Kimora showing us who the main bitch is

Kimora showing us who the main bitch is

It looks like shes getting motor-boated by Sweetums the Muppet.

Probably because Amanda has not had any work done either.

Drag will never be mainstream. Dela has never done a British accent. Mimi could get a sugar daddy. Tamar watches the show. Raven was robbed. Kimora has not had any work done.

That wig looks so good on her omg.

Why is she giving me Amanda Lepore in this?

Phi Phi never wears blondes...

Wait, she might have had her lips done

Now that’s how you use a white wig, Delta.

Au naturale

Maybe just the lips.

Fuck all the way off.

Liza Minelli

Looking like my sexual orientation

Yeah, sucks that you have it :(

Got the nose for it.

Serving Joan Rivers

Delta found dead under a matress

It's performance art, do you think actors are mentally ill too


This comment is funny but I don’t see anything Farrah moan-esque here haha.

She looks amazing and honestly she's probably the most lovely, sweet and fun queen out of those I've had M&Gs with. You should all stan

ok now make it funny

Don’t try it, little boy!

Do y'all smell that? Smells like lies to me.'s SOOO amazing how natural she looks and has never had ANY work done. o.O


I love her tatoos


Mental sickness

Why is it look like all s9 cast is cosplaying Farrah Moan?