kissin' time

Omg omg omg kisses!!!!

Stared at this for way too long.

Honestly... the stuff you lot come up with for this sub 😂😂 so much imagination

Haha yeah, me too. The little caterpillar butt at the end is the best part.

Yes it good and happy

Damn you. 3 minutes. Fuck.



Quick! Post it to /sub/iamverysmart for MAXIMUM KARMA FLOW

Took me a while to comprehend how he did it.

It's a double mirror image. The real clip is in the middle and the bottom and the top portions are mirrors of the same clip playing at different times so it looks like a full length caterpillar climbing up the stem.

I love the moment when they come together and it looks like a cute cartoon bear face

Aw, have an upvote or two.. :)

Aw, . :)


The little smiles at the end are cute af.

The fact that this is perfectly synced to the song I'm currently listening (Nine Inch Nails - Into the Void) is disturbing.

This is beautifully disgusting