Kobolds and Catacombs is the first full expansion to not feature a new murloc

Kobolds and Catacombs is the first full expansion to not feature a new murloc

Just thought it was interesting that we haven't had this happen in a set other than the adventure half-sets.

It's also interesting to note there are zero pirates as well, but that also happened in Un'Goro.

You no print murloc.

It finally brings us a new mech too.

Meatwagon? Curator? Burglebot?

There is also no new giant in this set.

You’re right. I am very excited for scorpion mech though.

I assume they don't classify races unless they decide to make it mechanically relevant. Clearly they're not going to print any "cares about Kobold type" any time soon.

Similarly to how when they decided to make Elementals a tribal mechanic, they retroactively added the elemental sub type to a bunch of old minions.

Whatever gets you off, buddy.

Curator was good too but not necessarily for a mech deck

The only release 1 new giant a year though.

2017: Snowfury Giant (KotFT) 2016: Arcane Giant (ONiK) 2015: Frost Giant (TGT) 2014: Clockwork Giant (GvG)

Yes, but with Dragons it's possible that they knew from early on that at some point they would want to make "Dragons matter" tribal cards and/or it's an iconic enough fantasy race that it's worth calling out. I'm shady saying that here the designers are clearly signalling that they don't intend on ever making Kobold tribal cards, at least in the near future.

This is obviously all mostly speculative on my part.

Also, I can't remember the exact term, but in mtg card design they have a term for excessive text that bogs down players memories of everything a card contains mechanically, so the less they can put on a card, the better. HS has the advantage as a digital game where they can add and remove relevant text, so I think it's pretty ingenious that they can pick and choose what minions have classes or not based on current mechanical relevance, whereas in mtg these decisions are pretty much locked down once you print it (barring potentially confusing errata down the line).

Most likely because they don't share any sort of synergy and it's highly unlikely they will ever go back and revisit the Kobold theme.

Sub-zero mech is much better!

They only expansion since at least Blackrock Mountain without a Mech is Un’Goro.

Good. Fuck murlocs

Why didn't they classify Kobolds like Murlocs and Elementals? I feel like that opens up opportunity.

Good. They belong in the trash.