Kitty found symbiosis with this shitty robot

When you're having the best dream and refuse to wake up no matter what - we've all been there.

Perpetual Boop Machine TM

i not depress'd so don't u fret i do not need to go see vet

i jus giv up do not care how to stop michine dis my life meow

I wish I could intentionally stay in a dream.

Plot twist: OP killed his cat just to make a post to reddit and get easy karma

I've only ever had a few dreams that felt like there was a solid ending.. most just exist and I spend a couple minutes after waking up finishing them with my I M A G I N A T I O N

Sometimes (very rarely) I can but I still never make it to the end :(

I don't think it's dead, just catatonic.

Or you wake up shitting yourself and are paranoid all night so can't get anymore sleep and you have to have the light on and you have to angle yourself so you can see all the corners of the room and whenever you do start closing your eyes you think of what could be in your room and you have to open them again.


I heard you can't get a patent for one of those.


That was actually respectable, well done.

They should swap meaning of dreams and nightmares. Dreams suck because either it's a good dream going well and then you wake up / get woken up before the good bit or you dream that something good has happened to you, such as win the lottery and then wake up feeling shit, "ahhhh was only a dream" :(

Nightmares suck but you wake up feeling on top of the world!

Symbiosis would be beneficial for both of them, so far I'm not sure any of them has any benefit from it. That's more like a parasitic relationship of us viewers in regards to their interaction, getting enjoyment from the kitties growing anger towards the innocent machine.

I love bad dreams/nightmares haha...for sure they are scary when dreaming but then I wake up and be like “maaan this was an amazing shit I came up with, a very nice story, glad it was just a dream tho”’s like a free movie with my own twists

TM is different than patent. No way he'd be able to get a patent to issue, but maybe he could get the name trademarked.

I think we're witnessing a purrder in progress.

Reported for spamming this same stupid shit across every sub you can think of.


Cats lose interest in those things in minutes. The movements are fully predictable and not exciting at all once they get used to it. They're not shit hunters, they need more stimulation than that.

I️ read this in the Donkey Kong rap style

No fucks given

Aye I love dreams and nightmares too, easy to forget you have a cool imagination and they serve as a nice little reminder


I spent many hours on this sub reading up, and though it took a long time (probably over a year), following their tips, I feel like I've mastered the art of lucid dreaming. It's really wild stuff.

legit. Thought it was that novelty poem guy and thought it was their most interesting poem in a while.

rOBoT bEaTs CaT To dEAth!


Not necessarily. Symbiosis is a blanket statement for mutualism (both benefit) , commensalism (one benefits), and parasitism (one benefits at the expense of the other). If cat likes being bopped this might be considered commensalism (or if it negatively affects machine, then parasitism). Hope that makes sense.

I just fuckin' ripped ass...

I think that symbiosis colloquially refers to the mutualist relationship, and my understanding of the title was that both the robot and the cat are enjoying this.

Artificial intelligence.

little known fact: The French national anthem, "La Marseillaise," derived its title from the enth...

Well you are the authority

Look again, friendo.

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Holy shit that fits so well



This is how I feel about life.