company that makes the THAAD system, if the Saudis wanted it, there's nowhere else they could have gotten it.

Jared got played.

EDIT - shortened.

You're saying a thirty something real estate developer that managed to lose money in Manhattan real estate isnt a great negotiator?

Trump holds Kushner in such high regard - envy almost - because he's fucking Ivanka

Yet crickets on T_D. They're all running scared anyway.

Reddit has libruls on it! Screw you guys. I'm going home.

Doesn't it seem like just yesterday these shitheads were talking about the Clinton Foundation being a "slush fund" because they accepted money from Boening when Boeing got awarded defense contracts?

Fucking worthless stooges.

But that would mean the administration actually cared about American interests.

This is so fucked. Why is he wanting a US company to be less profitable in favour of a foreign government which funds terrorists ?

"You see, Jared... Volodya put it like this. First we take over America, then we move to the Middle East, and then we can go to Baskin Robbins. It's quite simple."


I wonder how much money he's offered to watch.

Remember how Hillary was gonna be too nice to the Saudis because they donated to her husband's charity? Glad we avoided that right??

considering saudi arabia is the largest backer of actual terrorism in the middle east, this seems like a great way to insure there will be lots of terrorism for trump to be alarmist about in the future.

... if he has a future.

They're going after poor /u/Spez now. Selective attention it seems

I'm saying it's likely that the Saudis bribed a willing administration to use the Presidency's leverage on the deal. Nobody is okay with that kind of corruption, especially defense contractors. So, now that the administration is under the utmost scrutiny and likely going down, or paralyzed by public pressure, Lockheed decided to go to the FBI.

Last time I checked there isn't a Trump hotel on Lockheed's property, so it's not that surprising.

Probably has one of those paintings where you hide behind the wall and watch through the eyes.

He didn't get played. Bet you trump and co got something personal out of it, new hotel maybe?

This week they've had to once again defend Trump giving top secret info to Russia and Trump being silent on the Turkey incident.....two regimes who are oppressive which you'd think they'd

They had to defend Flynn more who blocked us from attacking isis

They now have to defend kushkush getting a sweet deal for Saudi Arabia, which was a reason why Hillary was the devil

So oppressive regimes in Russia & Turkey, ISIS, and the Saudis are supposedly what makes America great again?

Considering how Trump supporters were constantly bringing up Hilary's "ties" to Saudi Arabia, he can't have much of a future, right?


I'm sure he's fine. They'll tucker themselves out.

The Saudis went to Jared.

I'll see myself out.

Pure speculation, but I bet they got something out of it.

I wonder if a bunch of Saudi princes will invest in Kushies distressed real estate project now.

Saudis told him they wouldn't do the deal for list price so he intervened on their behalf. He spent his political capital to get them a better price on something which they needed and had no other way to get.

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Aren't business deals that are favorable to the Saudi's one of the talking points the far right loved to bring up about Hillary/The Clinton Foundation? Or am I missing some nuance here?

Check the sticky, they're moving to voat now lol

conflict of interest?

Probably got in good with the Saudis as a result though.  They know they got the Trucker Hat Zombies in their pocket whatever happens...

Probably got in good with the Saudis as a result though. They know they got the in their pocket whatever happens...

American military industrial complex lost money on the deal. Saudis were going to buy the planes either way, they got Kushner to apply leverage against an American company to help them pay less.

Not worthless to Putin, quite useful in fact.

Yeah, that's an interesting point. Lockheed probably did self-report this.

This guy international relations.

hahaha! After all the claims about arms deals for the Saudis and Hillary from the Trump supporters, would ya look at that.

Lockheed is an American company. Trump said he'd be looking out for America first. Now Jared is asking Lockheed to drop their price to benefit the Saudis(all this after Trump's remarks on the F35 costs hurt Lockheed's stock price...). It's the opposite of America-first.

oh , no they just say that of course a great business leader like trump would do business in saudi arabia.

self awareness level zero.

What is Kushner getting out of it? More busy work?

Trump will look good in front of the Saudis when he meets them in the next few days. That is the whole point, very selfish and short sighted.

It's almost like Trump doesn't give a shit about what they heard him say before he got their votes, but they're addicted to his cult none-the-less.

He deserves all the hate in the world after letting T_D fester for so long. FPH and others hate subs all got banned for way less.

Ooooh nooooooooooo^

Maybe they'll pony up for American citizenship at $500k a pop (payable to the Kushner family).

Hillary shot him while Obama held him down and Bill drove the getaway car.

So thats why whats his name went against dippin dots....he had stock that trump would eat two scoops

A little bit of context: The Obama administration also made huge arms deals with Saudi Arabia. I think it's bad now and I thought it was bad then because Saudi Arabia turned around and used a lot of those weapons to bomb civilians in Yemen. It became so bad that the Obama administration halted any future deals. The Trump administration is now going back to how things were before.

Those poor Saudis can't afford it, must intervene to bring down the price for them.

*some Americans first

have they figured out which clinton killed seth rich yet?

Wait, so now we know why she was allowed to move into the White House?

There had to be a good reason.

(For certain dubious and unusual values of "good".)

I'm sure they'll get right on that equal outrage after they remember to get equally upset by trumps shady foundation, bribery, Intel leaks, Russian connections, nepotism, health problems, and all the other things he's done that pissed them off about Clinton. That is to say, never.

Tribalism is hell of a drug.

The Trump administration is now going back to how things were before.

While getting US companies to give discounts to a government that invests in their real estate.

I bet 95% of trump supporters won't even hear about this deal.

Red flag. Keeping my eye on this story. I'm having difficulty seeing him doing this because he really, really wants Saudi Arabia to have those missiles.

You mean to tell me they pull off a hitman style murder leaving no evidence it was them but Bill couldn't manage a simple blowjob without getting splooge on a damn dress? That's just fuckin sloppy.

The Trump administration is now going back to how things were before.

After telling us that they wouldn't do this, and that they would cancel any pending deals.

I don't think they actually give a shit about Saudi Arabia. All that posturing may just have been concern trolling, because every time you bring up Trump's personal connections with the Saudis, like the price that bailed him out twice and him renting to the Saudi government and bragging about how much he made off them or that he registered eight new businesses in Saudi Arabia while campaigning, they shut right up or pivot to something else.

Now it's possible they do care about ties to the Saudis since the more extreme wing of his base loves to scream about the "Islam death cult," and they're just so flummoxed that the God Emperor would do such a thing that they can't come up with a retort, but I'm sure there's a large number of people screaming about Obama administration arms deals that are now praising this.

I'm guessing he's getting something out of the deal. Otherwise, what the hell is the point?

My name is inigo montoya

You know what's fucked? That he's the fucking POTUS son in-law and everyone already got used to it. Same with his daughter

87634287634D chess. Blowjob was a decoy. Bill and Obama are still president of the deep state. Double Presidation. Bill drove the getaway car because you can't arrest a husband and a wife for the same crime. ;)

Hopefully, that will piss Spez off and get him to ban them.

He didn't get played, an American manufacturer and employer did.

The Saudi's do like to invest in real estate. And the Saudi government did pay $45M for a floor in the Trump world tower.

Lol Saudi probably will give half of what they save to kushner. There's no other reason for him to work against us interests

If they aren't going to talk about a President of a Muslim country ordering an assault on peaceful American protestors in the capital in front of police they aren't gonna talk about shit. It's kind of mind-blowing. This would have been a wet dream scenario to them if it happened when Obama was President with this level of video coverage.

Is this prick registered as a foreign agent?

Hope for his sake that hotel is not in Jeddah.... doubt they will even get to stay in it once they are out on their ass

So what did Trump/kushner get in return? What Trump tower deal is going to materialize in Saudi Arabia? Because why the FUCK else would they lower the prices for one of the richest empires in the world?

Is the White Houses job to get the US companies selling to product to drop their prices?

assuming there's a good policy reason

Well the Obama administration had halted arms sales to the Saudis, and t_D couldn't get enough of criticizing Clinton for her husband's charity having accepted donations from the Saudis because of their links ... so...