Kristaps Porzingis, 7-21 from the field, 4-7 from the free throw line, "exaggerated contact", all Lowlights!

Kristaps Porzingis, 7-21 from the field, 4-7 from the free throw line, "exaggerated contact", all Lowlights!

I bet bootum cried while making this lmao

haha no jokes on you i got all my crying out last night :D

Lmao. The one where he "forgets he is on defence and pops out for a 3"

"Jeff green: Jeff green" had me dying

Bootum shows no mercy. Not even for family

''Wade - 90 years old'' ''Jeff Green - Jeff Green''

Fucking hell, hahahaha.

bruh i'm a knicks fan

he was wide open!

Damm you Bootum, picking on your own kin

who paid you? I hope someone paid you

Knicks waived Kuz, this is his revenge

it's something which i don't think he's really started to do since the hornets game. he had to wait for melo to leave to start doing it because melo would never allow that

Is it just me or is KP becoming a well known huge flopper?

I say this as someone who lives in NY and loves watching KP

Lol same. I was already chuckling with the Wade: 90 years old.

LeBron's next book: King James and the Goblet of Fire Knicks Tears

Kanter gonna beat your ass

Lmfaoooo those punching noises every time he flops has me dead

u/bootum I ain’t know you was a masochist



"He's a unicorn. You call yourself 'King of lowlights' or whatever. But you can't just mess with a unicorn like that. Whatever you are, we're gonna fight."

Kanter vs u/bootum

He’s just getting ready for when he plays with LeBron next year # 🤴ofNY

he was just E X A G G E R A T I N G C O N T A C T

Jeff Green: Jeff Green



It's the only way for family to get better. Can't be biased.

...wait. Is /sub/nba Youtube comments now?

Idk if bootum has the strength to make back-to-back lowlights vids on Porzingis and Jokic.

or is KP becoming a well known huge flopper?

Reading isn't that hard, is it?

wade 90 years old


I admire the extra effort put into the extra sound effects.

I saw people complaining about him flopping but holy fuck that was terrible.

What the fuck man I'm 14 years old. You're gonna hear from my lawyers about this shit.

In general it’s not a bad idea since he isn’t strong enough to play through some of the fouls on O or hold position on D, but if he does it this much and gets a rep for it, there could be long term consequences. By long term I assume knicks one day make the playoffs and you don’t want a game predicated on this style of play. It’s a decent crutch until he gets more strength though.

Phil Jackson did nothing wrong

Who's paying Dwyane Wade tho

Jeff Green: Jeff Green

Yeah, it's still funny that he falls over like he got side suplexed.


Honestly although he was flopping to sell it, they were legitimate fouls

Really? If thats the case then every player should get fouled on every play. The NBA is a physical league... to say that they were all legit fouls is absurd. He was flopping lol.

Not the King but the kin

bootum why

The explosion sound had me dying. Also jeff green: jeff green

11 champ;ipnsikp[ ringhs

why go to the gym when you can flop?

Holy shit lol what is up with Knicks fans making such a big deal about this. Bout to get buried for this comment but enough is enough he was flopping. Lebron flops. His might be more dramatic but flopping is flopping stop trying to make KP out like a god. Honestly doesn’t even bother me because he knows what he’s doing and he’s having fun with I‎t out there but damn I’ve never seen a fan base try to defend someone on flopping so hard lol

You got to make one for Jokic. I love him, but he was terrible last night. The lowlights video will be cathartic.

I'm not sure what you're trying to say

I'm literally just pointing out something I've noticed from watching the Knicks this year.

You're the only one being reactionary and very defensive as well.

U/Bootum always finds a way

Porzingis is trash. Trade him to the Raptors for Valanciunas before he runs what little trade value he has into the ground.

it's honestly a travesty that these crooks came into new york and beat up this poor innocent unicorn and are still walking freely

Bootum with the self mutilation.

look if he can't score on lebron james then maybe it's time for him to call it quits

It almost seems like, depending on who you ask, it might be the other way around.

Alternative highlights.

Yeah, Jeff Green has to be one of the worst rebounding 4s in the league. In fact... yep, worst rebound % of any big with 200+ minutes. Third-worst with 100+ (behind Patrick Patterson and Semi Ojeleye).

This fool ain't woke

No one is definitively saying he is for sure a habitual flopper. They're saying he's becoming one. Big difference.

You don't need to have a huge sample size to say you notice a recent trend. We're not saying anything is statistically significant.

Phil Jackson did everything wrong

for kuz

My ass starts to sweat when I hear new Dumbledore shout like that.

maybe for most people if i checked the box score and saw they went 7-21 i wouldn't have made a video, but i mean watch this video and tell me that 7 made baskets and 2 nice passes makes up for it. there were other fuck ups one defense i didn't even include and other rebounds he let up from straight up not boxing out

Enes Kanter currently making several YouTube accounts to dislike tf outta this

Porzingis did nothing wrong

are you trying to tell me there are different opinions and fanbases on reddit?

Honestly although he was flopping to sell it, they were legitimate fouls

The sound effects are hilarious. Also, damn LeBron played good defense on KP whenever he was guarding him. I was impressed considering the height discrepancy.

rep based on 5 games

Well isn't that developing means? Either way though, I wouldn't pay too much mind to it. KP is gonna be a god no matter how he plays.

He's literally doing the same thing LeBron does occassionally. When LeBron does it, it's flopping, when KP does it, it's called e x a g g e r a t e d c o n t a c t.

He is a big guy but since he is skinny he can’t play physical like other bigs and centers that he has already faced. Even Kevin love who isn’t that bulked up compared to other bigs can play pretty physical but he has the build for it. I also think he is just more of a shooter rather than a giannis/lebron type of plowing through defense. Like a taller yet weaker version of KD.

once you get a taste of manipulating the refs its a hard thing to stop doing, because its so easy. he's gotten a taste of it.

steve kerr learned under phil jackson

you're fucking welcome for those ringz boi


You said the magic word: build. Zinger is amazing, but he’s closer to Shawn Bradley than he is Dwight Howard build-wise. There’s only going to be so much muscle he can put on. I️ have a feeling getting muscled out by thick C’s is going to be a problem long-term.

On the lakers

Lmao D wade 90 years old

Everything is YouTube comments in 2017

bootum opens up his video editing software as tears steam down his face

NY now refers to flopping as “selling it,” not “exaggerated contact.” Please learn to use the rationalizing euphemisms correctly so Knick’s fans can continue in their state of denial.

In an alternate universe...

I don't have a bias as a Suns fan. I just wanted to let people know that I have been watching every game night

nobody wins when the family feuds

Cold hearted

so you just admitted KP flops?

Not like this