Knocking on the door

The Kool Aid cat.

Did somebody ask for me?

Reminds me of the time I wouldn’t stop asking my mom if we were there yet and she got so frustrated she pulled over and threw me in the snow


someone LAUNCHED that cat thru- you can see their hand right when it lands

Actually expected that.

Are you still in the snow? Sounds like great fodder for an AMA.

You okay there?

That made me jump out of my skin fur!

And that girl is standing too far away from the snow wall to be successfully looking for her lost cat.



Plus she T H I C C

Knock again. KNOCK again, I dare you, I double dare you motherfucker, Knock one more Goddamn time!

Hypothermia survivor here AMA

Ugh. You can see the hand of the guy that threw the cat.


Oh no...

Did she then proceed to beat you with a set of jumper cables?

It was indeed pretty obvious

"Oh, sweet! The cat we ordered on Amazon arrived. It says here to just tap on the box to activate it..."

Yeah but that was after she threw him off Hell In A Cell, and plummeted 16 ft through an announcer’s table.

乇乂ㄒ尺卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚


I think someone pushed the Kool Aid man through the wall as well. (serious)

That's a dog.

Perfect for /sub/askshittyscience

'How did they create this product where you tap on the box and it becomes real?'

Correction: /sub/shittyaskscience


It involved a bath tub full of ice, a hamster and my nymphomaniac ex wife.

Surprise mother fucker!

I love the Japanese.

Oh Meooow

I like the effort for the cutout you did on the box

Does it really count as an /sub/unexpected entry if it was obvious what was going to happen? If that'd been any creature other than a cat then it might have been a worthy candidate.

The cat was cute, though.


don’t throw your kids in the snow

Literally unwatchable

I like that the hole is cat-shaped.

Lol that’s the first thing I thought.


Would you say this experience had a good, bad, or neutral effect on your development? I want to figure out if I'd be a good parent.

Did it practically rob you of your balance?


Literally unspeakable

Pretty sure it's a cat.

Had to rewatch for booty replayability

It's a dog noping the fuck away from there.

It literally took me less than a second to figure it out. I'm a little surprised anyone was actually surprised by this.

Black ice?

It''s alive!! It's alive!

That honestly scared me a little...


In nineteen ninety eight, of course

Well you can't just stop there you sadist

I expected the cat to come poking out the top not going Kool-Aid Man on the box. Thats the unexpected part of it

Always more fun.

I have seen you EVERYWHERE the past couple days what the fuck is going on. Are you following me?

So glad someone else noticed!


used for emphasis or to express strong feeling while not being literally true.

It's literally not literally literal anymore.

After a few watches, I realized the hole is already cut out.


its like the hot dog gif all over again

That is always a plus

mmm thicc

I guess I'll start by How did you get it in the first place?

Hey that’s a HOLY SHIT!

It was quite the pounce scare.

I’d punch this cat in the face