Koenigsegg Regera hydraulics

Ah, my favorite car the Koeniggggsenisseggsegnignigsegigiseg.

What an interesting quirk/feature

Because if you buy a car at nearly $2m of which there are only 80 in the world, it better have every fucking cool bell and whistle short of a supermodel cradling your balls while you drive.

Found Doug.


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The name Regera is a Swedish verb, meaning "to reign" or "to rule." Only 80 units will be built, all of which have already been sold, each costing approximately US$1.9 million.


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IIRC this system is also lighter than typical pressure thingies which hold your bonnet up.

It's the transformer!


The car already had a hydraulic system for controlling the spoiler and ride height.

Definitely not the button to press while on the road....

Napster449 the kinda guy to out Doug on Reddit

It’s like hitting the explode button in a Forza game

Watch as this magnificent beast wards off predators

See I prefer the Koeniggggsenisseggsegnignigsegigiseg with the Top Gear wing

Now that's understandable. If you've already committed to a hydraulic system, it can make sense to extend it, particularly to lifting extremely light-weight components.

Thanks for the link!

And that’s not even the weirdest thing, Look at this KNOB! It turns left instead of right!!?!

/Drive did a whole series called Inside Koenigsegg that's a fascinating watch. Most of the videos revolve around the Regera design, engineering and mechanics.

One of my favorite features of the car is the data logging system that collects geolocated sensor data from every piece of the car. For example, the vehicle could remember how it responded to a particular turn of a road and preemptively respond next time you take the corner. Koenigsegg can also download the data over the air or push updates to the car.

Provides more down force /s

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I was convinced the car was CG.

It's that paint job. It looks like it's shiny, but it's not reflecting any of it's surroundings. Crazy shit.


Gas springs

If you buy this car, you can a) afford any detailing needed at any time b) definitely have a few other, more suitable, vehicles to drive in the snow instead, and c) are probably wealthy enough to have no need to ever even drive in the snow at all.

If court taught me anything, it’s half your net worth up front and a quarter of your income for the next ten years.

"When threatened, the Koenigsegg Regera will raise it's trunk, hood, and doors in an attempt to intimidate the predator. The Regera will not be an easy prey."


You must absolutely hate cars if you don’t like or at least admire Koenigsegg...more sophisticated (learn to spell big words and small words while you’re at it) Koenigsegg has had some of the most ground breaking technology in the car industry outside of electric cars Only company to hand make carbon fiber wheels to withstand extremely high speeds I forgot which car but one has a one Speed gearbox/torque converter thing that’s incredibly hard to understand

Watch this and try and tell anyone these cars are not top notch

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Do you have any clue how much engineering goes into these cars? About the same as any other supercar company, which is to say a lot.

It's just a few added hoses and some mechanically-simple hydraulic cylinders, then.


Although it does remind me of when Mercedes-Benz did crazily-hydraulic systems in cars a long time ago, and not in a good way...

No need to out him. He's a very active redditor.

Nah, most of his videos get posted over in /sub/cars by other people, but he is always active in the comments for the posts

There's a three finger handle inside the door jam, for those of us with three fingers that want to close the door by fingering the jam instead of just using the handle like a regular person.

The ggsenisseggsegnig is silent.

Definitely better than Bugatti, imo.

if you refer to the 600 that was probably the best use of hydraulics within a car up until that point. Except for the trunk lid, that fucking sucked.

The 600’s specially designed, engine-driven hydraulic system controls the windows, the front and rear power seats, the fresh-air ventilation system, door closure, trunk closure, the sunroof, and suspension damping. It runs on mineral oil and operates at a nominal 3200 psi. It was dreamed up as a way to provide the car with absolutely silent accessory operation, and it is, in a word, amazing. The problem was that people would refill it with transmission fluid, which happened to be the same color as the special mineral oil that it used.

Explanation from Koenigsegg

I prefer the Koeniggggsenisseggsegnignigsegigiseg with top gear wing. Third times a charm

You don’t have time for slow opening trunks when you have to toss in that dead body.

Not if it's a hydraulic system. Fluid, reservoir(s), and compressors all add weight. The pistons themselves might weigh less, but the entire system? Highly doubtful.

As an avid fisherman, this is grade A bait.

I don’t believe this is a prototype at all. These are on the road.


My face really went from 0 to 100 in under 3 seconds.

2 B U M P E R







And all I can think about is the price of the detail to get the snow and salt from the car.

One drive in the snow, days to detail the car.

The problem

There were a lot of problems, all those cylinders and lines would eventually fail and leak without maintenance. You'd end up with a door full of oil when something went. That said its like the best car ever built if you have the right mechanic.

About the same as any other supercar hypercar company


Good old satin finish. Looks amazing.

"I want a $1.9 million dollar car but only have $1.91 million...fuck it! Where do I sign?"

To get in and out of the car

It is actually hydraulics according to Koenigsegg.

Im a little surprised he only has 1 post Karma, I expected him to have a sub that he would post his videos to or something, I always watch his new videos on YT and I knew he was an active redditor so I just assumed he would have a place that he would post his new videos

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Still way cooler then a Tesla. These cars are works of art and have excellent fit and finish....which the Tesla doesn't have.

Yeah, I was waiting for it to just fold itself up into a cube.



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You could believe that but then you'd be wrong.

i think its cause its made in sweden where it snows very often

It's hydraulics, they already had hydraulics for lots of things in the car like ride height and the spoiler, so they just added tubing and whatever else they needed to make everything else hydraulic.

They said it added a tiny bit of weight but it was worth it.

because awesome 😁