Known Kid Fucker and profoundly Homosexual whining on social media about his brother's now defunct radio show couldn't be more pathetic

Known Kid Fucker and profoundly Homosexual whining on social media about his brother's now defunct radio show couldn't be more pathetic

no one calls us pests except you, joe

He just wrote 8 paragraphs about how things people say on the internet don't bother him...

100's of 1000's

How the fuck does this man even manage to access the internet?

2-ought-18 according to Joe.

Joe really thinks he was part of O&A. Fascinating.

TLDR; The $5,000 bribe my brother made to shut the subreddit down didn’t work. Instead of surrendering, I’m making it seem like I’ve become the bigger person. I’m not a pedophile.

Yeah, what fucking year is this.

It's official. /u/layla_cumia won.

Kinda sounds like it bothers him, huh?

Ugh fucking yuck. He has to inject himself into his brother's bullshit, which is why he's in this predicament. I still remember him doing a live video of him talking about the Ant/Opie meltdown. His opinion is irrelevant, like his music career.

His writing style is horrendous. It's like a child saying things that they think makes them sound smart. What a faggot.

He made a few call ins and was in studios once or twice. Yeah he's right up there with Vos.

Ah jeeeezus joe. First of all “neo pests” is cringe inducing. Second he referred to the original pests as dear and sweet. They did the same shit just directed at other people. They were fat truckers, we’re panera employees. I don’t participate in any of this shit, but this sub consistently makes me laugh out loud on a regular basis. I still like ant, I just wish he wasn’t obsessed with race. It’s literally all he talks about. I haven’t listened to his show in a long time but he wasn’t bad on the chip podcast. it was nice to watch in the beginning. But for now I’ll just keep listening to old clips

I just had a disgusting realization. There are people in this world that ballwash Joe because he's Ant's brother. That's why he thinks he deserves respect and adulation from the "pests" -- because some of the CP Mansion crew treat him that way. Ew.

Exactly. Everyone knows we were renamed the knuckleheads by Serch.

I like this "neo-pests" thing.

Kind of sounds more gay than just "pests".

It's instances like that you almost feel sorry for him. You can hear the pride he must have in himself, thinking he's coming off pseudo-shakespearean but sounding like an embarrassing dunce over and over and over.

How much you want to bet he fantasized about a professor grading it like an essay and looking up at him, reading-glasses hanging down, a look of shock on his face, "did you say you didn't go to college??? I'm afraid, dear fellow, that I cannot believe you."

Joe = Bobo that can play a guitar.

I'm more of an alt-pest than a neo-pest, tbh.

To the classic original pest Fred From Brooklyn : you have become a dear friend. I bestow upon you the knighthood of the Sons of Anarchy kingdom. With the power vested in me by Jax Teller and Clay Morrow, I name you Sir Fred of Diabetes.

"You have no affect on our lives. We play poker and LAFF AND LAFF!"

To this place having a bounty. Him and his brother are elderly women that still don't grasp the internet.

Why, did Joe give her away for adoption?

The reference to the zombies in “I am legend” is simply the most absolutely perfect thing he could have said to let you know what dumb white trash he is. A mediocre, poorly received movie from a decade ago that is likely one of Joe’s all time favourites.

For once, Opie came up with something I’m glad to repeat; human garbage. It encapsulates Joe Cumia perfectly.

Nothing more "old time" than a banjo.

The best part of him using that as a reference is that the movie is based on a novel where the creatures are becoming "self-aware" and "respecting." The movie doesn't really cover the fact that the protagonist has actually started killing human-like creatures. Then again, it's in a book written in the 50's so why would Joe know that.

How many times are these niggers going to proclaim they're done giving us attention?

Your Mom's Pine Box...!

Dear Joe,

Get cancer to complete the act, fucker.


Everyone who has to deal with you

And the site Reddit shall remain anonymous even though I mentioned it on national television a little while ago.

Not really. He doesn't work and his brother pays for his house and groceries. I imagine he has quite a lot of time to study the hot topics of the day.

And shave his head ( i bet he cuts himself sometimes and has to put a little bit of toilet paper on it and he walks around like that looking all silly lol ).

Joe Cumia is the gift that keeps on giving.

Gmail is for libtards.

"I am not a pedophile, Mr. Greenstein"

I like the neo part. Now I'm all like that guy Neal from the Matrixes.

He won't say "reddit" on a FB post yet he said it on People's Court. Along with "I am not a pedophile."


You were making a compelling arguement, then...

I bet he uses AOL or sumpthin'.

“neo pests”

I wonder how many sleepless nights he's had in the past week trying to come up with that gem.

5 paragraphs and likely 2 hours worth of editing to proclaim they're not worth his time.

When will this man get off the internet, get a job, and provide for his family? Behave Josephine, behave.

Yeah, mods gotta remove 'Pests' that from the sidebar. It's gay. I recommend 'Not Pedophiles'.

I was just looking for this comment... The entire point is they are self aware creatures and he has become a legend among them by sneaking out and killing the more peaceful ones in their sleep...

That dunce probably doesn't even know it was based on a novel.

No what bothers him is that we're not the endearing "cool" pests like back in the day = aka too few truckers and retards from Queens who have time to call into a radio show and say "bbaba-boys".

And instead the subreddit "pests" have employed people, usually with professional office jobs or youngish smart people in shitty jobs with smartphones, usually with a decent education (which clearly pops up in between the shitposts) and people who fully understand the internet and modern 'meme' humour (yes you can kill me for that)

.... of course the guy who related most to Sons of Anarchy doesn't like us. We're not the dumb commoner plebs like him.

remember when sirus xm called him and he said "do you have any idea who in the fuck you're talking to?"

Or having several banjos "queue" up in a line.

Instead of having a cue for the music to begin.

I don't think he likes that show anymore because one of the actors may have said a bad thing about his pwesident

Especially when you consider the fact that we have no effect on their lives.

The amount of time this man has on his hands is really incredible.

I didn't wanna bring up Reddit (voice cracks)...

Dear Internet

Here's my essay to show that I totes don't care about that website that shall not be named (that I have spent years obsessing over, ended up in court because of and once visited to beg for my gigs to stop being cancelled, writing an enormous life story article in the process to try and garner some sympathy)

I win!


Joe Cumia (not a pedophile)

He has numerous posts on his Facebook that are that to a T. He gets off on being a middle man for these Long Island Faggots because they want to get in good with him at a chance to go to the kid fucking Compound.

At least all of this has forced Joe to work on his composition and language skills. He still sounds like a retard, but there's no question that his writing has improved.

At least think of us as the 28 Days Later people. We deserve that much respect.

Probably a few endless days too.

Isn’t he like 70? Why does he care what people he obviously doesn’t give a fuck about say on the internet?

Well he cannot read the comments on his YouTube channel as he disabled the comments.

He's one of those people ( i am one too so i know ) that doesn't have an education past high school so a lot of his grammar and spelling is basic and childlike.

Who refers to themselves as pests dolt I for one do not live in any Basement I do got not get an allowance from my brother unlike you joe .. I own my home bought with my own money not a handout .. I am gainfully employed and do very well for myself .. Unlike you joe .. I have a beautiful woman I gleefully bang every night Unlike you joe I do not shoot testosterone in my balls like you do joe I am quite happy with my life ..unlike you joe I hate you more than your brother .. You are a failure at everything You are the true definition of daddy’s disappointment Happy 2018 You fag And yes this “neo pest” is doing way better in life than you ever will ..


Why the fuck DOES he capitalize random words? Normal people use that to emphasize a point, but his use just makes what he's written read like an autistic Chandler Bing impression.

It was never cool to be a pest (sorry to all former pests here), I was simply a casual fan of Opie & Anthony, the show was never part of my identity. The fact that Joe thinks we are all former pests & still call each other pests is funny to me, the guy is a retard which is made clear by reading his elementary school level of writing.

Does anyone here call anyone else pests? We mostly just call each other "faggots".

Anybody keeping count of how many times these guys say they are "done with y'all maaaaan"?

We’re more like the guys in Brokeback Mountain